Where I’m at ~ Rue Allyn’s guest

You guys, in case you were wondering where I’m at, writing-wise, the great Rue Allyn had me as a guest this past Saturday and we talked about it.

Here’s the post, but take a look at her blog. It’s sooo nice!

I took the summer off.

I did.

And you know what? It was a wise choice, although not one I made deliberately.

I started a new job (subbing) in April, re-released a book in June, all the while working my way out of a (painful) writing freeze probably due to stress.

I was, indeed, stressed. New job. The search for a good school for my boy. Stumbling my way into a new (loved) genre only to find it destabilizing to the point where I had to go back and start re-studying the basics of writing. Structure, pacing, and all the things I took for granted in my comfy contemporary suspense home.

Then the end of the school year hit.

My husband and I decided to keep our 5-year-old boy at home, no camps, no childcare, nothing. It’s his last summer as a small kid and we wanted to simply wait it out together. We also wanted him to feel the change, live it with all the wonder and the expectation a little boy has toward the Big Kids School. Silly things like driving to the new school, or shopping for supplies, or just take some time to fantasize together about all the things he will learn. Getting bored.

Basically, and I can see that, now that we’re over the midpoint, I wanted time with him. The last stretch of an era where he’s mine only. He won’t be my little boy anymore coming August, not in the same way he’s been up to now. School will turn my little boy into a big boy and if he will always need me, he won’t need me in the same way.

But all that meant zero writing.

Like, nothing.

Does it give me anxiety, thinking about the day when I’ll sit at the desk, in less than a month, and reopen all those files?


And yet…

I needed that. I needed a pause. Not to forget everything, but to let settle what I’ve learned. Surely, to let clear all the dust my anxiety kicked up while I was frantically looking for my way back.

So here I am, with nothing accomplished other than being a bit more peaceful.

Next month I’ll restart brand new. “Whatever happens, happens” to use my buddy Jake Owen’s words (Beachin’).

I guess I’ll see you guys in a few weeks when I’ll start going around as a blog guest, writing, and generally resurface from this Summer Bubble.

Until then, good tanning, my friends!

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