On Tour with Oh, Baby! by Jill Blake and Meet the Character

This is great because it’s unusual to have a Heroine older than the Hero, and the kind of balance they find makes me curious.

The book is Oh, Baby! by Jill Blake, a contemporary romance.

Lena Shapiro. Successful surgeon. Dutiful daughter. She sacrificed her personal life to build her career and take care of her mother and sister. Now thirty-nine and single, she watches her peers pairing off and having kids, and wonders if she missed out on her own chance at happiness.

Assigned to mentor a visiting colleague, Lena finds herself falling for the man instead. But Adam Sterling is all wrong for her: he’s too young, too arrogant, and too willing to push personal and professional boundaries. And he’s leaving L.A. for a job on the opposite coast.

With the date of Adam’s departure looming ever nearer, will Lena retreat to the safety of her familiar solitary life, or will she take a chance on an uncertain future with the man who might make her dreams come true?

(Please note: This is a steamy contemporary romance that contains mature themes and explicit content, meant for adults 18 and over. It is a stand-alone novel, with no cliff-hangers, and a guaranteed HEA.)

Book is on sale for $0.99 during the tour

Adam knocked on her office door. “Can I interest you in a lunch break?”

Lena glanced up from the computer. “I usually work through lunch.”

“How about I grab us something from the cafeteria and bring it here?”

“I’m not hungry.” She turned back to the screen. “Thanks.”

Adam studied her. So much for making progress. Good thing he wasn’t easily discouraged. A quick scan of the room, and bingo!—there it was. Inspiration.

“Is that the latest JACM?” He moved closer and reached for the journal topping a pile of paperwork on the corner of her credenza. “You don’t mind, do you? I’ll just sit and read quietly.”

“Help yourself,” she said drily. “But don’t you have an office or something you can use?”

“Sure.” He shed his white coat and draped it over one of the visitor’s chairs, then sauntered across the room, where he toed off his shoes and proceeded to make himself comfortable. Or as comfortable as he could get, considering the love seat fell far short of his six foot three inches, and Lena was still staring at him, her expression now more irritated than bemused. “But it’s the size of a supply closet, and there are three other fellows sharing the space. So…”

“Do you always get this chummy with your attendings?”

Ooh, now she was pulling rank. He hid a grin. “I wouldn’t call breathing the same air on opposite sides of the room chummy.”

And the Hero is here with me!

Hi Adam, and thank you for being here. Let’s start with the basics: name, age, profession.

Adam Sterling, 32, surgeon.


Westport, CT. For those of you who’ve never heard of Westport or been to Connecticut, it’s about an hour north of NYC. Close enough to snag a spot at the Nuyo on open mike night, and still catch the last train home from Grand Central. My folks still live there. Mom, Dad, my two sisters, and all their rug-rats. Sorry, no disrespect. I love being an uncle. But Liz and Amanda both have three kids apiece, and Mandy’s preggers with kid #4. When we all get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas, chaos doesn’t even cover it.

Where do you currently live?

Los Angeles, CA. Love it, except for the traffic. Luckily I managed to snag a short-term rental near St. Mary’s Hospital, so I can walk or bike to work. Did I mention I hate sitting in traffic?

What is your best personality trait?


And your worst?


Tell us about your first love.

That’s easy—Mary Lou Denton in junior high. She was nine months older and half a foot taller than me when they paired us up in PE for the dance unit. Man, I box-stepped for an entire month in a lust-filled fog, imagining my sweaty palm sliding from her waist all the way up under her sweater and….Funny thing, we bumped into each other a few years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding, and we had a good laugh about it. And I kid you not—before the night was over, she invited me to do much more than my seventh-grade self ever dared to imagine….I wonder what Mary Lou’s up to these days?

What is your favorite way to blow off steam?

[wicked grin] How about I tell you my second favorite? Hitting the weight room. My gym’s just around the corner, and it’s open 24/7. Good thing, too, because there’s this woman at work…maybe you know her: Lena Shapiro. No? Anyway, she’s pretty hot. Smart, too, but…man, when she wants to freeze you out, she’s like a blast of liquid nitrogen. I wonder what it’ll take to warm her up?

What is your favorite topic of conversation?

Can I be honest here? I average a hundred hours a week between OR, clinic, and lab. The last thing I want to talk about is work. Yours or mine. In fact, I’d prefer a mindless fuck that doesn’t require conversation. Except…well, I went to dinner with Lena, that woman I was telling you about. Had to twist her arm to get her to agree, but that’s another story. Anyway, it was kind of nice being able to talk to her about my research. She got it, without my having to stop every third word to explain the medical lingo. It was actually refreshing, you know? And did I mention she’s hot?


A native of Philadelphia, Jill Blake now lives in southern California with her husband and three children. During the day, she works as a physician in a busy medical practice. At night, once the charts are all done and the kids are asleep, Jill writes steamy romances with smart heroines, sexy heroes, and guaranteed happy endings.








For more about the book os the author, follow the Tour. The tour dates can be found here:


  • Jill Blake will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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