On Tour with The Kristian Clark Saga by Jes Drew and Meet the Author

I love the underlying humor of this series.

The Kristian Clark Saga by Jes Drew is a Speculative Thriller, Espionage Romance Series.

The Bachelor Missions ~ Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Series Book 1

The good-guys, the bad-guys, and the wild card- it’s the ultimate game of cloak and dagger…
Kristian Clark, private eye, thought his days as a special agent were behind him, but when he’s drafted into action, he finds himself reunited with his old team- and painful memories of why they broke up in the first place. But as he plunges into mission after mission- from a ‘holy heist’ to babysitting a young hacker to going undercover in a cult- Kristian find that everything he tried to leave behind is coming back to haunt him with a vengeance, and then some. First there’s the mysterious woman who knows more about Kristian- and his past- than makes sense while using science fiction weapons that don’t make sense period. Then there are the shady powers-that-be who are responsible for drafting him back into this world to satisfy their own nefarious agendas. It’s all Kristian can do to keep from being pulled into their games as he tries to figure out who to trust and what to fight for, even as the trap put in place to destroy him is set with a ticking clock.
When did espionage get so complicated?

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When I step into the cult’s banquet hall again, I find Susan standing on the other side, kind of off on her own despite her chattering ‘sisters’ just a few feet away.

Without a word, I stride across the room, take my rookie partner into my arms, and bring my lips to hers.

“I was just trying to get information from the harpies,” I whisper a moment later, still holding my one ally of espionage in this dark place in my arms.

“I know. I was just trying to protect our cover,” she answers, equally low before kissing me again to keep up appearances.

I pull away slightly. “Then let me protect you– stay away from those girls. They’re… unnatural.”

She leans in again kisses me long and hard before whispering, “I know.”

I kiss her forehead. “We have to get out of here.”

“I know.”

“They’re messing with our minds.”

“I know.

I press my lips to hers one last time before pulling away and whispering, “I’m actually starting to like this.”

“I know.”

“I wish I didn’t say that.”

She smiles wryly and gives me a quick peck on the nose. “I know.”

I smile back and smooth her hair behind her ear. “Well, now that that’s out of the water and we’ve effectively ruined everyone’s appetites, let’s go eat dinner.”

In the Rogue ~ Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Series Book 2

The classic game of cat and mouse- but who’s the cat and who’s the mouse?

Kristian Clark is still reeling from his accidental marriage to his rookie, Susan Deanna, when NEO anarchists attack their agency and they have to go on the run with his- their?- two adopted children. But the NEOs aren’t the only ones who are after them- the strange agency that seems straight from the pages of a science fiction novel is hot on their tails. But are they going after Kristian? Or Susan? Or both?

But as they work to stay one step ahead of their pursers, secrets begin to come to light about their enemies, their friends, and even each other. Things are in play that are beyond any of their understanding or attempts to control. Even if all reality seems to be a fabrication, will Kristian be able to face his calling? What if everything you knew was a lie?


Ruptured Reality ~ Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Series Book 2.5

I’d tell you I love you… But then you’d make me change the baby’s diaper.

Kristian Clark can go undercover for months on end, combat multiple enemies at once, and even teleport through dimensions. He should be ready for everything. But having a newborn child… is a little outside his skill set.

And the universe isn’t ready for little Shannon either. The tentative layers of the universe begins to peel apart and his adopted son gets pulled through a portal in the hospital.

Along with an angry wife and reunited best friend, Kristian travels the dimensions to find his son and somehow find a way to save reality without giving up his little girl.

Also includes seven other stories.

All profit goes to charity.


Book Trailer:

Agents Adam and Eve ~ Kristian Clark and the American Agenda Book 1

Dream not of other worlds…

They call him agent and he answers. They tell him conquer and he does. But there’s something they don’t know. He’s beginning to remember. His name is Kristian Clark. He has a wife and four children. Or he did. But he will find them again, whoever is left, wherever they are, and whatever it takes.

They call her the Aisling. She does their missions only as far as it helps her accomplish her own: to find and rescue the children of a fallen woman. And she will not let anyone get in her way- most certainly not the brainwashed father who has for so long been an unthinking weapon for the government. To save the innocents, she will not hesitate to do whatever it takes- no matter how much it condemns her.

They are the root of a conspiracy that would bring two worlds together, for good or for evil, for better or for worse, for life or for death. Their choices shall echo throughout all eternity.


Book Trailer:

About the Author

Jes Drew is the author of the Ninja and Hunter trilogy, the Howling Twenty trilogy, the Kristian Clark saga, and the Castaways trilogy. She lives with her mom, dad, younger sister, four younger brothers, and two dogs, obsessing about her true love, Captain Steve Rogers. There is a possibility that she may or may not be a superhuman, but she hasn’t discovered her powers. Yet. Also, she might be a spy, but that’s classified.

Jes came by to talk about her relationship with her characters. I asked her if her characters seem to hijack the story, or if she has the reins of the story, and this is what she told me.

Oh, goodness, this is a loaded question with a complicated answer. Both are true. You see, I start with a plot, and for the most part, I stick to that plot. But that plot is only a skeleton, and the characters come up with all their own ideas about what else is to happen.

In this story, three character were born that were not originally planned, at least to the level they were born to (Allen, Rhyan, and Maxwell to be exact), and became second tier characters. Since they came about so late in the story, I didn’t have a story line prepared for them and watched it grow with them. And even when I did think I knew it was going to be one way, they would make impulsive decisions and go another way.

It was like they were writing their story for me while I wrote Kristian’s story for everyone else. Quite the interesting experience.

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