Audiobook Tour with Deep Cut (Caribbean Dive Adventures Book 2) by Nick Sullivan, narrated by Nick Sullivan and Meet the Author

I love Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt, and I think this series and this author are just right for me.

Deep Cut (Caribbean Dive Adventures Book 2) by Nick Sullivan, narrated by Nick Sullivan, is an Action-Adventure.

Sometimes, the brightest corners of the world can hold the darkest shadows. Rising steeply from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the Dutch island of Saba is a sleepy paradise, the mountainous slopes dotted with little red-and-white cottages and the seas teeming with life. But this little oasis has a less tranquil history, many of its inhabitants having descended from smugglers and pirates.

Boone Fischer and Emily Durand are eager to explore their new home, but their peaceful lives are about to be shattered, as one of history’s most powerful hurricanes begins to form – and, as if that weren’t enough, a savage evil has made its way ashore. In this sequel to the best seller Deep Shadow, Nick Sullivan brings listeners to another fascinating corner of the world and sends them into a swirl of action and adventure.

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About the Author/Narrator: Nick Sullivan

Born in East Tennessee, Nick has spent most of his adult life as an actor in New York City, working in theater, television, film, and audiobooks. After recording hundreds of books over the last twenty years he decided to write his own. Decades of scuba diving and travel inspired the Caribbean Dive Adventures. The first book in this series, the best-selling Deep Shadow, is set in the island of Bonaire. Deep Cut picks up on the little Dutch island of Saba. For more information on this series, visit

And for something completely different, visit to learn about his first novel, Zombie Bigfoot, which was #1 in Horror Comedy on Amazon.

Nick has been recording audiobooks since 1994 (starting on reel-to-reel) and has been listening to them even longer. He has narrated over four hundred fifty titles in nearly every genre.

Nick is here today to tell me the top Ten Perks of being the author AND the narrator.

This is a good list for me to do, but I’m going to tweak it a bit… Top Ten perks of being an author AND a narrator.

Narrators make the best copy editors. I always find typos when narrating, even in big front-list titles from major publishers.

If I find a clunky sentence, I can change it! I always narrate the book before sending it to the formatter. With “Deep Shadow” I ended up with a couple pages of tweaks.

I get to choose characters with the audio in mind. Some accents are my kryptonite. You will find no people from Chicago in my books because I sound like that SNL “Da bearz” sketch.

I get to try out NEW accents. In my first book, Zombie Bigfoot, I wanted an Afrikaner. That accent was tricky but I finally got it locked in and absolutely loved it.

No back and forth during edits… the person who reads is the person who greenlights the project.

I know the emotional intent of particular scenes and can color the performance accordingly.

I know how to pronounce most of what I put in the book ahead of time. While writing the book, I will look up how to say locations as I add them.

I get to submit myself for reviews on two different levels.

It increases my fan base for purchases—those that like my narration… and those that like my writing.

I get to keep ALL the royalties!  Mwahahahahaha! Well… “all” of the portion the distribution companies let me have.



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