Release Day for Wonderland Academy: Book One by Melanie Karsak

I had the pleasure to have Melanie here before, and I’m very happy to have her again on the release day of her latest story.

Wonderland Academy: Book One by Melanie Karsak releases today in the  Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult genre.

Welcome to Wonderland Academy. Don’t lose your head.  Getting into Wonderland Academy is easy: You must be a little mad. You must follow the white rabbit. You must find the key to enter Wonderland. You must not be named Alice or risk being beheaded by order of the Queen of Hearts. We might have an issue with that last one. 

My name may be Alice, but Wonderland Academy is everything my real life isn’t. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to ride a jabberwocky, train with a vorpal sword, cast spells using a teacup, or shapeshift into a fairy? As long as no one figures out my real name, I should be fine.

The only problem? Aden, the Queen of Hearts’ son, is quickly becoming my best friend. And then there’s Corbin. Brooding, surly, tattooed, and definitely not my type, I can’t stop thinking about him. But Corbin has secrets of his own, and Wonderland and secrets don’t mix.

How I’m going to pass my classes and protect my secret like my life depends on it is beyond me. But I better find a way. Because in Wonderland, no Alice is safe.

Wonderland Academy re-imagines the fantastical world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland for a fresh, new adventure. Combining whimsy, magic, and a splash of steampunk, New York Times best-selling author Melanie Karsak invites you into this beautifully re-envisioned fairy tale adventure.

Wonderland Academy is a college-level academy novel. It contains a slow-burn (not rh) romance. The novel is clean aside from mild language. This is Book 1 in a planned trilogy. Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger (Frodo didn’t reach Mount Doom in a day, after all).

Trigger Warning: This novel also includes references to a school shooting.


It was early evening when I decided it was time to head back to Rose Chambers. I packed up my bags and looked down at the valley at the unicorns one last time.

“Thank you for showing me,” I told Corbin, motioning to the unicorns.

Corbin rose and joined me. “What do you have tomorrow?”

I pulled out my schedule. “History of Wonderland, Wildcrafting, and Magical Weapons.”

Corbin pulled out his phone and flipped to his pictures. “What time is your History of Wonderland?”

“At one-thirty.”

He nodded. “Same.”

“Cool. See you there, then.”

“You know your way back?”

“Nope, but I have this,” I said then took a tiny pinch of fairy dust from the pouch on my belt. “Rose Chambers,” I said, tossing it before me. At once, the flower vine twisted off.


“Fairy magic.”

“All right, Tinkerbell, see you tomorrow then.”

“Thanks for the view…and the dead butterflies.”

He huffed a soft laugh then stuck his hands into his pocket.

“Bye,” I said then slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed off.

As I went, I could feel Corbin’s eyes on me.

I knew he was waiting to see if I would look back.

And I knew what it meant if I did.

I also knew what it meant for me if I did. Inside my pocket, I squeezed my hand around my phone, imagining the picture of Nicholas there. When I reached the cave, I paused to look down at the valley one last time.

I wouldn’t look back.

I wasn’t ready.

I didn’t want to give Corbin the wrong idea. I couldn’t even think of something like that.

I turned to move on.

But something in my gut tugged at me. Before I knew what I was doing, I cast a glance over my shoulder to find Corbin standing there, gazing back at me.

He inclined his head to me.

I gave him a slight nod then headed off, following the rose vine.

What the hell, Lacey?

Seriously. What the hell?

AUTHOR BIO:New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melanie Karsak is the author of The Airship Racing Chronicles, The Harvesting Series, The Celtic Blood Series, Steampunk Red Riding Hood, and Steampunk Fairy Tales. The author currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children. She is an Instructor of English at Southern New Hampshire University.
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