New Release: Mae’s Cafe (Welcome To Chance, #1) by Elsa Kurt

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Mae’s Cafe (Welcome To Chance, #1) by Elsa Kurt is an Adult, Contemporary, Romance that released Tuesday.

In Chance, Connecticut, it’s about living the small-town life. Here everyone knows everybody’s business. Gossip and drama spreads like wildfire in this town.

But I’m happy here, content with my little café where locals come together. Even the rich wives-club have their own corner where they can sit around and swap gossip stories. Luckily, I’ve managed to stay off their radar…until a handsome writer arrives in town.

William is older, wiser, and nothing like any other man I’ve met. The attraction between us is instant, and totally unexpected.

While I try to ignore the connection we share, the entire town starts to notice. Suddenly my personal life has become the new topic of conversation. 

A twenty-six-year-old falling for an older man is exactly the kind of gossip that can stir a lot of drama in Chance.

Question is, will our newfound love survive being the talk of the town? 


“Who the heck is this old guy coming in here sayin’ that he’d like to write a book about Chance?” Bruce Grady scowled across the café. “He’s probably trying to get into your pants, Mae. Not everyone that seems nice is nice, you know.”

“Everyone deserves a chance, Bruce. God, when did you get so cynical, anyhow?” To herself, Mae conceded that by comparison, he was indeed an old guy. Fifty-six to a twenty-six-year-old is, well, old. She also admitted—again, only to herself—that she found William Grant extremely handsome. 

She punched Bruce’s arm lightly and scoffed. “He’s been nothing but respectful, so shut up. I’m going back over there to tell him he’s welcome to it.”

She sat down across from William and said, “Okay, just to forewarn you—Chance is a small town. As my dad would say, we’re wedged between Westbrook and Old Saybrook like a fat woman’s thong, and we nudge into Essex like a hernia. Blink, and you’ve passed through it.”

“Does he not like it here?”

Mae faltered, and William realized his error immediately. “He did. He loved it, actually. But he was afraid once strangers started coming in, they’d ruin it. Honestly, I can’t see what anyone outside of Chance could find interesting here. We’re just regular people, living regular lives, Mr. Grant.”

It’d been some time since William Grant had smiled. But yes, this woman—this girl—made him smile, albeit slowly. The unbidden voice of the Tin Man squeaked in his mind, ‘oil can, oil can,’ and he felt the creases in his cheeks deepen as the grin pushed wider. The accompanying chuckle was rust-tinged as well. “Well, it’s as good a choice as any I’ve seen, Mae, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Your café seems like the mecca for the whole town too. I bet you’ve gotten to know all of their stories quite well.” 

“Well, everybody has one, right?” She nodded, giving affirmation to her own question. “I mean, I find them interesting.” 

AUTHOR BIO:Elsa Kurt is a multi-genre, indie & traditionally published author to eight contemporary women’s fiction novels, and several romance novellas. She has also penned several children’s books (written as Melanie Cherniack), and a book of empowerment & inspirations based on her life experiences. She is a lifelong New England resident and married mother of two grown children. Visit her website,, and join her in ‘Finding Beauty in the Imperfections of Life’. Follow Elsa on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram: @authorelsakurt. Elsa is also on Goodreads, AllAuthor, and YouTube as well.
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