On Tour with Hunt of the Gods (Areios Brothers #2) by Amy Braun and Meet the Author

I loved the first book in this series, and I’m very happy I have the next one.

Hunt of the Gods (Areios Brothers #2) by Amy Braun released Tuesday in the Adult, Urban Fantasy genre.

Two months have passed since Derek Areios—war-scion and heir of Ares—and the band of rogue scions he’s aligned with recovered both the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Heart of the Devourer and returned them to the Gods. During the battle, Derek discovered he could control not only the element of fire, as all war-scions can, but also the dark element “aether,” making him the only scion alive to wield two types of elemental magic.

Commanded by Zeus to retrieve the Trinity Weapons and the Shards of Cronus, Derek and the rogue scions are thwarted in their goal by a gang of water-scions with a grudge against one of the rogues—Thea, heir of Poseidon. Both groups travel to an uninhabited island to recover one of the Shards––the Eye that belonged to Cronus, King of the Titans. But what they encounter will lead them down a path of brutal betrayals, hard truths, painful memories, and desperate actions.

With angry and impatient gods breathing down his neck, a curse that allows Ares to control him, a prophecy he’s desperate to avoid, a magic spear corrupting his thoughts, and two forms of elemental magic, Derek has a lot of baggage—and a lot of power. Will the price of using that power to satisfy the Gods be too much for him to pay?

Mythological monsters, explosive magic, and devastating truths take center stage in the second novel of the action-packed AREIOS BROTHERS series from Amy Braun.

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AUTHOR BIO: Amy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in her early teens, and never stopped. She loves building unique worlds filled with fun characters and intense action. 

When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos, gaming, struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction, and diving headfirst into danger in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

The books revolve around Derek, but the series is the Areios brothers. So, who are the brothers, and how them and Derek fit together within the story?

I love familial bonds in fiction. It adds complexity to the story and characters. So it’s hardly a surprise that all of my books contain at least one major family relationship. In “the Areios Brothers,” that relationship is a key driving point to the series. Derek is the soldier and warrior of the group, the massive amount of power he carries often skews his focus and leads to him getting into life-threatening situations. Liam is the moral compass that tries to keep Derek from losing himself to his powers.

For the first two books, the primary perspective is the older brother, Derek. Yet while I was planning the series, I knew that his younger sibling, Liam, would play a key role. While the extent of his role has yet to be revealed to readers, I can say that going forward, the remaining books will be told from a dual perspective: Both Derek and Liam. It wasn’t my intention to do so at such an early stage, but these brothers have truly grown into their respective personalities and I am eager to explore the world of Néo Vasíleio with them. Both brothers still have plenty of growing to do, and the journey to the end will be a challenge for both of them.

Derek and Liam grew up with no mother and an abusive father, so it fell on Derek to protect his little brother. They became very close and fought against their fanatical father when he tried to end the world. The experience traumatized Derek, who struggles with his PTSD. It’s a bond that keeps them close, but can sometimes push them apart. Liam wants to move on with his life, to keep the past where it belongs, while Derek is a magnet for danger that he can’t—or won’t—turn away from.

That said, everything they do is for each other. Not only are they literally connected by a telepathic magic bond to help them in combat, they know each other so well that they often react to spare the other pain. Derek takes the brunt of it, but Liam has the speed and charm to ease Derek out of aggressive situations. I adore these brothers and their fun banter, their loyalty, and their refusal to give up on one another. Writing their interactions is a highlight of this process and I look forward to going on them with more trials and adventures.

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