Series Spotlight Tour: Bloodline Origins by Iuliana Foos and Meet the Author

The way it’s made, this is a great series. And please, read what Iuliana said in the chat we had. I loved it. Also, Bucharest is one of the most beautiful city we have in Europe. Okay, carry on, I’m done.

Bloodline Origins by Iuliana Foos is a Sweet Paranormal Romance Adventure.

Bloodline Origins ~Bloodline Book 1

Determined to turn her fantasy into reality, Ana starts her journey to become a vampire. Along the way, she learns the truth about their secret society, discovers her prestigious bloodline, and falls in love.

Not all vampires are accepting of humans and war looms in the shadows. An ancient tome reveals the vampires’ alien descent and sparks war.

An army bent on eradicating her coven’s existence threatens her new world. Survival or annihilation will be in Ana’s hands.


“Some had pale skin with dark tattoos. Others had darker skin with luminescent body markings. White eyes beamed toward us, empty, emotionless. Most of them had slightly pointed ears. They were taller and bigger than most people I knew. Some glided, others walked, and all wore long black robes.”

That’s kind of cool. Ana tried to visualize those chained, and the tall silhouettes gliding inside the cave. It made her shiver.

“They inspected everyone in the room and separated us into groups. We were the lucky ones, they said, chosen to rule the Earth.” Jonas ran his hand over the lower half of his face. “They spoke our language with ease.” He leaned against the backrest of his chair again, as if he wasn’t used to sitting, or he was uncomfortable. “It seemed the ones with darker skin and luminescent tattoos were higher ranked. One of them signaled, and more came in.” He glanced at Ana. “On some floating carts, motionless human bodies were piled up, and we each got one dropped at our feet—”

“Where they dead?” Ana interrupted.

Jonas shook his head. “No. They showed us how to feed. That was the first time I drank human blood.”

He stopped again. Ghosts seemed to be haunting his eyes, as if trying to escape.

Ana gathered her legs, curling them under her frame. She had dismissed the earlier lesson from Mara in regard to the posture.

“Who were they?” Ana slightly leaned forward, devouring every word.

Jonas stared at her like her words woke him from a trance.

“They told us they were from Vamphora. Called themselves Vamphorians and named us vampires.”

“Wait. Are you saying they were aliens?” Ana couldn’t believe her own words.

“Yes.” Jonas nodded in agreement. “They were searching for a new home. Theirs was on the brink of extinction.”G

Bloodline Destinies~Bloodline Book 2

In the year 2516 humans share Earth with elusive vampires and GeMs—a new species of blood-drinkers who appeared after the Flood.
Months before his five-hundredth birthday, Theodor De Croix, Prince of The Old Coven, crosses paths with Vivienne. Torn between proving himself worthy of his bloodline and centuries-old beliefs about true love, he saves her life but rejects the idea that she might be sent to him by fate itself.

Vivienne is a human scientist turned GeM in an accident. Body and mind forever altered, she struggles every day to adapt to her new life. Attracted to the man who saved her, but fearing his kind, she finds herself in more danger than ever.

Caught up in a whirlwind of dreams and evil plots, both must confront their own demons in order to save each other, testing the powers of fate and love.


For the first time that night, Theodor deliberately investigated her mind. All of a sudden, the human he thought weak, spineless, and afraid of everything, demanded an answer.

With his curiosity piqued, his right eyebrow arched. She still thought he was a GeM, like her, even if he denied it more than just once.

Theodor took a few steps in silence, and decided it was time for her first real test. Let’s see how she’s going to react.

He stopped a couple of feet away from her. His gaze cut through her like a laser. “I am Theodor De Croix, Prince of the Old Coven.” His chin jotted up. “And I’m a vampire.”

Vivienne took a step back. Her eyes opened wide with a mix of fear and doubt.

“Vampire . . . A monster . . .” she whispered in visible disbelief. “Are you going to kill me?”

“Of course not. Why would I do that?”

Theodor followed all her thoughts. As much as he detested invading anyone’s mind, this time he needed to know.

“Is it not what vampires do? I never believed they even existed.”

“It isn’t what we do. We have, in fact, watched over humans for centuries.” Theodor took a step closer to her. “In the old times, yes, my kind used to feed on human blood, but not anymore.” His voice softened. “You’re safe. I won’t hurt you.”

She continued to retreat. Her fear hit him in waves.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you.”

She panicked. Her pupils dilated, her pulse accelerated, and her heartbeat became erratic. The attempt to put some distance between them failed.

Theodor hissed, displaying his long, white fangs.

Vivienne whirled on her heels. Her hair danced around her shoulders, and a few strands covered part of her face.

Theodor cut off her way to the exit. His hands grabbed her shoulders. Damn, she needs to eat more.

“Viv, I will not hurt you. I would—”

“You’re a blood-sucking monster,” she yelled with tears running down her face, trying to free herself from his firm hold.

Her words shouldn’t have surprised or hurt him. Humans called vampires all sorts of names. He knew since the day he found out what he was how much humans feared and hated his kind. So, why did her words hurt? Why did they feel like a slap to his face?

“Funny, coming from a GeM.”

His confrontation didn’t stop her. She continued to squirm in his hands, trying to break free. He wasn’t going to let her go.

“Look at me.” Theodor’s demand froze her in place, and she stared at him.

He drove deeper into her mind. For the first time, she noticed his dark blue eyes, and for a fraction of a second, to his satisfaction, she thought they were beautiful.

“Please, let me go.”

He couldn’t allow her to return to where she escaped from, or on the streets. I didn’t save her life to send her back to her death.

Theodor needed more time and used his magnetism on her. She fell unconscious in his arms without another sound.

“You failed, Viv.” He was the sole witness to his own words.

About the Author

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Iuliana Foos currently lives with her husband in San Antonio, Texas.
When she doesn’t daydream or write, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee and playing online multi-player games, hoping one day to have a white sanded beach as her backyard.
Becoming a traditionally published author has been a life-long dream turned reality.

Iuliana came by to talk a bit about vampires.

A different kind of vampire book, by Iuliana Foos

We all have a certain image in our minds when it comes to vampires. I guess being born and raised in Romania had been a decisive factor in creating my own.

Vampires had been illustrated from merciless, bloodthirsty monsters to cursed and twisted souls, to sexy lovers turning into bats. I honestly disagreed with all of the above.

Visiting Dracula’s Castle in my early-mid teens, opened my eyes to different possibilities. Walking the dark and dingy corridors, the stone rooms with small openings for windows and the spiraled, tight stairs helped me envision them. It was then and there, I decided they must look and act a lot like us, humans.

Around the age of sixteen, when most girls become experts in fashion and makeup, I dove into the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a nerd. For me, there’s no question about it. Life exists beyond our world, most probably different from what we might know and accept.

It was just a matter of time to put vampires and aliens in the same sentence. Two of my favorite fiction beings, besides elves and dragons, had to be somehow linked.

What if vampires had been brought to Earth by aliens? The question first sparked in my mind before I even finished high school. It took me thirty years to answer it.

The ‘Bloodline’ trilogy is a vampire’s lineage saga.

In the first book, Bloodline Origins, I focused on the present time, with incursions in the distant past, the beginning of their existence. As a perfect mix of aliens and humans, my vampires have special abilities and characteristics specific to both species.

Ana, the main character, takes the journey to self-discovery and complete transformation. Passion, heartache, doubt, and determination are mixing into a love story that will mark just the beginning.

The second book, Bloodline Destinies, takes us five hundred years into the future. After a devastating flood caused by the crash of an alien ship in one of our oceans, civilization is forever changed. A new subspecies of blood drinkers, GEMs (genetically modified individuals) appears and counts for a quarter of the existing population.

Theodor, a cold and dark vampire nicknamed Theofrost, learns the power of destiny. Faced with a choice between love and ambition, with lives on the line, his choice could cost him everything.

The third and last book in the series, Bloodline Revelations, to be released in August 2019, wraps up the series. A year after Theodor’s adventures, his sister Theodora, is in the spotlight. The aliens who’d first created the vampires are back on Earth, threatening our civilization.

She’ll have to choose between the man she loves, and the existence of the human race.

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