Highland Scandal by Mageela Troche and Meet the Author

There’s a lot to be said about two people who are so strong in what they believe in and their duties that put those believes and duties before their happiness. I like to think of their second chance as karma because come on, they deserve it!

The story is Highland Scandal by Mageela Troche, a historical novel.

How long does happily ever after take? They call her banshee. The taunt has pursued strong-willed Rowen Mackenzie through the glorious Scottish highlands. One man sees beyond the superstition—Lachlan Gordon. This brave highlander is the man she loves but duty requires her to wed another.

Wickedly charming, Lachlan Gordon has loved Rowen Mackenzie since his first glimpse of the ethereal beauty. As bastard of Chief Gordon, Lachlan can never claim her as his own. When his father, Laird Gordon, is murdered, Lachlan becomes the clan chief…too late to marry the woman he loves.

Years later, Rowen is now a widow and mother and her son is in danger. She jeopardizes her life and most importantly, her heart to protect her son. Lachlan is the only man who can help her. For a second chance at love, he must risk all—his clan, his life and his love to win even as secrets threaten their happiness and their very lives.

Will Rowen and Lachlan have their own happily ever after?


Lachlan lingered in the courtyard. He refused to step inside. No doubt, he could find a widow to warm the night with. He just had to stay away from the Great Hall and Rowen. Damn, she was so beautiful sitting upon her horse. She was so near to him. He could have snatched her up and run away. He couldn’t go near her. He kicked at a rock. Why did MacLean have to permit the marriage here? MacKenzie Castle was fitting enough. But the lairdess had to be pregnant. Murray’s lands were just as fitting, but lacked a female touch. Och, weren’t there women in the clan? Such ruminations failed to matter. She was here.

He peered up at the tower. She was in there and tonight he would be also…unless there was an attack or a raid. He prayed for a raid.

Lachlan leaned against the wall. He straightened as Caelen took his spot beside him, as he had countless times before. They watched the castle people stroll by them.

“All is good?” Caelen asked.

“Aye. Your wife?”

“Fat with child again. She wishes for a daughter.” He crossed his bare arms.

“You wish for a son.”

“I know what men do with women.” Castle folk hurried on at Caelen’s scowl.

“This marriage should happen soon.”

“Aye, Father Murray is here. I heard about Father Sullivan.”

Lachlan chuckled. “A skeleton of a man. Why they sent that man—I do not know. He had been here for two days. He stuttered whenever Duncan laid his gaze on him. When he saw me, he looked like he smelled something most foul.”


“Sin, so I guess the daughters of Eve left a certain smell only priest can catch whiff of. He fled in the morning.”

“Did you really chase after him?”

“Aye, he said, ‘you are the devil’. Me and Duncan were standing like this, so I had to find out which one of us he spoke of.” Lachlan chuckled. “I ran beside his animal. He kicked his heels harder, but I stayed alongside him. When I asked him, that poor holy man paled and then reddened. He proclaimed we were both devils. I thanked him and told him I wouldn’t want to lose my reputation.”

Caelen laughed. Lachlan felt a lightness that had been missing since the wedding negotiations began. It was the damn hardest thing to make Caelen laugh.

His laughter cut off at the approaching riders. The Murrays arrived. Lachlan stared at Eacharn riding among his father’s men. Bile rose in his throat and its foul taste filled his mouth. He gulped back the burning spew.

He should hate that man. He was getting to spend the rest of his days with the woman Lachlan loved. But Eacharn, the plump bastard, was a good man. He was always in the center of a fight. He was sharp-minded and loved Lachlan’s humor. Hell, Lachlan admitted it—he liked him. Not that he’d say it to him.

One more thing denied Lachlan. Nay, he was not feeling pity for himself. Never. His temper roared like a hundred Highlanders on a charge. He pushed away from the wall, only realizing Caelen had left him. Halfway out of the courtyard, he turned back. His duty was to stand with MacLean.

Chatting with the Author

An Air Force brat, Mageela Troche has lived throughout the world then landed in New York City. She wanted to leave the same day she arrived. Yet, with her stubbornness, Mageela learned to like the place and the libraries were the main reason. Since she was a little girl, Mageela wanted to be an author and an actress, however, once in college, she changed her life plan in the pursuit of money. After all, college loans must be repaid.

With life’s twists and turns, she returned to writing and focused on the romance genre. Mageela Troche’s first break came when she sold a short story to a magazine. She sold two more before the publication of her historical romance novel, The Marriage Alliance. She has gone on to write four more novels and a novella.

Mageela is currently writing in the cramped corner of her Big Apple apartment. She is the proud owner of a Black-masked lovebird named Boobula. She loves to hear from her readers and can be found online at

Mageela is here with me today, and will talk a bit about herself and her books.

Hi Mageela, and thank you for being here today. The romance genre has many wonderful sub-genres, why do you write historical romance?

For me reading was always an escape, I wanted to travel to different places, be different people and live different lives. But I wanted to go to places that were impossible to visit. Most people would think Sci-fi, but for me as an Air Force brat growing up in the 70s, space didn’t seem like an impossibility. The past certainly is.

As for why romance, everyone loves love and I don’t want to read or write anything that will end on sadness, too much of reality for me.

So, historical romance and the Scottish Highlands for me.

As a Latina author living in New York City, why are you drawn to the Scottish Highlands?

Since learning about Mary, Queen of Scots as a child, I have had an interest in Scotland. Then I saw Braveheart and had to learn more about Scotland and its history. Then a friend gave me a historical romance to read and I’ve love the highlands and everything about it.

Have you been there, yet?

No, which breaks my heart. But I’m making plans to get there. Scotland I’ll be coming.

Tell us about Highland Scandal.

Highland Scandal is my fourth novel. It tells the story about the roguish Lachlan Gordon and the strong-willed Rowen MacKenzie and their how their forbidden love survives even as their lives are in danger.

If you could fall in love with one of your characters who would it be?

Lachlan Gordon, of course. He’s charming, brave, funny and has a tender heart. His love is pure and unfaltering just as his morals.






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