New Release: Fearless by Allana Kephart

This is a story of courage, and of endless, sad beauty.

Fearless by Allana Kephart released Tuesday in the Contemporary, New Adult, Romance genre.

Priv·i·lege: having special rights, or immunities. Societal and social advantage. 

For Riley McLeon, ignorance is bliss. As the daughter of a single cop with a history of shooting first and asking questions later, she’s grown up sheltered. He taught her everything she knows about life, love, guns, and the world as he sees it. And all he ever asked from her was a promise: she would never date a man of color. 

Ra·cist: a person who shows or feels discrimination, prejudice, or antagonism against people of other races, or who believes that one’s own race is superior. 

Lincoln Sanders knows all too well about the skin deep judgments people make. He knows what it is to lose everything, to be haunted by the impossible. He knows pain. He knows hate. And he definitely knows trouble when he sees it. 

Chance: to take a risk. A possibility of something happening.

Silence comes easily when the whole world is against you, and being together is an act of bravery neither Lincoln or Riley think they’re capable of. Loving each other feels like coming back to life, but you can’t move forward if you’re living in the past.

When you unlearn everything you’ve ever known, you can become fearless.


Only 99 cents!

“I knew you were trouble,” I whisper in her ear, and her steps falter from her shiver.

Then she kisses me.

Sudden but somehow still a bit timid, she pulls my mouth down to meet hers in a scorching kiss. The music stops, the people all around disappear in a puff of smoke. It’s just her and I, our bodies locked together in a memory of our dance, alone in the world.

Her tongue glides over my lip and I part my lips to pull her in, the vibration of her whine setting me on fire as I stroke her tongue with my own. I pull her closer and bite both of her quivering lips, soothing the bruises with small kisses. Her knees buckle and she leans her weight into me, and I tighten my grip on her waist.

Then someone strikes her from behind and she jumps, and we teleport back to the crowded, stinky party. I pull Riley away from the attacker, ready to pummel whoever laid hands on her, only to find her slimy friends dancing together and looking at me like I’m actual shit on their knockoff shoes.

Riley buries her face in my neck while her friends giggle and mutter amongst themselves. She starts to pull away, go back to her peers to be slut shamed and taunted, and who knows what the fuck else. I pull her back to me and cup the side of her neck, forcing her eyes back to mine. She looks like she’s ready to cry, and I want nothing more than to bring back the bliss she just felt.

“Wanna get out of here?”

I don’t know what possessed me to ask her that. I can’t exactly take her home, no matter how tempting a thought that may be. But it’s so…not fucking me in here, I can’t think straight, and despite the wicked glint in her eyes, she’s uncomfortable as all fuck. Especially now that her friends are trying to pull her away from me once again. The fact I had to pull her off of killing some perv tells me that much.

She blushes. “I—excuse me?” she stutters, and it makes me even angrier at her catty friends. Now she thinks she’s leading me on to getting fucked, when really, I just want to get away from them before I say something awful to Choppy Hair Camel Toe and Ginger Bucktooth.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try anything kinky.” I hook my fingers in the belt loops of her shorts and pull her closer. Her lips part with a gasp, her body melting back into my embrace as I lean forward to growl in her ear, “Well, unless you say please.”

She turns her head to look up at me, wide green eyes swimming with intrigue. She gnaws her lip, taking a long moment to just stare at me, weigh the options she has presented. Then, by some miraculous twist of fate, she nods. “Yes.”

AUTHOR BIO:Allana Kephart has been making things up and bending people to her will from a very young age. She loves animals, tattoos, music, laughing, and reading. She spends an obscene amount of time finding pretty new words and thinking up awful ways to torment her characters.

When not writing, she can be found walking one of her many furbabies, making havoc with her credit union work buddies, or jamming out in her car to Broadway musical soundtracks. She lives in the beautiful state of Colorado with fur-babies.

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