Becker Circle by Addison Brae and Meet the Author

I love this heroine! And the author is amazing, and she set up things so that proceeds go to Hope’s Door New Beginning Center to help fight domestic abuse.

The book is Becker Circle by Addison Brae, a romantic suspense.

My first and only boyfriend believed I was too gutless to leave. He was dead wrong. My name’s Gillian, and I graduated Harvard early and left his hot temper and everyone else behind for Dallas. Determined to make it on my own, I land a second job bartending at the neighborhood pub smack in drama central where most every jerk in the neighborhood hits on me—at a huge price.

A week into the job, the neighborhood’s very popular drug dealer falls to his death a few feet from the table I’m serving. The cops say suicide, but the hot guitar player in the house band and I suspect foul play, and I intend to prove it. We dig deeper, grow closer, and make a shocking discovery. We know the murderer.

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I pour another round of shots. “Be right back. Just going to deliver these.”

On my return, I run into Bradweiser coming from the bathroom. “Give me a hug.” He opens his arms and squeezes me. It’s uncomfortable. When he loosens his grip, he slides around where his arm wraps around my throat. Tight.

I gasp for breath and my tray crashes to the wood floor breaking the somber near silence.

Everything rushes back. The night Connor left huge bruises on my neck then dragged me across the floor by my hair. All because I wasn’t ready to get engaged.

This time I’m not afraid. I’m ready to fight. Feet firm on the ground I wrap one leg behind Brad and slam my knee into the back of his. His knee bends and I twist out of his tight hold.

“What the hell are you doing?” I pick the tray up off the floor and step back to a safe distance, my heart still racing.

“I’m sorry,” he begs. “I’m so sorry, Gillian. I just wanted to hug you.”

“Gillian, are you hurt?” Steve asks, stepping between us with Joey right behind him.

“I’ll make it up to you. The best restaurant in town. Sunday?”

I don’t care how much Brad’s sleepy eyes beg, it’s not happening. “I don’t think so, Brad.”

“Brad, time to go home.” Steve leads him to the door. “I’ll close out your tab.”

Rule seven of my new life—violence is a deal breaker. No exceptions.

Chatting with the Author

Addison Brae lives in Dallas, Texas on the edge of downtown. As a child, she was constantly in trouble for hiding under the bed to read when she was supposed to be napping. She has been writing since childhood starting with diaries, letters and short stories. She continues today with articles, video scripts and other content as an independent marketing consultant.

When she’s not writing, Addison spends her time traveling the world, collecting interesting cocktail recipes and hosting parties. She’s still addicted to reading and enjoys jogging in her neighborhood park, sipping red wine, binge-watching TV series, vintage clothing and hanging out with her artistic other half and their neurotic cat Lucy.

Stuck in time
guest blog by Addison Brae

Recently I watched an episode of Dr. Who, and there’s one scene that stuck with me.

The land’s emperor asks his doctor for the time. The doctor answers that it’s 5:02 p.m. It also happens to be April 22, 2011. And it’s this same date and time, day or night, every day. When the emperor questions why, the doctor says, “It’s always been the same. Why should it start bothering me now?”

I’ll tell you why. If you’re stuck in the same date and time for eternity, it’s just wrong. For Pete’s sake, question it. I know this is a sci-fi TV show example, but we do it all the time. We accept things that are just wrong.

We go to a dead-end job or return home to a douchebag partner or stay satisfied with our unhealthy habits every day. Why? It seems easier to stay in a bad place than to change. Prying yourself out of that uncomfortable, bad place is hard. It took me more than three years to get the nerve to leave my ex, and I’m not a timid person. If I had stayed, I would’ve been a physical, emotional, and mental basket case, or much worse.

The story of Gillian, the heroine in Becker Circle, picks up at her fresh start, after she escapes her bad place. Similar to Gillian’s strategy to graduate college early and move out over the Christmas holiday, I found it easier to start small and then plan. First you have to fully commit to yourself that you’re going to change your job, your love interest, or whatever’s bad in your life. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, only you. Then get things in order and start making it happen, one step at a time.

In that Dr. Who episode, all of history happens at once. Pterodactyls fly around a park while modern kids play. Roman Centurions guard streets filled with cars. Futuristic villains are after the good guys. Think about whichever rotten situation you need to change, and imagine if every awful thing about it happened in one day. In one moment. Like a needle stuck on a record as they said in the show.

That picture might be enough to make you want to get unstuck.








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