Release Day for Guardian (Sky Road Trilogy Book 2) by Sandra Hurst and Meet the Author

Hi all, I know this is later than usual, sorry!

Guardian (Sky Road Trilogy Book 2) by Sandra Hurst releases today in the metaphysical fiction.

Decisions can haunt you.
Five cycles ago Y’keta’s fear of responsibility drove him into exile. Now, settled in a new village, he faces the same choice again.

The Utlaak horde is on the move. Destroying village after village in their search for the mysterious Lifebinder Crystal, and Siann, the young shaman who controls it.

Soon, they will find his village, and her.

On that day Y’keta must decide if he will risk losing everything he has come to love, or will he finally become what he was meant to be? The Guardian.

Chatting with the Author

A mythmaker at heart, Sandra Hurst has been writing poetry, fantasy and science fiction since her school days in England. Hurst moved to Canada in 1980 and was deeply influenced by the wild lands and the indigenous cultures that surrounded her. Y’keta, her first full-length novel, is set in a mythical land, untouched by science or technology, an ancient world where legends walk and the Sky Road offers a way to the stars.

A member of the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and The Mythopoeic Society, Hurst works to build fantasy worlds that allow her readers to join her in exploring the depths of human interaction in a mythical game of ‘what if.’

Her first novel, Exile, was long-listed for the prestigious Aurora Award, for best Canadian fantasy novel (Young Adult) and the American-based RONE award for break out fantasy novel.

She now lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and son, both of whom she loves dearly, and has put up for sale on e-bay when their behaviour demanded it.

Sandra gave us a list of her favorite books:

1. Fionavar Tapestry – Guy Gavriel Kay

2. Keltiad Series – Patricia Kenneally Morrison

3. Shakespeare – anything he wrote – ever

4. Lord of the Rings – Tolkien

5. The Phoenix Legacy – M.K. Wrenn

6. Darkover Series – Marion Zimmer Bradley

7. Pern Series – Anne McCaffrey

8. Bewitched & Bewildered series – Alanea Alder

9. Dark Hunter Series – Sherilyn Kenyon

10. Carpathian Series – Christine Feehan

Social Media

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SHurst.Author

Twitter: www.twitter.com/_SandraHurst

Blog: www.delusionsofliteracy.com

Email:  sandrahurstauthor@gmail.com

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