Book blitz for Winging It (Destiny Rules, #1) by Lisa Gail Green

Boys will be boys. Well, not this one. This boy is also a fairy, and this book hits all the right (= funny and sweet) notes.

The book is Winging It (Destiny Rules, #1) by Lisa Gail Green, a Fantasy, Young Adult.

Sixteen-year-old Zach discovers his mom is a fairy godmother. But what’s really freaking him out is the fact that he’s a fairy too. Now that his mom’s been injured, he must finish her assignments before the next full moon or they’re both grounded, meaning no wings, no wands, and no position in the Organization of Destiny Fulfillment (ODF). Sure it would suck to lose his newfound powers, but Zach quickly learns there’s far more at stake. Failure also means messing up the lives of the people he’s supposed to help.
Between a fairy-trainee who happens to be the girl he’s been in love with since fifth grade, a boss he doesn’t trust, and a gremlin physics teacher that wants to eat him, Zach’s pretty sure even a magic wand can’t bail him out.

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! BRAVO BRAVO! I sincerely, really loved this book. What was funny is I went out on a wing from werewolf and tried out fantasy and I love it. Your book inspires me to read more fantasy. Excellent story telling.”

“Amazing, absolutely amazing. What a beautiful ending.”

“Now, open the night-table drawer,” she says. She waits while I move around to the other side of the bed and do as she says. Inside is the same kind of thin stick Eyleen had, only it’s pink and instead of a star, there’s a heart at the top. Great. “Take it out,” she says.


I swallow, and gingerly pull the thing out of the drawer. I remember how it felt when Eyleen brought us here, and I don’t want to cause an accident.

“Good,” Mom says. “That is a wand.”

“Why does it have to be so… dainty?” I ask, twirling it in front of my eyes. “I mean they look cool in Harry Potter.”

“Harry Potter isn’t real. And he’s a wizard. Not a fairy.”

“So, what am I supposed to do with it?” I ask.

“Tap your back,” she answers. 

I hesitate, but when she coughs, and grimaces in pain, I do as I’m told. Instantly, a searing pain spreads over my shoulder blades, and I shrug in response. Then it’s over, but something feels weird. My back itches, and it feels like something is pressing against my skin. I reach back with my free hand to scratch it or swipe at it like a bug, but my fingers meet something soft and flexible. I grab hold and yank.

Then I’m screaming, partially from the intense pain, and partially from the shock. Shit. Shit. Shit. I wave the wand on instinct alone, and a full-length mirror appears in front of me, just like I wanted. I twist around to get a glimpse, and there they are. Two symmetrical, slightly pointy, iridescent protrusions about three feet long and half as wide.

I have wings. Freaking fairy wings. “Shit!”


“I’m sorry, Mom, but SHIT. I have wings.”

“Shh! If they hear you, you could get grounded, and then we’re really in trouble.”

“Who are ‘they’?” I ask, still trying to scratch at the base of my wings. Naturally, they’re in the hardest place to reach. “And why do they itch so much?”

AUTHOR BIO:Lisa Gail Green writes paranormal and fantasy because she loves to bring life to the stories in her head. WINGING IT, Book 1 of her new YA fantasy series, Destiny Rules, is NOW available. Sign up for her newsletter for more deals and info at Oh — and she would most definitely have a werewolf for a pet if she weren’t allergic.

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