First Meeting ~ Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday

This is awesome! 8 to 10 sentences from the books in this hop to find new books or your next favorite author.

Here’s mine from Guns For Angels:

Mark’s voice was dangerously controlled. “When I talk, you don’t.”

Ann mouthed a sorry, gestured zipping her mouth.

“I was still in New York after our last case. He worried about a friend of his, Mary. He asked me to see that she and her sister were safe.”

“Safe from what?”

“It looks like your sister stuck her nose into something she shouldn’t have. Mouse convinced her to disappear for a while. We’ll rendezvous in Savannah.”

Ann nodded. “So, you help people, you’re borderline outlaws, and you’re difficult to find. You guys are the A-Team. Hey, stop glaring at me, I didn’t mean to insult you! The A-Team was very cool, and they always won.”

“Let’s go before I hand you over.”

“I’m sure you’d love that. There’s just one tiny problem: you don’t know who they are.” Ann got off the bed, and stretched her legs before she stood in front of him, hands on her hips. “I want to know who did this to Mary, who dared to hurt my sister, break into my home and kick me out of it. You’re officially hired.”

He stood, towering over her and nodded. She had the feeling that from a man like Mark Carson, a nod was all she needed.

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