I Stalked Him Back (Love at First Crime, #7) by Jessica Frances

The next in one of my fav series.

I Stalked Him Back (Love at First Crime, #7) by Jessica Frances released yesterday in the Adult, Romance, Suspense genre.

He stalked her from afar for years, so now she’s returning the favor.

I haven’t always been the best person.
I’ve rarely made the right choices.
I have a past which is painful and dark,
One I didn’t think I would survive.
But I was saved.
And finally, after going through hell,
Things are beginning to change.
I’m becoming independent again.
I’m getting stronger.
No one but I can see this.
He certainly can’t.
He’s been stalking me for a long time.
It’s his way of keeping me protected.
And I’ve let him do this.
But now it’s time the tables are turned.
Now it’s time for me to protect him.
I’m about to become the savior,
And I won’t let him down.
I can’t.
Because if I fail, then I’ll lose everything.
Stalking to save a life doesn’t sound ethical…
Then again, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first…crime.


Special Price: 99 cents

I thought it was better to never know his name, but now I realize I’ve just given him more power over me.

To be afraid of a name, my own and his, has meant that it’ll always be there to keep me from moving forward.

I don’t call Gemma; instead I google the case that made the news years ago.

The headlines are plentiful and rightly not at all pretty. My story wasn’t the only one splashed in the media. A lot of high-profile people were taken down when Hart Clayton was arrested, meaning every scrap of blackmail he kept was also taken. He was the ringleader, and also the downfall of the entire organization.

His arrest led to my own release from…Dr. Tristan Scout.

I wait for the inevitable horror at finally discovering his name, but it’s all sort of anticlimactic.

I was afraid for so long that if I knew his name, if I knew that monster was just a regular guy with a regular name, then I’d never be able to get over that. But I see now that it didn’t matter that I didn’t know his name. I was still terrified of everyone I met. I just needed to work my way past that. Knowing his name wouldn’t have changed that, just like knowing his name now doesn’t change the progress I’ve made.

Tristan might think he has control over me, and maybe part of me will always be grossly under his thumb. But I’m not the same woman I was six years ago when he first took me. I’m not some junkie he was able to kidnap and manipulate.

I’m stronger than he realizes, and I’m not going to fall apart. I’m not going to give up.

Instead, I’m going to do three things that I cannot fail.

I’m going to save Jerry.

I’m going to make sure my friends and family remain unharmed.

And I’m going to get even.

Because Tristan Scout has messed with the wrong woman.

And finally, the anger wins out inside me, pushing the fear deep down as it runs through my veins, fuels my body, and springs me into action.

This. Ends. Now.

AUTHOR BIO:Jessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV. Connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads.

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