Series Spotlight and New Release: Passion Patrol by Emma Calin

The latest in this series will launch June 6th, so what better way to celebrate than spotlighting the entire adventure? (Note: I added the Amazon links for the previews BUT you can save 40% if you buy directly from the Author. The links are at the bottom of each book. Thank you Emma!)

The series is Passion Patrol by Emma Calin, romantic suspense. All books are standalone.


Gunfire…. …A police dog is down. Lonely dog handler Helen carries the guilt of survivor. Star singer and single father Marco is too guilty to sing.

Both are too guilty to love.

They meet as an innocent animal fights for life. Perhaps a hope is born?

Terror fanatics close in on London, their target the Queen. A cop must follow her orders. A father must protect his child.

Love breaks laws and hearts.

Follow the lust and drama.  Let go of the guilt. Enjoy the thrill of the action. Follow Marco and Helen to the climax of passion. Hold on for the ride to the triumph of love.


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A boxing official dead in New York.
Interpol cop Anna Leyton meets world champ cruiser-weight Freddie La Salle in a black London cab. Both have pasts and secrets. They need each other openly but neither must reveal the truth.

A sports reporter is slain.

Organised criminals conspire to rig international gambling.

A cop in love with her number one suspect risks the fire to express the heat of her erotic love. The do-or-die passion of a fighter in his prime feeds the flames to a white heat of lust.

Follow the big fight build up through London, Paris and California all the way to that round one bell in New York City.

Can Freddie La Salle do what he has to do in the ring? Can true love be built on deception?

Take off the gloves and buy this book now for a front row seat.

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For all the books, you can save 40% if you buy directly from the author –> Buy it HERE!!


When an inner city cop goes wild…
… she’s driven out of town.
Police bosses swap her concrete for the green grass of an English village. Lord of the manor is sexy aristocrat, Spencer. The collision of cultures splinters all conventions setting free the steamy power of uninhibited erotic love.

But paradise is flawed. 

An evil upper class rival.
A dead unknown girl.
A teenager’s life chances marred by drugs.
The mysterious death of her new lover’s wife.

…these things focus the duty of a cop.

No risk or danger is too great as she fights for the truth and for the survival of her love.

Beware of the sexual heat and jealousy as you follow the clues. Be prepared for some shocks on the way to the triumph of justice.

Buy this book now to know the truth of passionate human love beyond the accidents of birth.

‘Dynasty’ – another novel in Emma Calin’s kick-ass female cop ‘Passion Patrol Series’, combining thrilling crime mystery with suspense romance. If you enjoy James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter and Kendra Elliot, you’ll love a series that combines all of their best traits in fast-paced, pulse-pounding roller-coaster adventures full of passionate steamy romance, danger, love and… hot tea… yes really.

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A terror attack strikes London…
… a cop is down.
Sergeant Sophia Castellana steps up to avenge. A far younger man born to be a king falls under the spell of her courage and sexual experience. A love story unfolds with unstoppable erotic passion while revolutionary mobs fight on the streets of France.

Dark forces plot their separate paths to power. A sexually ambiguous warrior woman seizes control.

Could a young king and his older lover queen bring peace?

Deceit, violence and betrayal can’t extinguish the flame of true love. A nation warms in the reflected heat of carnal union.

Buy this book now to feel the power of uninhibited sexual desire in the sweep of history.

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For merciless people traffickers…
… Christmas doesn’t exist.
Mature community cop Paula has a heart of gold, a heart broken by love. When gangsters force tough business man Max Muswell to hire exploited labour, Paula steps up to fight at his side.

Love forces up like snowdrops as the Christmas lamps turn on.

Poor and powerless workers face a cold and joyless future. Ruthless crooks fight back as Max and Paula face them down.

Can an unlikely Santa bring hope and joy?

Buy this book now to feel spirit of Christmas at any time of year.

Another stand-alone Passion Patrol Series story combining thrilling crime mystery with steamy suspense romance and a Christmas twist. If you enjoy James Patterson, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts and Kendra Elliot you’ll love a series that combines all of their best traits in fast-paced, pulse-pounding roller-coaster adventures full of passionate romance, deception, danger and love. 

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Kaitlyn’s hot, strong and honest – just the way that sexy Randolph Quinn would love his girl…
…if he could find her.

He’s a billionaire in trouble.

She’s the cop on his case and he’ll only surrender to love.

London traffic cop Kaitlyn Thorn narrowly escapes a Mafia attack on world-dominating banker Randolph Quinn, a key witness under her protection. Someone on the inside has gone bad and betrayed her location. With orders to keep him alive at all costs, she has nothing to follow but her gut and her heart.

Alone and a fugitive with this sexy and powerful man, she can’t hold back her desire. Her bosses want to keep her inside his life and she craves his heat for her deep female need. She knows she’s gone wild but the exotic fruit of lust is sweet.

Can she trust him?

What is the source of his infinite wealth?

How can her bosses order her to ignore the laws of the world?

The action and passion unroll through London, Paris, Milan and New York. Only the final showdown in Rome will set her free.

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(No amazon link yet, but you can preorder it for 99 cents here: Buy it HERE!!

A thug pulls a knife on a mean London street. Rookie cop Olivia Johnston-Denny steps up. When irresistible American congressman Jackson T. Paine intervenes, her life is changed for ever

Olivia is a fiery Scot. Jackson’s a cool Oklahoma boy. Feel the heat of the chemical reaction

Tipped as a future president, ruthless opponents plot his downfall. When he faces them down, he stands alone for the final showdown.

 He has one invincible weapon. A woman in love.

**On sale for only .99 cents!!**

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About the Author

Emma Calin was born in London in 1962. She currently lives in France and the UK.

She has been writing since childhood and has won numerous local, national and international prizes for poetry and short stories, including the East Texas Writers Guild Award in 2017 and the New Apple Award for Ebook Literary Excellence in 2017.

Emma currently writes police action romance novels and gritty short stories with her partner, an ex-Interpol, London Met’ Police and Special Branch detective.

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