On Tour for Release Day: Sealer’s Game (Sealer Saga #1) by Kathy Coleman and Meet the Author

This book takes the #itscomplicated to a whole another level. It’s going to be so much fun reading it!

Sealer’s Game (Sealer Saga #1) by Kathy Coleman releases this Friday in the Adult, Fantasy, Romance genre.

As Champion, Carita of Bel Auryn thought she would spend her days fighting demons. Instead, she is drawn into the latest scheme of the Moon Goddess, Ruby: a contest to choose a man who will have the “honour” of fathering her child. When Ruby encourages Carita to choose a man for herself, she picks the man she is most drawn to–and immediately regrets it.

Lucian Veradayne is the Lord of Death. He knows he must win Ruby’s game at any cost. It doesn’t matter that he has avoided her for two thousand years. Nor that she tried to kill their first child. And it really doesn’t matter that he would much rather woo Carita. The Soul Well has given Lucian a prophecy: he and Ruby must have another child. A child who will save the world.

Dealing with their mutual attraction will be the least of Lucian and Carita’s problems. They are not the only ones who have been drawn into Ruby’s game. Someone else wants to win. Someone who wants Ruby dead. Will Carita and Lucian be able to protect her long enough for a victor to be named? And if they succeed, will they be able to walk away from each other to ensure the prophecy is fulfilled?

Sealer’s Game is a 55,000 word fantasy romance novella about the King of the Underworld, a kick-butt warrior priestess, and a ruthless goddess who will stop at nothing to get her own way. It contains language, descriptions of violence, and sexual themes that may not be appropriate for all readers. Recommended for ages 18+.


AUTHOR BIO:Kathy Coleman lives in a little town in Ontario with her parents, one younger brother and two mischievous little dogs named D’Argo and Coco. She attended Trent University, majoring in English and Cultural Studies. 

When she is not being kept awake at 3 a.m. by characters who refuse to quit talking, she can be found performing karaoke at charity events, updating her book blog I Write, I Read, I Review, shopping, or playing video games.

Top 10 Writing Challenges

by Kathy Coleman

1. Can I actually do this?

When I started writing my first book in the Sealer Saga, which was initially called Moon Dance, that was all I was trying to find out. That was back in 2011 and it was actually a YA Christmas novel. The characters from that book, and some of the ideas from it, survived in the rough draft of what’s now known as Sealer’s Promise, but that should tell you how long I’ve been at this and how drastically things have changed from where I started to where I am now.

2. Oh wait, you’re actually two different characters?

Zakariah, who is essential to the Sealer Saga as a whole, was initially an alter-ego of Moon Dance / Sealer’s Promise’s hero, Kesyl. Zakariah did not become his own individual character until my second full re-write of that novel and did not begin to resemble the character he is today until the third full re-write when I realized the series was adult and not YA. 

3. So, this isn’t a YA novel? Thanks, guys! (And now we write draft three…)

I’ve mentioned it a couple times now, but yeah. That actually happened. Actually, in the original version of Sealer’s Promise Lucian didn’t even exist and Carita and Kesyl’s relations to each other were completely different than they are in the actual series. Kesyl’s original love interest was named Ruby and she was very different than the Ruby in Sealer’s Game or Kesyl’s actual love interest when we meet him in later books.

4. Who’s dating who?

This was like playing musical chairs and until or unless you read / have read Sealer’s Game it’s gonna seem like I’m firing name shaped alien laser bullets at you. But for those who have (or eventually do) : Kyden was interested in Amy (who is Zakariah’s love interest), Avish was with Isabelle (Kyden’s LI), Cait (Avish’s LI) was with someone named Josh Gray and Tybern… Well, we’ll get to him. 😉

5. The trouble with timelines

The Sealer Saga spans ten books and a prequel novella. (I have about 60% of the series written in rough draft.) It also has scenes that take place in five different realms and over the span of 2,000 years or so depending on which book is being read. That sounds like a mess on paper, and it would be a mess without carefully tracking when things happen to certain characters and why. Fortunately, most events happen in chronological order from book to book, and the big time jump mostly matters in some prologues or in the prequel novella. But keeping track of everything, so I don’t paint myself into a corner, has been one of my greatest challenges.

6. Dealing with chronic pain. (early onset osteoarthritis)

I was born with cerebral palsy and have used a one handed typing technique my entire life. So adapting things to my needs is not a new concept for me. But when I had a weird flare of pain that effected all of my major joints in the fall of 2014, that threw me for a total loop. I’ve been diagnosed with early onset Osteoarthritis (I was 32 when this happened). It doesn’t effect my writing most of the time, but when it does it’s bad. I have to pay attention to how much typing and other activities I do with my hands and how they are feeling, or I can put myself out of commission for weeks.

7. When subject matter hits too close to home (Dad’s stroke and taking a year off)

In October of 2016 my Dad had a stroke during an operation to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. He ended up in the hospital, and then a recovery facility, for nearly three months. Those first few days when he did not wake up, and then slowly regained the ability to stay conscious, were a nightmare for my family. I was working on Sealer’s Game at the time this happened and decided my family had come way too close to my subject matter. I backed away from the book and these characters for roughly a year and a half, writing a story about a cursed Naga prince instead. 

8. Wait. Who the heck are you? And other editing surprises.

I actually had a pretty important character show up during editing and make me need to do a few extra rewrites of my work. Tybern, the Lord of Creation, decided to introduce himself to me in one of the last few chapters of Sealer’s Queen, requiring me to go back and make some changes to Sealer’s Game. It did catch me off guard, but I am actually pretty glad because he’s a genuinely funny character and I like writing him. 

9. The challenge of creating series consistency.

One of the biggest annoyances while editing was making sure that certain terms I had come up with for my world were used consistently. Was that “Cult of Death” or “Cult of Shadows”? It might not seem like a big deal from the outside looking in, but every little detail builds toward the quality of a story world and the reader’s ability to suspend disbelief. Even stuff like color vs. Colour or gray vs. grey matter, though. Once you pick something, you need to stick to it.

10. Kicking the baby bird out of the nest. (aka hitting publish) 

You’d think after going through all the effort to learn about self publishing and making all the key decisions involved in putting a book together, that hitting publish would be the easy part. No. Not for me, at least. Hitting publish was and is terrifying. Yes, I can upload correction versions if anyone catches typos I’ve missed. But as far as the main story, hitting publish means that I’ve essentially put Sealer’s Game into the oven to let it bake. It is what it is and I need to work in context of it from this point on. For someone who is incredible indecisive and writing a series, that’s pretty scary. 

It’s also out in the world where people who aren’t me can say what they’d like about it. That doesn’t scare me as much—I performed country music competitively for nearly twenty years and there’s nothing under the sun I haven’t had said about a performance (good or bad). But it is a reality. But all of these things are worth it. Because they mean my book is out in the world and there is an opportunity for people to read and enjoy it. As an author, that’s the main thing I’m trying to accomplish.  

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