Release Day for Brand (Chicago Protection Task Force Book 1) by Leanne Tyler and Meet the Author

It’s 3 for 3 today, all the 3 books I posted releases today and I’m ridiculously giddy about it… And in 3 different sub-genres. Man, today is a good day.

The last, but not least, for today is Brand (Chicago Protection Task Force Book 1) by Leanne Tyler, a Military suspense book part of the Brotherhood Protectors World.

Carly Manning is out on the town with her three friends when she witnesses a murder at the Pied Piper bar and prevents the killer from getting away, putting her on the Twin Cobras hit list.

Ex-SEAL Brand Chambers and his three teammates are in Chicago promoting Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors to the metro police department when they’re recruited to help on the Pied Piper murder.

Assigned to protect Carly until she can testify at the murder trial, Brand finds the assignment is tougher than it seems. He has to protect her not only from the threat of the gang, but also from the long arms of her controlling ex-husband who is lurking in the shadows. 

Can this ex-Navy SEAL protect his heart from this devastating beauty who’s found herself in this unlikely predicament? Or will he cross a line he has never crossed before?

For more about the Brotherhood Protectors World, here’s the Amazon Page

Chatting with the Author

Award-winning author Leanne Tyler writes sweet and somewhat sensual romances whether historical, contemporary, or romantic suspense. Her newest series the Chicago Protection Task Force is part of the Brotherhood Protection World. Other series includes her popular The Good Luck series–a collection of short contemporary romantic comedy romances set in East Tennessee. In addition to her contemporary novels, she writes American historical novels set prior to and during the Civil War.

Leanne lives in East Tennessee with her son.

Hi Leanne, and thank you for being here today.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

This is romantic suspense or lady in peril story. That is the premise of all the Brotherhood Protectors World books. I also knew that I wanted to write more than one book in the world. I tend to write a series. So I needed to come up with not only a story idea, but also a premise for my own mini-series in this world.

I had characters already in mind for this series. They were created for another series that was planned that never came to fruition. I was able to take the original story set up of the first book, change the setting, and make what happens at the bar a ‘frame’ for the rest of the first book’s story.

What sort of research did you do to write this book?

First off, I read one of Elle James’ Brotherhood Protectors books. I had to know the background on the original series and whether or not I could write in her world. Then I read two other books in the series. Short quick reads by her daughter that was writing in the series and who had been helping Elle plot books for years. I felt that was a good source to get a feel for what these books should be like as well.  I also talked to an author friend who is writing in the BP world. Actually, she is the one who insisted I consider writing in the world.

I had to research the city of Chicago. I do not live there. I live in Tennessee. I had to consult maps and police websites since I was going to have the four Brotherhood Protectors in my book working with the Chicago PD. I even have a former SEAL as a Chicago PD Commander giving them an in with the PD. That was their reason for being in the city when the story takes place.

I also had to look into Chicago gang history since I have a gang coming into the bar on the waterfront where my heroine and her friends are the night when the story opens. I needed to know what kind of gangs are in Chicago so I could create my own realistic gang name and type to be a part of my story.

I looked at luxury hotels for safe spaces and decided that was out of the question and then moved on to apartment complexes. Then created my own version of a location for the story.

If your story had a soundtrack, which song would it be?

Ed Sheeran’s Firefly is mention in the first chapter that would definitely be on it. And really any of his songs. I listened to Ed Sheeran radio station on Pandora when I was writing so other artists like Cold Play, The Fray, The Script, Imagine Dragons, One Republic, X Ambassadors, Dan and Shay, The Wanted, The Outfield, Bruno Mars, Timbaland, Journey, Colbie Caillat… The list of artists can go on and on. It’s a good mixture that gives you upbeat intense tempo with Imagine Dragons when you need that danger, danger tattoo sequence and then the lighter side feel-good music when everything is fine.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on the second book in the Chicago Protection Task Force series which will come out later this year. Just keep watching on Facebook for Elle James to be posting about her Brotherhood Protectors World releases.

Do you have a day job?

I do have a day job. I work at a university with the Director of Graduate Studies in English. I’ve been in this position for the past nineteen years. I’m also back in college working on my upper-level English credits so I can apply to the MFA program so I can eventually teach.

What started you on the path to writing?

In sixth grade, a friend told me a secret. Her daddy was writing a book. That stuck with me. It was like a light bulb had been turned on in my brain and I write a tiny two sentence paragraph in a notebook.  I didn’t try to write anything for another year. It wasn’t until my mother brought home four First Loves from Silhouette books that she had purchased on clearance because a store was going out of business. She got them cheap and thought maybe I’d like to read them. Little did she know that reading that first book would spark something in me that two months later would have me trying to pen my own young adult romance. I was in seventh grade, thirteen, and the world was an open page to write.

Which kind of scenes is the hardest for you to write? Action, dialogue, sex?

Sex. Hands down this are the most difficult scene to write. I see it in my head going on between the characters sometimes and maybe I can get it on the screen so it sounds real, and maybe not. I feel the heroine either comes across as too aggressive or other times she is just lying there. I swear, it’s a tossup. I spend way too much time worrying over them so to me it is hard to tell if they are effective for the scene and the characters in the story. It isn’t until I had my Alpha reader in this last book that I was confident I had accomplished a satisfying love scene.

You mentioned Alpha reader, what is that?

An Alpha reader is a reader that is reading along with the author as she writes the book. This is my first military romantic suspense and I wanted to know I was doing a good job. I brought it on as I wrote and my two alpha readers were there questioning and making sure my characters were being true, acting their part. I’ve consulted them about plot points or what they thought about the direction I was thinking about taking. I’ve never worked with Alpha readers before, but I have found that these two were great to work with on this book and I hope we can continue working together on the rest of this series.

What do your friends and family think about your being a writer?

It took a while for my mom to come around I think. She didn’t really get it all the years I was up in my room writing on my paper, then the typewriter before I could afford a computer. She even let a cousin of hers tell her that she should tell me to let it go before I got published. But I didn’t stop and she didn’t make me. She couldn’t. I was an adult. I was divorced with a child. And it was a good thing. I got published a short time later. It was then that my mom finally got to read my romance. And she has been my biggest fan ever since, promoting me to anyone she can. She carries my business cards around with her. My son Tyler didn’t like it because I took his name for my pen name when he was small, but he got over it, now that he is older he is promoting me as well.

I have cousins who read my books and are always asking about how my writing is going at family gathers. They are always interested in what I have to tell them. I have a good following of readers from my church family as well with my sweet books. I’m hoping they will enjoy the Chicago Protection Task Force series if they give it a read. Other members at church who find out I’m a write are awed by it.

Most of my close friends are writers, but I do have friends outside of the writing world and they are proud of my accomplishments. Even my former classmates from high school keep up with my writing on Facebook and I’ll see them liking my covers when they are posted. Much has happened for me in the last ten years.

Is there anything about the writing life that you think is misunderstood by the public?

Movie portrayal of the writing life is wrong. You don’t write a manuscript, submit it, and a month later are sent on a book tour as they have happened in so many big screen movies. And Hallmark Channel movies are the worst to portray the way an author can act toward their publisher, editor in the movies they are making lately. I stop watching those.

We are not all living in the lap of luxury just because we are writers and have a book published. Most of us are still working a day job. I’ve worked two jobs at times and that means I have no time to write. I’ve decided that if I need a second job it has to be my writing and making the extra money I need. I can’t balance anything else and still publish.

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