On Tour with The Darkness Series by Shiela Stewart, Latest in the Series and Meet the Author

Another long series all here for you to check out.

The Darkness Series by Shiela Stewart is a Paranormal Romance and its latest was released only a few weeks back.

Seducing the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 1

Trinity was once a fragile girl. Being taken by a powerful vampire prince changed her. Discovering him in the arms of another woman changed destiny. Alone, she’s learned fast how to be tough, how to survive, and how to protect the people in her city from the evil that lurks in the dark. She was managing just fine, until Basil walked back into her life.

Basil Hawthorn has been the reigning prince of vampires since banishing his father to the Realm of Dark Mystics decades earlier. When a prophetic dream makes him realize Trinity’s life is at risk, he decides the only way to save her is to push her away. Doing so is not easy. Trinity is the only woman he has ever loved, ever will love, and he can’t seem to let her go.

When rumors arise of a plan to raise the King and blot out the sun, both Trinity and Basil know they must do everything to stop it. Even if it means working together. Despite the betrayal and the threat, they find themselves drawn to each other. Love has no boundaries, especially in the face of danger. But will they be able to stop the ritual before it’s too late?

Or will the darkness capture them both?

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Desiring the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 2

With the cloak of darkness surrounding Jacob’s Cove, Dante Vega must work to protect the humans from the blood-thirsty vampires trying to take over the human race. When a half-naked young woman races into his arms begging him to protect her, he is compelled to help despite the fact that she is a vampire.

Before all hell broke loose, Gypsy Dawn was an average woman carrying on with her ordinary life…until she’s turned into a vampire. With no family and no where to go, she clings to Dante. Aside from his dark, mysterious, good looks, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. And when his life is threatened she discovers just how protective she has become.

Trying to bring back the sun is not easy, especially when the creature responsible, has gone into hiding. With Dante’s long lost brother working with the enemy, one friend is killed and another is taken hostage.

Will Dante be able to save him before it’s too late?

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Embracing the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 3

One upon a time Jonah Moore had it all. Then his wife and unborn child were taken from him, leaving his life darker than when Chaos and his evil vampires stole the sun. Now, Jonah has lost the will to face another day, which could be a problem, considering he’s just been turned into a vampire and is now destined to live for eternity.
As a nurse, Raven Moony is used to tending to the needs of others. Until an accident changes everything. When she is abducted and forced to tend to Chaos’ needs, she is more than ready to give in and willingly accepts her role as his slave.

When Jonah enters the picture, she finds herself fighting for his safety and freedom as well as her own. Can she convince Jonah to go on despite her own doubts? And can they open their hearts to love and learn that there is indeed life after death?

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Charming the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 4

Daniel Vega had never been comfortable as a human so when he was offered eternal life as a vampire, he turned his back on his family and welcomed the darkness. Then Chaos, the one man Danny thought he could always count on, goes missing. Now, shunned by his own kind, it seems that leaving Jacob’s Cove is his only option. Until he crashes into a high-spirited redhead.

Born from witches, Starla Raine has spent her entire life learning to control and manage her powers. Drawn to Jacob’s Cove, a city magically cloaked in darkness, Starla runs into Daniel, a man connected to the infamous spell, and she knows just what to do. Hold him hostage and, use any means possible to make him give her what she wants.

The two forge an unlikely partnership, with Danny agreeing to help Starla find the ritual, but only if she’ll work with him to locate Chaos. At first he doesn’t mind using her magical abilities, or her body, for his own gain. Sex is just sex, after all… until someone’s heart gets in the way.

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Tempting the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 5

For twenty long years, Cooper Hawthorne has kept the brightest light in his bleak existence a deeply hidden secret. All this time, his beloved Gabriella has slept safely in cryogenic stasis, awaiting the day he finds a cure for her terminal cancer. As love blooms amidst the Darkness, and still no cure in sight, loneliness drives Cooper to drastic measures. He awakens Gabriella and breaks his last promise to her—by turning her into a vampire. Gabriella’s sense of betrayal weighs heavily on her attempts to deal with what Cooper has done to her. Pushing him away, she turns to his friends for support—and finds she isn’t the only one hurt by his actions. Cooper fights the temptation to use his powers to wipe her mind of the damning memories. But, when he comes face to face with the monster that created him, he knows what he must do.

Will Gabriella be able to save him before it’s too late? Or will the Darkness swallow him whole?

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Penetrating the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 6

A kidnapped child, a young woman in charge of protecting her, a newly created vampire, and a city cast in darkness. Three innocent lives are about to change.

Amara loves her job caring for Felicity, the child stolen from her parents by the vampire queen. Gifted with more power than a child should possess, Felicity escapes to look for her mother and father, and takes Amara with her. Thrust into a strange, dark world, Amara’s loyalty and caregiving skills are put to the test.

Dusty hoped to finish college and become a biologist. Until a sadistic vampire kidnapped, tortured, and turned him. When he’s taken to find his own victim, Dusty’s chance to free himself arrives in the form of a bright white flash, a beautiful young blonde, and a small child with the ability to incinerate anything and anyone with merely a thought. As the three work together to find Felicity’s parents, Dusty and Amara discover a deep affection for each other.

Can their budding relationship survive the power struggle between warring vampire factions?

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Consuming the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 7

In Jacob’s Cove, where death is as common as apple pie, a serial murderer is a first. Lieutenant Sienna Storm, the town’s newly minted homicide detective, is eager to prove she’s up to the job of tracking down the demon who rips out his victims’ still-beating hearts. Even if it means using her abilities.

Detective Nathan Powers lost his partner to the aptly named Heartless Killer, and the trail of bodies leads him to Jacob’s Cove, a strange world populated with bloodthirsty demons and run by a vampire. Still, the leggy blonde, Sienna, is a pleasant distraction. Until he discovers she’s after the same killer—and she’s not sharing.

On the hunt, the more they cross paths, the harder it is to stay apart. Together they discover not only clues, but a searing desire, one that may be their downfall when the killer targets Nathan, and Sienna risks everything to get him back.

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Surviving the Darkness ~ The Darkness Series Book 8

You can run, but you can’t hide. Surviving an abduction, and running home to hide, might seem like a good idea. Except home is now run by vampires.

Deborah Carmichael had it all.  Fame, fortune and an amazing gift bringing songs to life on her piano. Until a madman began stalking her. At first he seemed harmless, attending her concerts, asking for autographs. Then he turned creepy, sending photos of himself wearing identical dresses she wore, dressing up mannequins in her likeness. But she made a vital mistake, sending her bodyguard away. It was the perfect opportunity for her abductor to strike.

Rich, debonair, and owner of the only vampire/demon establishment in Jacobs Cove, Zachary Adams has it all. Or so he thought. When a beautiful, troubled young woman walks into his club, he is instantly taken by her.  Helping her overcome her fears, teaching her to stand up and fight, Zach knows she is the one.

When her abductor finds her, and takes her captive, Deborah fears this will be the end. Will Zach find her on time, or will Deborah find the strength to fight?

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            “What is that?” A rag doll like dummy held up by posts on either side stood in the living room. His furniture had been pushed out of the way.

“Your enemy.” Taking her hand in his, he led her to the dummy. “Meet Buster.”


“He’s here for you to beat on.”

“Come again?”

“I can feel you hesitating when I’m teaching you self-defense. I know it’s because you don’t want to hurt me, so this is my solution.”

“You want me to pound on this rag doll?”

“I do indeed. He can take it.” To demonstrate, Zach threw out a right cross that shook the dummy on the release.

“You’re a very strange man.” Yet it made her smile. When he took her in his arms, drawing her to his chest, and kissed her forehead, then her lips, she felt every muscle relax.

“I love the dreamy look in your eyes after I kiss you..”

Deborah stood still, her mind numb. He had a way of making her feel safe. He had a way of making her feel. Period.

“Let’s get started, he said”

“What do you expect me to do with that silly looking doll?”

“I want you to hit it. Punch it. Give it a try.”

She felt absolutely ridiculous, but she stepped up to it and jabbed it with her right fist.

Zach snorted beside her. “My grandmother can punch harder than that. Come on, Deborah, give it all you’ve got.”

Deepening her frown, she jabbed the dummy one more time with a little more heat.

“If he had a voice he’d be laughing at you right now. Hit him, Deborah!”

Shooting Zach a heated glare, she balled her hand and plowed it into the dummy’s gut. It rocked, it teetered, but it remained standing.

“See. Now kick it.” He demonstrated with a kick to the dummies shin.

“This is stupid,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

“Kick it.”

He was beginning to piss her off. Lifting her right foot, she slammed it into the dummy’s gut with enough force to have it rock back and forth several times before coming to a stop. “Happy?”

“Not particularly, no.” He walked behind the dummy and lifted one ragged arm. “Is that all you’ve got?” he said in a whimpy high pitched voice. “Come on weakling, bring it on.”

“Now you’re just being foolish.”

“Look at you, all frail and scrawny.” He continued with the silly voice. “Those arms are like toothpicks. You can’t take me. You’re too weak.”

“Why do you want me to beat on this poor, defenseless object? We both know I can punch and kick.”

“Why did I get you to scream for two days?”

“Because you’re a sadist?”

One blond brow lifted. “I’ve never been called that before. No, it meant to open you up, bring out the fighter in you. Now kick me, Deb and do it with meaning.”

“You never call me Deb.” She hauled off and planted her foot in the dummy’s leg. She was sure if Zach hadn’t been behind it, the thing would have toppled over.

“Because Deborah suites you better. The dummy called you Deb. Do that again, only this time with your left.”

She did, but she didn’t have as much power in her left as she had in her right.

“Good, now try the side kick I showed you and go for his mid chest.”

“This is all fine and good for a dummy, but there is no way I can do this to a human.” She did as he asked and shifting to her left, raised her right leg, then jammed it into the dummy’s chest.

“Yes you can and you will. Now go with the left.”

She repeated the move with her left, frowning at Zach. “No, I can’t and I won’t. I can’t hurt anyone.”

“Oh, so you would rather they hurt you. It’s your life or his—which one do you value more?”

“That’s a stupid question.”

“Answer it.”

“Mine,” she said with a determined expression.

“I don’t think you really mean that,” Zach taunted, flapping the dummy’s arms at her. “Say it with conviction.”

“Mine,” she repeated a little firmer, throwing her right fist out at the dummy’s abdomen.

“Still not good enough.”

“Mine,” she snarled, and this time she put everything she had into the kick. She gasped when both Zach and the dummy went tumbling backward. Zach came down hard on his back, dummy resting on top.

“I am so sorry! Are you all right?” Rushing to his side, she pushed the dummy away, amazed at its heaviness, and placed her hand on Zach’s face.

“Now, that’s better.” Looking up at her, he smiled.

“Are you hurt?”

“Nothing I can’t manage.”

The air rushed from her lungs as he yanked her down on top of him and planted his mouth over hers. By the time her mind cleared, her body began to react. His lips were so smooth, so gifted, and as he took the kiss deeper she gave in.

About the Author

Shiela Stewart is a paranormal suspense author with a writing history that stems back to her youth. Always a dreamer, wondering if her stories would ever reach an audience, she was finally published in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since. It is rare to find a stand-alone book as she prefers series stories. Her longest running series to date is her Darkness series which is a vampire romance.
Her joy for scary suspense is evident in each of her books. She has had several accomplishments including fighting for the top spot in rankings with author Stephany Myers, receiving glowing reviews as well as interviews on television.
When not writing, Shiela spends her time with the love of her life, William, and their children and grandchildren. She enjoys getting her hands dirty, working in her gardens and planting flowers. Her strong affection for animals is evident in the many cats, fish and birds she cares for.
Her favorite time of day is at sunset.

Shiela came by and told me about the inappropriate funny moments in life.

There are some funny moments in life that you know you shouldn’t laugh at, but you just can’t help it.  The other day while I was taking a break from writing, I looking out my window and saw the neighbor across the street mowing her lawn. It seemed so normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Then the mower cut out. The woman casually walked to the house and reinserted the cord that had obviously come unattached. She went back to mowing and in no time, the mower stopped again. Same thing. She walked to the house, plugged the cord back in. I can sympathize, this has happened to me on several occasions. Now that the cord is reattached, she gets back to mowing the lawn. This time however I can see she is getting stressed out. She‘s pushing the mower with more aggression.  This only leads to the cord coming unplugged again.  This time, though, she has apparently had enough. She yanks the cord attached to the lawnmower handle, throws it on the ground then stomps on it. But that’s not where it ends. She begins to kick it, then turns on the mower and kicks it several times.  Despite her frustration I can’t help but snicker. I know, bad me, yet I can’t help it. Having had enough, she drags the lawn mower around the house. I assume she’s either putting it away or trying to mow the back yard.
Having had my break, I went back to writing.

I like to sprinkle a little comedy into my stories. I mean, life would be pretty boring without humor.
Some of my stories are rather dark, so to break it up, I add some levity.  Such is the case with my Darkness series. It’s a tale of sacrifice, infidelity, vampires, death and redemption, all wrapped up with some romantic elements.  There are 8 books in the series, each one taking up where the previous left off. The two primary characters are the ones leading the tale, with the help of some friends. The story starts out in a city called Jacobs Cove. It’s an average city, until the sun is blotted out and the vampires take over.

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