Series Tour: Series is New Camelot by Barbara Russell and Meet the Character

I’ve had Barbara and her books here a couple of times, had nice chats (follow her tag), but this might be my favorite work of hers.

The Series is New Camelot by Barbara Russell, a YA Arthurian Steampunk Fantasy Romance.

Before we dig deep into the Series, though, I’d like for Bryhannon to say a few words about herself and Nathair, just so you get in the mood.


I’m a Morrigan, one of the three witches who’s blessed with the power of the Raven Goddesses. Or rather, cursed.

The Morrigan Deceiver has the power to delete, change, and rearrange people’s memories. A look into your eyes and she can make you forget your name and give you new, fake memories. Hundreds of knights have been fooled by her power, turning against each other, convinced that their fellow warriors were the enemy.

The Morrigan Diviner can foresee the future.

And then there’s me, the Destroyer. One flick of my finger can blow up an entire building. It’s not a surprise if the Morrigans are outlawed in New Camelot.  The Wizarding Council thinks that women with magic powers are evil, so only men are allowed to study and use magic.

I want to change that. I can prove witches aren’t evil.

And then there’s Nathair and his huge golden eyes. I wish he weren’t so charming because he’s a distraction from my mission. And he wouldn’t like me if he knew who I really am.

A Knight to Celebrate ~ New Camelot Prequel

Nathair and two other fellow cadets of the Sir Lancelot’s Academy for Knights are pulling a prank on the ladies of  Lady Guinevere’s Academy for Damsels. After the ladies filled the cadets’ quivers with honey, it’s only fair that the cadets return the favour.

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A Knight in Distress ~ New Camelot #1

Knights are supposed to rescue damsels. That’s the natural order. So when Nathair, a knight in training, finds himself rescued by the princess he’s supposed to save, he’s annoyed. And when the princess proves she can fight like a knight? Well, that’s enough for a boy to think about a career change.

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A Damsel in Shiny Armor ~ New Camelot #2

After fighting dragons, wild Vikings, and clockwork monsters, Nathair is facing the biggest challenge of his life: proposing to Bryhannon. Apparently, flowers and a three-month salary worth ring aren’t enough because she doesn’t seem thrilled by the proposal. She has a devastating power to control, Reapers to face, and more importantly she has to find the courage to tell Nathair that she’s a Morrigan.

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About the Author

I’m an entomologist and a soil biologist, which is a fancy way to say that I dig in the dirt, looking for bugs. Nature and books have always been my passion. I was a kid when I read The Lord Of The Ring and fell in love with fantasy novels.

When I discovered cozy mystery and crime novels, I fell in love with Hercules Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. Then I grew up and . . . Nah, I’m joking. I didn’t grow up. Don’t grow up, folks! It’s a trap.

PS I hate gardening. There, I said it. Sorry fellow Kiwis.

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