On Tour with New Release Magic Harbor (Keeper of the Watch, #2) by Kristen L. Jackson and Meet the Author

I’m sorry I missed the first one because this series feels so good!

Magic Harbor (Keeper of the Watch, #2) by Kristen L. Jackson released last Tuesday in the Urban Fantasy, Young Adult genre.


When Alyx Eris convinced him to become a keeper of the watch, Chase Walker knew he gained the ability to traverse the twelve dimensions. He knew there were others—the hunters—who would do anything to put an end to the watches’ existence.

He knew his status as a keeper was completely binding until his nineteenth birthday.

Most importantly, he knew he’d be spending the year by Alyx’s side.

What he didn’t know was that in this dimension resides a ruling mage that poses more of a threat than the hunters ever could.

He didn’t know that magic-born hybrid beasts lurk in every corner of the surrounding forests.

And he didn’t know that nothing—and no one—is what it seems in the mystical world of Dimension 8.


AUTHOR BIO:Kristen L. Jackson been a teacher for over twenty years, and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania with her husband, two grown sons, and three large-breed dogs. Books inspire her. From children’s picture books to adult literature in all genres, she has loved reading all her life. Becoming a published author has been her dream come true, and she loves to share her stories with readers of all ages.  Sign up on her website to follow her blog to stay up to date on what she’s working on now! Kristen loves writing, reading, and spending time with her family and dogs at their cabin in the Poconos…her favorite place to escape and write! 

I asked Kristen if her books and her teaching job feed from each other, or they stay separate?

Thanks for having me as a guest today, Viviana! I’m honored to be featured on your blog.

My love of books and writing absolutely plays a big part of being a teacher, and vice versa! It would be impossible to completely separate two things I’m so passionate about. The crossover happens most with my children’s picture book, JOCELYN’S BOX OF SOCKS. Since I teach pre-kindergarten, a big part of my day is dedicated to reading picture books to childen. As I’m reading, I’m always researching and looking for new ideas and topics that are needed at these early ages. I look at it as my job as a teacher to instill a lifelong love of books and reading in my students.

Since my certificate for teaching is in Early Childhood Education/Elementary Education, I enjoy writing for older children as well. With my teaching experience, I especially enjoy booking school or library visits where I get to interact both as a teacher and a writer with young adults and children. I’m much more comfortable speaking to a group of children than with a crowd of adults! I like to use my young adult novels KEEPER OF THE WATCH and MAGIC HARBOR (Book Two) as inspiration for helping kids come up with ideas for writing. My favorite part at the end of each session is to brainstorm with the group to come up with book ideas. Children’s imaginations are like no other, and I always leave in awe of their creative ideas. Of course, I’m always hoping to inspire some future writers, but in reality they can use what we talked about in any writing they do for school, work, or any kind of writing that interests them. I recently visited fourth grade classrooms at a local school. We talked about MAGIC HARBOR’s upcoming release, and the children were so excited when they found out was centered around a world of magic and mythical creatures like chimeras. They were so enthusiastic about my book that I left feeling completely inspired by them. It was a very positive experience for me, and hopefully the children as well. That’s why I love writing for kids! It’s very rewarding to see that spark light up a child’s eyes. And to hear them talking about my books? Well, there’s no better feeling in the world!

Author links: https://kristenljackson.wixsite.com/kristenjacksonauthor







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