New Release: The Timeless Christmas (The Twelve Days of Christmas #10) by Renee Matthews

Day ten.

The Timeless Christmas (The Twelve Days of Christmas #10) by Renee Matthews releases next Friday in the M/M Fantasy Romance genre.


Prince Menion had never wanted for anything in his life minus Jacob Riker. Jacob and his twin brother Lucas arrived at the Kingdom of Miraennon every fall and always left before spring arrived. They would bring with them tales of magical worlds and brought wonder to his boring life. Then last year, Jacob Riker arrived alone and they grew closer than Menion should have allowed. Menion was expected to be married and be the next Lord of Miraennon by Christmas. None of those plans involved Jacob Riker.

Being a time traveler, Jacob Riker had never expected to be so stuck on one moment. After the months together, that had been Jacob’s own personal Christmas miracle, Menion Astaulind standing in the snow breaking his heart and proclaimed love for another.

Now, Jacob stands ready to jump through the portal one last time to win over the only man he ever loved before Christmas comes again.


About the Author 

Renee is often in her own little world. There is nothing that she loves more than writing down all the stories that make up her world. She can often be found curled up in front of her laptop with a cup of tea.

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