Spotlight Series Tour: The Kan Savasci Cycle by Chase Blackwood, New Release and Meet the Author

Fantastic story and wow covers!

The series is Kan Savasci Cycle by Chase Blackwood, an epic fantasy with its latest book set to be released next Tuesday.

Tears of a Heart ~ Kan Savasci Cycle Book 1

He’s been called the Scourge of Bodig, the Bane of Verold, but most know him as the Kan Savasci. He’s one of the most feared men alive. Chaos and war have followed him like an angry shadow.

The one problem, as the world faces the wrath of forgotten gods, Kan Savasci is nowhere to be found.

The annalist, a man trained in the ancient arts of the arkein, has been tasked to uncover the whereabouts of the Kan Savasci at any cost. In order to find the man, one must unmask the depths of his reclusive history.

The clock is ticking as Verold descends into darkness.

Winner of John E Weaver Excellent Reads Award

#50 of 100 Best Fantasy Series Ever – reedsydiscovery


The hours stretched by slowly under the sultry embrace of the day. The heat made his clothes stick to his body. His skin was red from the sun and his mouth was dry and thirsty. In that span of time he heard the shouting and haggling of slavers peddling their slaves. Men walked past his cage, looking inquiringly upon the fresh crew and the four monks. On occasion words were exchanged between one of the slavers and the perspective buyer.

It wasn’t until the sun was a couple of hours from setting that Reem returned. The green-robed fat man procured a key and the crew members of the Seventh Sage were called forward. The monks were told to remain behind.

Aeden moved to the far side of the cage and attempted to watch the sale of the crewmembers. They were led to the block one at a time.

“Salvare still watches over us,” Aeden heard Odilo whisper.

He turned to see Odilo comforting Adel. Neri sat in a corner staring at a spot on the ground.

“He’s forsaken us to this hell,” Adel responded. “Salvare wouldn’t allow men such actions.”

“He’s allowed far worse. Empires have been built on the backs of the less fortunate. It is the faith that He reserves judgment for that final breath that allows one to accept such atrocities,” Odilo replied gently.

Aeden stared at Odilo for a moment. The fundamental idea of the Holy Order of Salvare flashed before his eyes, and its one glaring weakness now echoed loudly in his mind, faith. It was a word often used, but what strength did the word hold when imperial soldiers were allowed to slaughter innocents in Nailsea? What did faith do to stop the pirates from capturing the Seventh Sage? What would faith have done to stop the draccus fiend from destroying his home, his family, and his friends?

The answer was nothing. He required something more tangible, more powerful than faith.

“Seventh hell isn’t punishment enough for them,” Adel responded, anger evident in his eyes.

Good, Aeden thought, use your anger to remain strong, to retain a sense of self and purpose. He watched Odilo and Adel for only a moment longer before turning his attention to the auctioning block.

Hada sani kre gecelum!” The green robed man shouted, gesturing for them to get out.

The four monks shuffled out of the cage at the direction of the fat guard. They were led past empty cages where slaves had been held and then sold. As they moved toward the auctioning block Aeden’s stomach tightened. He was about to be sold as a piece of property. Would he be bought by someone fair? What type of work would they demand of him? Fear reared its ugly head and fanned the flames of anxiety.

Tower of the Arkein ~ Kan Savasci Cycle Book 2

Trapped as a slave, facing an impossible decision, Aeden must choose between his friends and his soul… The clock is ticking as the world descends into darkness. Aeden is entrenched within a hidden web of a changing world. Unwittingly an agent of salvation and of death, he in turn discovers himself, love, and finally the answers to his past.


Into the Fold ~ Kan Savasci Cycle Book 3

For over a millennium The Fold has been a carefully guarded secret, shrouded in mystery. Within its shadowy depths the greatest of the old gods had carved a world unto himself. A place unrivaled in its beauty, obscurity, and danger.

Trapped within The Fold, under the tutelage of the last arkeinists, Aeden must overcome his greatest obstacle, or die trying.


About the Author

Welcome to Chase Blackwood’s author bio, where he’ll try to write something interesting about his life that captures your attention.

Chase Blackwood’s life has been defined by struggle the way a moth battles an insect zapping light. He’s studied martial arts since childhood in an effort to overcome fear. He’s lived in a half dozen countries in an effort to “find himself,” traveled to over 60 countries in an effort to “find humanity,” lived in nine states just for the hell of it, oh… and the military has had something to do with that too. Chase has enjoyed combating terrorism, working as a federal agent, and also really likes puppies.

His most recent passion, puppies aside, has been working on the Kan Savasci Cycle, a series of fantasy novels that pulls from his life experiences to make the most vivid world imaginable.

Hi Chase, and thank you for being here!

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

Why do I think you must read this book? Simply put, there are few books like it.

I think it’s rare in fantasy to have an author infuse a sense of realism, based on their life experiences, the way I have. Not many have experienced some of the violence, death, and conflict I have. Few writers incorporate the subtle hints of history and culture into their worlds, that create the feel of a grander space. Even fewer authors who’ve experienced tragedy and loss, love and violence, relate their experiences in a way that has been described as “beautiful, bordering on bardic.”

If you are looking for a truly epic story, filled with mystery, and an unfolding storyline that will keep you guessing. If you want a book that at once feels real and fantastical. A book that captivates, immerses you in a new world, and makes you feel for the characters. A book that at times feels like a flowing river within a field of flowers. A book that turns right when you guessed left. A book described as “Patrick Rothfuss, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George R.R. Martin…a perfect mixture of all 3 of these fabulous and extraordinary authors,” then, the Kan Savasci Cycle is for you.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?

I would say that the characters help shape the story, give it life, help make it relatable. Yet, in the end, they are very much ensnared by the events in the world. Events that are larger than them. They are caught within a web of treachery and power. They are trapped within the paradigm of their being. They are driven by their own motivations, that is until one of them transcends that context, breaks free of the narrative of their being and finds the true meaning of freedom…

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