Series spotlight and New release for The K Club Dark Side by Rachell Nichole and Meet the Author

I love book about things I don’t know. I mean, I know about submission & co, but I don’t really know the “psychology” behind it. I read the excerpt, and this is exactly the kind of book I like when I don’t know. Plus, Rachell comes by to talk about writing in the erotica genre.

The Series is The K Club Dark Side by Rachell Nichole, a Dark Erotic Romance.

Awakening Submission ~ The K Club Dark Side Book 1

I am not a submissive. Nuh uh, no way. As a relationship therapist, I understand the appeal of kink, I really do, but it was never for me. Until him.

Sir Clayton Schultz, PhD strode into my life unannounced and with the air of arrogance that only a Dom like him could have.

A chance meeting at a kinky conference where I’m teaching a workshop on the psychology of relationships, leads to one hell of a night. But Sir has rules to follow.

We’re intent on having a little fun at the conference and going our separate ways, but when we get home, and realize we don’t live far from one another, we make it all of a week before we’re together in his bed.

But I’m not sure if I can do this whole submissive thing full-time, or how to reconcile being a strong, independent feminist, and Sir Clayton’s submissive.


“So, Jacey, I want to lay out a few ground rules before we continue.” His voice is businesslike, but there is still heat in his eyes as they watch me closely.

“I’m listening.” Sir. I imagine calling him that aloud. How does that make me feel? I’m not sure. I don’t hate the idea. This is a fantasy. It’s two strangers at a kink conference alone in a hotel room. Figures these places would be thinly-veiled hook-up cons. How many times has he done this before? Not the time for that kind of thought, Jacey. Get your head in the game. He owes you nothing but tonight. And really, he doesn’t even owe me that much.

“First, calling me Sir is not negotiable. Second, everything else is.”

I can’t help but laugh.

He doesn’t join in. He’s serious. Calling him Sir is going to happen if I want anything else. He’s holding me hostage just as effectively as he did when he captured my hand and wouldn’t let it go. And everything else is on the table. It’s obvious he was serious about that as well. He’ll discuss anything I want to explore. That kind of freedom…. I sigh. Oh, yeah. A girl could get used to that.


“Fine what?” his voice is a hard demand.

Oh, like starting right now? Right. Decision time. I want him. That much has been clear from the start. The question is, do I want him enough to give this a try? It will certainly be good research, if nothing else. “Fine… Sir.”

“Good girl.” His smile is full, sweet. And the way he says good girl makes me quiver.

“And number three?” I prompt after a few beats.

“You are eager, aren’t you, Jacey?” He says my name like he means it. It rolls off his tongue with confidence, with desire.

I nod. There’s no denying it.

“Number three is that you’re safe with me. There is nothing we can’t discuss. And nothing that will happen without consent. That goes both ways. You want to do something outside of obey an order, you ask first.” He still hasn’t moved to close the space between us. I want him to. Desperately. In almost any other situation, I would have done so myself by now, but it seems that this distance is important to him. This man who wants me to call him Sir, even though we have come up here to have sex and nothing else.

“That’s reasonable.” Safe with him. The thought brings me comfort. Even though I know nothing about him except that he is a Dom, and an English teacher, which he told me on our way up the elevator.

“Good. Fourth, is that there is no bullshit here. You want something, you tell me you want it. Period. No hinting, no subtle allusions to x, y or z.”

“Agreed.” I can easily accept that. I pretty much always know what I want. But something about this man, and the way he makes me quiver, tells me that what he wants is going to be just as much fun to explore as what I want.

“And fifth, finally, if you want anything to stop at any time, you can say stop, or red. If you’re not sure if you like where things are going, yellow.”

“Right. Like stoplights?” Seems easy enough.

“Exactly. Think you can handle that?”

“Yes, Sir.” 

“Good.” He paces toward me, his long strides putting him mere inches away in a flash. “Shall we begin?”

“Yes.” My throat is parched. My heart is pounding.

“Yes… what, Jacey?”

My sheath clenches. Holy shit. I have never reacted like this to a man. He hasn’t even touched me since we entered the room, and I can feel myself already growing wet. “Yes, Sir,” I whisper.

Bound by Submission ~ The K Club Dark Side Book 2

In our world, No and Red are two very different words. It doesn’t matter that I’ve decided I’m done being his submissive. I know something is broken between us and I can’t seem to fix it. So, I am intent on no longer being his. But my insistence that I don’t want him is futile, and we both know it. Until and unless a safeword comes out of my mouth, Sir will show me no mercy.

When he asks me to move in with him, I have never felt more secure. But co-habitation brings its own set of issues, and as we navigate the new stage of our relationship, things get complicated.

And when Sir’s first submissive suddenly comes back into his life, and she reveals parts of his past he hasn’t shared with me, I’m not sure what else he’s been hiding. When I discover his secrets, and the accusations against him start flying, I fear I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Release day: May 23


Craving Submission ~ The K Club Dark Side Book 3

Sorry, no pre-sale date/link yet

My Sir has been charged with murder. I can do nothing except fight this battle by his side, even though I now know he’s been hiding secrets from me. When I’m confronted with his past first-hand, I have to find a way to fight not just for his freedom, but for our lives.

**Coming Soon!! **

About the Author

Rachell Nichole is a contemporary steamy romance author, who loves writing sassy sizzling romances about memorable characters who have to fight to hold on to love.

Rachell is the author of more than a dozen romances. In addition to writing, Rachell loves travel, teaching, and foreign languages. She holds BAs in Professional Writing and French, along with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.

Rachell lives in Pennsylvania with a mountain of books and the love of her life.

Thanks so much for having me stop by today. And hello readers, I’m glad you tuned in to hear what I have to say about writing a good Erotic Romance.

Writing a good erotic romance is equal parts really easy and really hard to do. First let’s chat a bit about the erotic romance industry in a post-Fifty Shades world. After the book blew up all over the place – hitting best-seller charts, spotlighting at many a book club, and being talked about everywhere – there was a huge change in the way erotic romance was shelved in bookstores, at least the ones I’ve encountered since then. Erotic romance was suddenly front and center in the middle of the romance section, right alongside paranormal, Harlequin’s lines, and behind closed door romances. That’s a big deal. But, as many readers will tell you, the Fifty Shades books are not the best books ever written. So now, we turn to how to enjoy this surge in the industry and produce excellent books!

This is the easy part… and the hard part. To write a good erotic romance, you have to do everything you have to do when you write a good book, no matter its genre or subject matter.

That’s it folks – write a good book, with lots of hot sex, and if it’s a romance, with a happily ever after!

Of course, that’s much easier said than done, so I want to share a few specifics. I’ll give some examples from my current book, Awakening Submission, which is a dark erotica with BDSM. There is a romance, but as this is a series with the same hero/heroine, the happily ever after comes a bit later.

1 – Plot – the book has to have a plot line. It can’t just be a bunch of love scenes connected by a few pages of dialogue and characters walking down the street for absolutely no reason. For Awakening Submission, there are two major plots going on – the first is Jacey learning to be a submissive. Learning what she likes or doesn’t like, learning how to be both a feminist and a submissive at the same time. That all leads to lots and lots of sex. There is then an external plot that drives things forward – Jacey’s practice as a sex therapist, and the deadline for her new book focusing on incorporating kink into the bedroom to improve your relationship. These two things tie together closely so that one can drive the other and vice versa.

2 – Characterization – the book’s hero and heroine, or heroine and heroine, or hero and hero, or whatever iteration you have in your book, must be likable and they also must not be perfect. No one wants to follow along on the shoulder or in the head of someone who is perfect. Perfect people are annoying. Perfect characters even more so.  Jacey, the heroine in these books, is far from perfect. She’s contradictory in her own head. She’s a sex therapist who has hangups about embracing her own sexuality. That juxtaposition of her character really helps wit the overall push and pull of the novel. It works for her character growth, but also helps drive the plot forward, too.

3 – Conflict – this kind of goes along with plot (what happens in the book) but it takes that concept a step further. Without conflict, everyone can be happy right from the start of the book. As a professor of mine once said, “Only conflict is interesting.” Who wants to read a book where nothing happens? Conflict is all about putting what your characters want in opposition to each other. So for Jacey and Clayton, he wants a submissive, she doesn’t know if she wants to be a submissive, or once she does, how she can be one. What she wants and what he wants from one scene to the next can change, but having their wants pulling against each other can create fabulous conflict.  

4 – Love – the book MUST have a love story, an emotional element even among the hottest of scenes. It also must have a happy ending. This is where the line is drawn between erotica and erotic romance. An erotic romance must be a romance first and erotic second. If the people don’t get together in the end and stay together, the book is not a romance. So, confession time, Awakening Submission doesn’t quite fit the bill of a romance. This really is more of a dark erotica than erotic romance, simply because it takes Jacey and Clayton more than one book to reach their happily ever after. But they do reach it, I promise!

Those are really the big ones that every book needs, no matter the genre. Love is the only requirement added for romance. And sex is the only additional aspect for erotic romance, and while these scenes may have a lot of page time, they’re not the main part of the book. Past that, the book has to be well-written in terms of grammar, consistency, concision and all of that jazz, but all of those things happen during revisions and editing.

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