On Tour with Ravens Cove (An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery) by Mary Ann Poll and Meet the Author

Wow, I like everything about this. Alaska (you know that already), and the laid back, understated tone of the synopsis. It makes it all so chilly!

The book is Ravens Cove (An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery) by Mary Ann Poll, a Supernatural Thriller.

Welcome to Ravens Cove, Alaska, a tiny town nestled in a small hollow on the majestic Cook Inlet. A town familiar with storytelling—after all, Alaska abounds in rich legends. In Ravens Cove, though, legends have a tendency to come to life.

Meet Josiah Williams, the peculiar stranger whose warning to lifetime residents Kat Tovslosky and her cousin, Sheriff Bart Andersen, raises more questions than answers; a man whose dark past and knowledge of the murders make him a suspect more than an ally. Join Kat and Bart as an unlikely troop forms (including a very unwelcome FBI agent) to discover the identity of a killer. The unearthing of which will throw the reluctant warriors into a battle for their very lives and the lives of all who call Ravens Cove home.

“This is Agent Melbourne again. If you hang up, I will call back as many times as it takes. This is urgent. Tell your boss to pick up the phone, and do it now!”

Kat-fight mode sounded the first bell in the back of her brain. She knew her orders, and she would enforce them.

“With all due respect, Agent, no.” She dropped the phone into the cradle.

Ten minutes and several Melbourne calls later, Kat stomped to Bart’s office, angry at being ordered by the know-it-all FBI agent to get her “boss.”

Bart looked up to blazing eyes and a flushed face. He leaned back in his chair, linking his hands behind his head, and hoping his body language would diffuse the onslaught of emotion. It didn’t.

“There is an Agent Melbourne who keeps calling. He insists on talking to you.”

“Told you my policy on nosy outsiders.”

Being reprimanded brought the stew of frustration, weariness and hunger to a boil.

“Yes,” her voice rose, “yes you have. And, I told him, too. And I hung up. And he called back again, and again, and again. I hung up again, and again and AGAIN. He is now ordering me, under threat of interfering with FBI business, to put my ‘boss’ on the phone. He is on hold.”

Bart knew Kat. No matter who paid her, she did not have a “boss.” She had been, and always would be, a freethinker and free spirit. He could not control the grin creeping across his mouth.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I’m Mary Ann Poll, America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers and charter member of Author Masterminds. The first question most people ask is, “What is an Iconoclast?” Iconoclast means, “The destroyer of religious beliefs or symbols.” I took this definition and applied it to the supernatural realm, which is how the Iconoclast Thriller series was born. My books revolve around the battle between good and evil. They also revolve around the heroic acts of ordinary people who must face extraordinary, even unbelievable, circumstances.

I draw from real-life experiences, as well as my imagination, to create these supernatural thrillers. My love for a creepy, goosebump-creating ghost story and my love for Christ come together in these books.

I am a proud pet lover, which is also reflected in my writing. In my off time, I enjoy gardening, swimming and spending time with beloved family.

I pray you enjoy reading Ravens Cove as much as I enjoyed writing it. Blessings in Christ!

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I love nature. It is both beautiful and mysterious. I was in our favorite camping spot and noticed a tree. A tree with almost no leaves; with intertwined branches. It looked like a mix between a scarecrow and a woman. This became the catalyst for Ravens Cove.

Did you always have the reins of the story or the people in it tried to take over?

I do not always have the reins of my story. When the character(s) start to take over, I step out of the way and let them go. Makes for great interactions in my books.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on my fifth novel. A story set in an abandoned theme park.

What started you on the path to writing?

A disc ruptured in my neck in 1998. My career in administration ended the day this happened. I could not sit at a desk for eight hours. I read 100 books in 90 days because I could do nothing much other than read. They say avid readers are writers. My experience says this is true. A friend of mine mentioned I should write a book. I have no idea why she would have said such a thing. Anyway, after laughing it off, I thought about it. I sat down at a computer one day and the words flowed. I wrote a great prologue for a novel that will never see the light of publishing. My writing career started the same day.

What does your writing space look like?

It’s cozy. I have a small, electric fireplace for ambiance. Two nice windows for a great view and natural light. My walls are decorated with inspirational prints. A lighthouse on a stormy night; a raven atop an antique typewriter. The walls are neutral in color. There are two monitors on my teak desk. Two wood bookcases compliment the desk. Several sentimental knickknacks are on the bookcases and fireplace.

Do you outline books ahead of time or are you more of a by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer?

I am a seat of the pants writer. I write a one-page summary, do some research, then sit down and write from beginning to end.

Do you have quirky writing habits?

I have inconsistent writing habits. I write 90% in my head before I write the book. The remaining 10% of writing occurs when I’m putting the book on paper. This may be considered quirky by some….

Which kind of scenes are the hardest for you to write? Action, dialogue, sex?

Action is the hardest. I write about the battle between people and demons. It can become pretty gruesome and pretty tense, even for this author.

How long does it take to write a story?

My first draft takes around three weeks to put on paper.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and can have only 2 people with you, a person from your books and a person from any other book, which would they be?

I would choose Ken Melbourne from my books and Kinsey Millhone from Sue Grafton’s ‘Alphabet Series.’

Pen or computer.

Mostly computer. I use a pen when I am stuck on a scene. It changes my thinking just enough to unblock the moment.

Music or silence?


Alone or in public?


If you were an animal, which one would you be?

I love and respect all animals. That said, I’d be a cat. They do what they want and are highly independent. They ask for attention when they want it and otherwise entertain themselves. They are great companions.

Do you miss being a child?

Definitely! I miss the energy of my youth, exploring the ‘scary’ places around our home and being read to and tucked in at night, among other things. If I could go back in time, I would not hesitate.






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