Release Day for My Path to You (Courage of Krysset Book 2) by Kate Carley

This is, in no way, why the book is here (the story if great), but can I say that the cover makes me want to have that haircut???

My Path to You (Courage of Krysset Book 2) by Kate Carley releases today in the Adult, Contemporary, Romance genre.

A pharmacist and a recovering drug addict. What could go wrong? There are certain combinations that simply don’t work. Not on paper and not in real life. It is a life lesson Sawyer Ferris might just learn the hard way.

Nothing has ever been out of Sawyer’s reach. He has the financial means, the brains, and the brawn to turn any desire into a reality. But when the new high school counselor catches his eye, he quickly discovers he can’t have everything he wants. At least, not without taking a risk.

Cass’s attraction for the leather-wearing, Harley-riding pharmacist has her running for her sanity and her sobriety. But in the small town of Krysset, it is nearly impossible to avoid the ruggedly handsome businessman. And the truth of the matter is, she doesn’t really want to.

The pursuit is on, and it’s never been sweeter. Until Cass’s addiction collides with Sawyer’s past.

Return to Krysset, the resort town in northern Minnesota, for a love story of courage and strength in the aftermath of personal loss and physical abuse.


Cass stopped at the coffee pot at the back of the room, picked up a mug, and filled it from the industrial-style silver coffee maker. Coffee was one constant at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Probably the same at AA meetings, too. 

Before moving to take a seat, Cass took a cautious sip of coffee and surveyed the lay of the land. It was a tricky business finding the precise seat at a meeting. She would rather sit with a chair between her and the next person. She wanted to laugh because most people would feel more comfortable with a little bit of elbow room. Especially when they were going to bear their soul to a small group of anonymous strangers—strangers that were going to get a deep look inside each other’s hearts and minds in a few moments, strangers that she was becoming more acquainted with at each meeting. 

Familiar faces now. Some liked to keep to themselves. Some were chatty and wanted to strike up a conversation with anyone sitting nearby. And of course, everyone else was tentative around those talkative ones. But really, who wanted to have small talk when in moments all the ugly details—boldfaced lies, dark secrets, uncontrolled urges—would be spewed out, purged, in an attempt to cling to a clean lifestyle?

“Can’t decide, can you?” Blue, the local bar owner had sidled up beside her with his own steaming hot cup of joe. How did he manage to do his job and stay clean? She’d heard that his place was a biker bar on the edge of town. She could see it—Blue being a biker.

She glanced at him. He was studying her with those golden eyes. They were even more startling this close up.

Not singling out anyone in particular, he gestured with a lift of his coffee toward the ring of seats across the room. “Will it be the seat beside Sandra? You run the risk of having her touch you—hugs, sympathetic pats. She’s trying to be supportive, but it’s off-putting in my opinion. Or do you grab the chair by Jeremy. The dude smells like he hasn’t showered in a month,” Blue said under his breath.

His words brought a smile to Cass’s face, and she couldn’t help the trickle of laughter that overflowed. “Good assessment.” 

“I don’t recommend that you sit by Will,” Blue said just above a whisper. “Something about him I don’t trust.” The man in question glanced her way with a friendly grin and took his seat.

“Interesting.” Cass didn’t elaborate that she felt the same way or that Will had tried to open her car door that one night after the meeting or that he’d stopped at her office. Lifting her mug of steaming coffee to her lips, she gazed at Blue over the rim of the cup. “What must you think of me?” It was a teasing question. Nothing serious. She didn’t really want an answer. Doubted he give her one.  Especially if he thought she smelled. 

“I think you’ve convinced a friend of mine that he’s interested in you.”

“Oh,” Cass said, stretching out the word and feeling the jovial expression slip from her face. That wasn’t at all what she’d expected. “Who?”

“Sawyer Ferris.”

On a quick intake of air, she said, “Dr. Ferris.” She bobbed her head as the memory of their meetings trickled through her mind. With a little spike of electricity and a touch of attraction, the first time stood out because of the immediate sizzle between them. She wasn’t blind. How could she not notice Sawyer’s rough good looks? Like an unshaven Bradley Cooper with dark hair. 

But then, in that short interaction, Sawyer had copped to the real deal. He was a doctor that sold prescription drugs. 

And with his admission, there was still a zing going through her, and she couldn’t assess it quickly enough. Was it because she was attracted to Sawyer or because she was attracted to the idea of being attracted to a man with access to some of her favorite drugs in the entire world? 

Thoughts raced. In that split second, she needed to figure out how to proceed. Running as far and fast as possible had been the safest option. 

“Me and a pharmacist?” Cass shook her head. “Not a good plan, Blue.”

“Your choice. I told him I’d vouch for him. He’s a good guy, just so you know.”

“A good guy with access to even better drugs said one addict to another,” Cass said, shoring up her resistance with that out-loud, solid reminder of why getting involved with a pharmacist was a very bad idea.

AUTHOR BIO: Kate spent seven years working as an IT professional before ‘retiring’ to stay at home with her two little boys. Now–two more children and two decades later–Kate is launching her new book series: Changing Krysset. 

When Kate isn’t writing, she’s cooking for her brood. Late at night, you’ll find her curled up by the fireplace reading a romance novel.

Kate lives in the Midwest with her husband of twenty-seven years and their four children.
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