Who was my hardest character to write and why?

Guys, if you had a chance to read articles I write here and there, you might see this question was a no-brainer for me. But I had the pleasure to be a guest on Coffee Time Romance, and I had the chance to expand a bit on my relationship with a Hero of mine.

Coffee Time Romance asked, “Who was your hardest character to write? And why?”

Here’s what I said.

Aidan, who takes first, second, and third.

Don’t even need to think about it!

If I had to rank my boys in terms of how difficult it was working with them I’d go with Aidan, Aidan, Aidan, Scott, Rhett, Erik. But Aidan… wow. Man, he had been a pain in my neck since day one. 

When I was trying to know him in the beginning, he kept hiding shades of him, things that had happened to him and made him who he was. That forced me to bounce from one character type to another–a bad boy? A lost soul? A betrayed idealist? A broken romantic?

I had to rely on a psychology book, I kid you not, to be able to understand him, really understand him. He’s not crazy, by the way. Just broken. And mad.

Then, I started the actual writing, which went pretty much this way: I planned a scene.

I started to write it. 

Write, write, write. 

A couple of hours later I stopped to take a breath, re-read the scene… only to find out he’d taken me, and the whole bloody scene, to a completely different direction. I won’t lie to you, I got pretty mad. Realized his way made more sense–for him, not for the story.

Got madder.

And on I went, changing not only the scene, but also the entire structure of the book because he threw in something that needed addressing, or did something that changed the course of the story.

He could have just told me so in the beginning but no, he kept to himself, let me plot and plan and then acted the way he pleased, who cares about my plotting and planning, right???

Of course, and I hope all my other Heroes don’t get offended, in the end I had a different connection with Aidan. We both are broken, in a way (although, I learned how to deal with it a bit better than him). After we did all the fighting, we understood each other. He didn’t hide so much anymore, and I learned to trust him more, to follow his lead.

He started healing thanks to Summer, and I started relaxing into writing with little to no direction, something I’m very not used to.

And now, he’s the one who touched me the most and who taught me something about writing freely.

You can find Aidan here, by himself,

Or here, along with Rhett and Scott.

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