Welcome back!

Welcome back!

I hope your Christmas was full of anything you wanted to, and that the New Year started in the best possible way.

Now here we are, ready for another year of books!

For me, the news for 2020 are going to be mostly about writing. The book I’ve been working on for forever (I’m not, but it certainly feels so) must be finished and shipped to a yet-to-be-found publisher. Which means I have to create more writing time. Which means I have to downsize the blog. Just a little, don’t worry. And the books I’ll host will be the cream of the cream.

I also want to give more room to Authors. I saw the Meet the Author posts were always welcomed with more warmth, and I decided to make it an (almost) weekly happening. Wednesdays at Vivi’s will accomplish that. Every Wednesday Author will come over and talk about a topic inherent to the month itself. E.g., January’s choice of topic for the Author are the Worst New Year resolution, the craziest one you made and of course you didn’t follow up OR The one resolution you followed up with, and it changed your life, or it did something small to make your life better anyway.

There will be another weekly appointment on Saturdays. In Give It Up For The Weekend, the authors who signed up will tell the readers something cool they enjoyed doing, and feel like endorsing. Think about books, movies, places to visit, activities to do.

And, of course, they will bring their books.

That’s all, my friend.

Time to start with this year work. I hope you’ll stay with me to discover new Authors and books.



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