Series Spotlight: Like a Demon by Roxanne Rue

First time I’ve seen covers like these.

The series is Like a Demon by Roxanne Rue, a Paranormal Romance.

The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper ~ Like a Demon Series Book 1

Galatea is beautiful, intelligent, and more than most men can handle. She’s also the best PI in New Orleans. When she and her brother take on a strange case of a woman’s death they quickly discover much more than they bargained for.

Enter Cee. Handsome, rich, and mysterious. His arrival brings passion and excitement to her life. He also introduces her to a supernatural world that she might not be ready for.

Get ready for a sexy thriller unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Enter the Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper, the first book in Roxanne Rue’s Like a Demon series and enter a world of mystery, intrigue, and unimaginable passion.

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He chuckled and turned his coffee cup around in a circle on the table. “You want interesting?”

            “Actually, yes. I thought that was the whole point of this line of questioning.”

            He shrugged. “What can I say? I like to have a little mystery surrounding me. I hear women find that sexy.”

            She smiled at him playfully. “Is that what you heard?”

            “That’s the rumor anyway.”

            “Why don’t you tell me your name? You know, Cee’s going to get confusing after a while what with my brother being named Cy. Can you imagine? ‘Cee meet Cy, Cy meet Cee’. I’m sure there’s something more elegant that I can call you.”

“I prefer Cee. That should be enough for you.”

            He was smiling and his eyes were twinkling. The direct nature of his response would normally be a turn off for her…but this time, she liked it. Still, she found herself filing his reluctance away in her mind. It seemed when the tables were turned, he retreated back into his shadow of mystery.

            She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, momentarily debating a pursuit, but then decided to leave it alone. “I suppose you’ve got me there.”

            “That being said; however, you are right. I should tell you something interesting about myself. Fair is fair.” He paused, turning the coffee cup in slow movements on the table.

            “Okay, Mr. ‘I-work-in-an-exclusive-company.’ Why don’t you tell me about your job?”

            He chuckled. “I work in acquisitions for a firm.”

            She raised her eyebrows. “Really? So…what kind of firm? Sales? Advertisements?”

            “Headhunting,” he said; she frowned slightly. “You see my reluctance to talk about it. For some reason, obtaining prospective employees for high powered firms is looked down upon. Although, I’m not entirely sure why. People want the best of the best for their companies. That’s why places like the company I work for exist.”

            She shrugged and took a thoughtful sip from her cup. “It’s a valid point.”

            “The exclusive part is that we only work for one company. I’m not at liberty to say which one. It would be considered a security risk.”

            “I see. Hence all the secrecy.”

            “Yes. It’s important that I keep what I do under wraps.”

            She scoffed. “You know, knowing that just makes me even more curious about what you do. You should have just told me you were a secret agent. I might not be so nosy about it.”

            At this, he laughed softly and that made her smile broaden. “I think I enjoy this a little more than I would enjoy being an agent.”

            “What do you enjoy about it?”

            “Finding the right person,” he said. “In the earlier years…when I was first starting out, the task was a little easier. Roles in the workplace were more easily defined than they are now. It made it simpler to find just the right fit. Now…now, it’s just harder. Lines have been blurred. People don’t often know where they want to be or what they really want themselves.” He was looking down at his cup the whole time, still turning it over and over. He stopped turning it suddenly and looked up at her, his eyes piercing into her.

            “When you find the right one, however…the very right one…it’s like finding the most perfect diamond.”

            She smiled, his eyes inviting her seductively. “You’re not a headhunter at all. You’re a diamond miner.”

            His half-smile turned into a full smile and his face took on a different shade of handsome. Galatea felt herself melting under his gaze. “I think from now on that’s how I’ll see myself.”

Game of Seduction ~ Like a Demon Series Book 2

Galatea and Cy Aurele are neck deep in trouble. When Cy becomes intertwined with the mysterious Cervantes, Galatea must find a way to save him without losing herself.

Book Two of the Like a Demon Series enters even deeper into a world of sex and mystery following the Aurele twins as they struggle against forces they don’t understand and passions they have no hope of resisting.

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About the Author

Born somewhere between the thin sheets of the darkness and the light, Roxanne Rue fosters her ideas from the darkest dreams of her imagination.

Like a Demon is her first dive into the erotica world and she intends on making a big splash with her vivid characters and vast imagination

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