On Tour with Falling For You by Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe, Adesanya, and Jae El Foster and Meet the Author

This is a collection of such funny, sweet stories, perfect for start the week right.

Falling For You by Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe, Adesanya, and Jae El Foster released in August in the Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit anthology genre.

An Autumn of Incident by Adesanya

Persephone West has just moved to the idyllic small town of Marblebrook, and she’s already begun life there with a rocky start! After falling while trying to rescue her cat Jack from a tree, she is introduced to Forrest, a handsome young man with the local fire and rescue. While this incident should have been isolated, Persephone proves that her klutzy behavior is long standing. Yet, each time she falls, Forrest seems to be there to catch her. Escape into the humor and joy of this delightful romantic comedy as Persephone and Forrest find out the beauty – and the slapstick tribulations – of embracing true love!

It was less than four minutes before she heard the sirens. At five minutes, she saw the red. It was a fire engine, turning the corner her house was built on and parking in front of her driveway. Sirens, but no flashing lights.

Five men were on the engine and one of them paused long enough to open a hatch on the engine and pull out a black box. She turned her head and watched the other four as they leaned against the engine, taking in the scene while the fifth jogged over to her and knelt beside her.

“Hi.” He spoke casually, as if they knew each other. She blinked and took in his nearly novel-perfect blond hair and hazel eyes. It was a second before she realized that he was not a character in one of her screenplays and, finally, she answered him.

“Uh, hi.” She sighed deeply. “Fell out of the tree. I think I broke my ankle.” She touched a hand to her forehead and clutched her long reddish brown hair. “My cat treed himself.” She sighed again. “Oh, this is so embarrassing.”

The firefighter set his black box beside her and reached for her ankle, pressing at it. She squeaked in pain, but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was when she’d first landed on it. “What’s your name?” the blond asked, his voice still casual and friendly while he examined her.

“Persephone,” she introduced herself. “Persephone West. I just moved here. Like… twenty minutes ago.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Although born and raised in Chicago, Adesanya often draws inspiration for her writings from her Nigerian heritage. Her love for the written word developed at a young age, and today, she enjoys sharing her own stories with the world. Sometimes the tales are romantic. Sometimes they are frightening. Adesanya believes that these traits and more are what make up Life in all of its pain and glory, and no matter the genre she tackles, it is always Life that she is writing. Currently, Adesanya resides on the West Coast, USA.

Falling For You, the collection

by Adesanya

I think an author can speak in generalities about the collection as a whole. For example, I love Jennifer O’Keeffe’s story ‘My Name is Not Cupid.’ I think it’s an incredible work, but I would say it’s more important to speak to the theme of the anthology, which in this case is the autumn season. All of the stories take place during that time of the year. It’s my favorite time of the year, and so I was glad to write some kind of story that takes place during that crucial change of the seasons.

Our stories are not connected in the anthology in the way you might suggest, although I think that would have been incredible! If somehow, Jennifer, Jae El and I could have connected our stories into one glorious book.  A threesome collaboration… I don’t know about you, but my mind boggles at the idea.

Of course, I think Jennifer and Jae El started out actually writing romantic comedies for this, while mine just turned into one without my planning or even realizing that it had. But, all of that being said, all three of our stories fit with the theme of the anthology as a whole, and in my not so humble opinion, they do so very well at that. ‘Falling for You’ gives readers three very distinct worlds where autumn brings different scenes and challenges to our characters.

Although this is not my first time involved in a project with either author, being included in this anthology with them is truly an honor, and I can only hope to be included with either or both of them in the future.  I have worked with DCL before, writing for them ‘Regina’ in the anthology ‘Queen of Hearts’, but would love to do more!

Other stories you’ll find in the collection:

My Name is Not Cupid by Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe

Once a proud angel overseeing the relationships and deeds of humans, Zeretha has been stripped of her wings and sent to earth. After a shaky history in performing her duties, she has been separated from her heavenly powers and made mortal, given one final assignment to prove her worth and re-earn her wings. The assignment: to unite a man she’s never met with his true love. Desperate to earn her wings and resume her life as an angel, Zeretha begrudgingly takes the assignment and sets off on a Hollywood adventure that will change her forever. Unknowing of how to take care of her new mortal body, Zeretha is aided by a senior citizen husband and wife on their way to Hollywood on vacation, and through them, she learns that humans might not be so bad after all. Will Zeretha complete her assignment to satisfaction and earn her wings again, or will she be forced to remain on earth as a human? Find out in this deliciously humorous and light-hearted romantic comedy!

The Joys of Getting Pregnant or Sweet Little Angel from Hell by Jae El Foster

Toby has taken the best job – being paid to get a beautiful woman pregnant! Yet, things begin to turn sour between him and his new client when they keep running into each other at various places and get to see each other’s more ‘combative’ sides. While fuming over one such confrontation with the client, Toby is suddenly struck by a car and his world begins to change forever. He is given a business card that leads him to an abandoned warehouse where, once inside, he learns there is much more to this place than meets the eye. As Toby’s luck would have it, only his latest client can save him from what awaits him. What darkness lies within this old warehouse? What secret is his client hiding from him? Will this sudden adventure bring the two unlikely mates closer, or will it make Toby think twice about being her baby-maker? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this hilarious cutting edge tale of good versus evil!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting DCL Publications and our new anthology ‘Falling for You!’ We worked hard to pull three unique, romantic, and humorous tales out of our literary magical hats, and we’re quite proud of them! Thank you again!

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