Demoni Vankil (Hobin Luckyfelller’s Fieldguide Book 1) by Jaime Buckley

He’s back! Jaime’s Chronicles of a Hero was a very interesting series and this one is no less (actually, I like the concept of this one more. And yes, I may have bought the short story and started reading it. Do yourself a favor and hit the buy button. Thank me later). The synopsis has 5 lines, nothing but a bunch of short sentences. And it’s perfect. I think it was a genius move having a non-synopsis, but giving all reviews instead. I am SO intrigued now!

The book is Demoni Vankil (Hobin Luckyfelller’s Fieldguide Book  1) by Jaime Buckley, a Fantasy, Mystery, Romance.

An ancient puzzle box.

Fourteen letters.

A Council of Whispers.

…and a clerk.

Discover the 700 year old secret millions died to protect.

Goodreads members call this book, “Surprising,” “Emotional,” “Fantastic,” and, “…one of the best love stories I have ever read.” With an average rating of 5 Stars, “…you’ve got me hooked in a way that I can’t shake.”

“I must dedicate part of this review to the author, Jaime Buckley. This guy is a genius. The effort and heart he has obviously put into his work, the characters and this world is mind-blowing.” – Jennifer, UK 

“The pacing of this book was perfect! As I said, it’s only a short story, and sometimes it’s difficult to get the pacing right in short stories, however Mr. Buckley gets the pacing spot on! I found myself wanting to know more before I had even finished the chapter I was on!” – Heather, AU

“I’ve read plenty of books that have gnomes IN them, but having one for the main character was not only new, but this was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read.” – Leilani, USA

“This book has all of the qualities of a great mystery and a great fantasy molded together into a wonderful story. As a mystery and fantasy junkie, I couldn’t be more thrilled that those genres were combined!” – Kaitlyn, USA

“I would have thought it well worth reading just for the finale.” – Shadowlantern, USA

“I was able to connect with the characters so well, Jaime’s writings have a way to bring out emotions ( good and bad) that make you feel that you know and care for the people yourreading about in the book.” – Jeremiah, USA

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Shaking it lightly, I could still hear the loose piece inside. Never did figure out how to open it. Adjusting the cybernetic implant in my left eye, I examined the box more thoroughly. The craftsmanship was extraordinary. Evolu make, would be my guess. It almost looked like the box was grown from a single plant, the mark of a true master’s hand. There were small symbols, almost invisible, hidden in the very knots of the wood, but not ones I could identify. These were new to me.

If I slide the carved shapes in the right combination, it should open. Well, nearly a week and more than a hundred attempts later…the lid slid open. The puzzle was solved.

…or so I thought.

Contained inside was a set of letters. Fourteen in all, neatly folded and stacked together tied with a simple blue ribbon. Setting the box aside, I untied the bow and lightly examined the letters with the end of a pencil, careful not to let the oils of my skin mar their surface. The two top letters were deeply creased, worn and lightly stained, while the other twelve were crisp, showing minimal wear. Actually, they looked as if they could have been written yesterday. Fascinating.

I would soon discover that the answers to the greatest mystery of my career had been in my possession for decades…

About the Author

Jaime Buckley is an Author of YA Fantasy, a Professional illustrator & father of 12.

He’s earned the titles of Author, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Game Designer, Dragon Lord, King Maker, Monster Hunter, Sliver Slayer, Trainer of Heroes, Breaker of Bridges, Smoker of Meats, Sucker of Slurpees, World Builder and Elf Friend(ish). He’s also been known as Dad, Daddy, Poppa, Papa Bear, Grandpa, ‘sweetie’ and ‘Heya Gorgeous’ (though that last title is used solely by his wife).

Jaime currently holds Bob’s Book of World Records for sucking 42 raspberry Jell-O cubes through a straw in 90 seconds…and continues to defend his Clockworks record for back to back arm wrestling wins (97.8 gnomes). He’s always wanted to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps, but they rejected his application.

Apparently, they don’t have spandex suits in 5XL (their loss).

Aside from marrying his darling wife and being a father to 12 very cool (and properly raised) children, Wanted Hero and Worldbuilding Inc are his favorite projects to date.

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