Child of Mine (Masonville Series) by Jana Richards, Meet the Author and Meet the Character

I have SO many things for you in this post I’m almost dizzy! I think Jana made every book blogger’s dream come true by sending all this material. Let’s start, we have so much to do, so many people to talk to!

The book is Child of Mine (Masonville Series) by Jana Richards was out a couple of days back in the Adult, Contemporary, Romance genre.

Lauren didn’t intend to sleep with her brother-in-law Cole on the day of her husband’s funeral. But now that she is pregnant, she’s not sorry. Cole’s given her a baby, a long-wished-for miracle. He’s been her friend forever, though she never told him or anyone else how unhappy her marriage to his cheating brother was. And she’s afraid to tell the small town that considered her husband a hero that the baby isn’t his.

Cole’s been in love with Lauren since he was sixteen. It kills him that everyone believes the baby is his dead brother’s. All he wants is to claim the baby, and Lauren, as his own. Though she marries him, will Lauren’s heart ever be his?

Lauren must tell the truth or risk losing Cole. Is her newly-discovered love for him greater than her fear of scandal in her hometown?


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This book is part of a new Series, so f you are intrigued, Jana tells us 5 things we have to know about the Series:

1 – This small-town series is set in the fictional town of Masonville, North Dakota. I’ve given the town a population of 6,000 because I once lived in a town of that size. It’s big enough to have a lot of services, like a hospital and vet clinic, but small enough that everyone knows your business!

2 – In each of the books, the characters have a past trauma or unhappiness they must work through before they can be whole again. And before they can accept love into their lives.

3 – Right now I have four books planned for the series. Several of heroes and/or heroines in each book work in the town’s veterinary clinic. Two of the heroines and one hero are brother and sisters from the Saunders family.

4 – This is the fourth romance series I’ve written. I think I’m getting the hang of this thing! Each book in the series will be a stand-alone story, but as with every series, I think the reading experience is enhanced when read in order.

5 – I am currently at work on book 2 of the series, Garrett and Blair’s story. Garrett is Lauren’s brother, the heroine from CHILD OF MINE, book 1, and Blair works at the vet clinic with Cole, the hero from book 1. See? It all fits together!  

Cole, the Hero, stopped by and we had a nice chat. Here’s how it went.

Hi Cole, and thank you for being here. So tell us, where are you from?

I live in Masonville, North Dakota, a town where everybody knows your name. And your business.

You sound like you’re not completely happy in Masonville. If that’s the case, why do you stay?

(sighs) I’m not unhappy, exactly. There’s a lot of great things about living in small town. There’s a sense of community you don’t always get in a large center. People are willing to lend a hand when you need it because they know you and care about you.

But small towns can be judgmental. I know there was a lot of gossip when I married Lauren. After all, I married my brother’s pregnant widow only a few months after his funeral. A lot of people speculated we’d been carrying on a affair behind Billy’s back for years. It wasn’t true, of course, but I heard the rumors. It would have been a monumental feat of logistics to carry on affair, considering I was in North Dakota and Lauren was living in the deep south with Billy as he pursued his hockey dream in some minor league teams down there.

Sometimes I think about moving away to someplace where nobody knows us. But with the baby coming, I know Lauren wants to be close to her mom and her sister. And I have my mom to look after. She’s getting older and I’m her only family. So here we stay.

What did you think the first time you saw Lauren?

I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I was only sixteen, but I fell in love with her that day. And I never fell out of love. Even when she married my brother.

What was your second thought?

That I didn’t stand a chance with her. Billy was the exciting one, the hockey star. The good-looking brother. I was studious, boring and average looking.

Did you feel it was love at first sight?

It was for me. (sighs) Lauren never thought of me as anything other than a friend. She still doesn’t, even though we’re married now.

What do you like most about Lauren?

Back when I tutored her in high school, what I liked most about Lauren was that even though she was one of the prettiest girls in school, she wasn’t the least bit stuck up. She didn’t act like she was better than anyone else. She would talk to anyone, even a nerd like me. I loved her for that, and for a hundred other things.

These days I like her sense of humor, her loyalty to her family, her work ethic. And I especially like to see her smile.

How would you describe Lauren?

Beautiful, inside and out. And totally, completely precious to me.

How would she describe you?

Jeez, I don’t know. I guess she’d describe me as her friend, and maybe now as her husband. But I wish…(shakes his head)

What do you wish, Cole?

(Sighs) I wish she’d describe me as the man she loves. And as the father of her baby. Everyone in town, even our families, believes Billy fathered her child before he died in that car crash. But the baby is mine!

What is your biggest fear?

That Lauren is sorry she married me. That she wishes Billy really had fathered her child. That when she gets on her feet financially, she’ll leave me and take our child with her.

I can’t let that happen. But I don’t know how to stop her.

Chatting with the Author

When Jana Richards read her first romance novel, she immediately knew two things: she had to commit the stories running through her head to paper, and they had to end with a happily ever after. She also knew she’d found what she was meant to do. Since then she’s never met a romance genre she didn’t like. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and historical romance set in World War Two, in lengths ranging from short story to full length novel. Just for fun, she throws in generous helpings of humor, and the occasional dash of the paranormal. Her paranormal romantic suspense “Seeing Things” was a 2008 EPPIE finalist.

In her life away from writing, Jana is an accountant/admin assistant, a mother to two grown daughters, and a wife to her husband Warren. She enjoys golf, yoga, movies, concerts, travel and reading, not necessarily in that order. She and her husband live in Winnipeg, Canada with an elderly Pug/Terrier named cross Lou. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at

In honor of Cole’s job a a veterinarian, and of the love both Cole and Lauren have for dogs, Jana tells us something about her own dog, Lou.

My dog Lou is a pug/terrier cross and she’s almost sixteen and a half years old. She came into our lives fifteen years ago when she was about a year and half old, but even at that young age our vet was sure she’d already had at least one litter of puppies. When we got her, she looked a little rough. Patches of fur were missing from her tail, and she smelled terrible. We were told she lived mostly outside, which is horrifying to me considering the kind of winters we have in Manitoba. But with love and good food, which she didn’t have to hoard anymore, her coat grew sleek and she gained weight. Boy, did she gain weight!

In those early years, she was a bundle of energy. She loved to walk or even run, so we went out every day, in all kinds of weather. She was affectionate and funny.

These days, in her elderly state, she’s still affectionate, but she doesn’t have much energy. We still go outside together in all kinds of weather, though our walks are very slow and don’t cover much distance. At this point we don’t know how much longer we’ll have her. All we can do in the time we have left with her is love her and care for her.

I didn’t know how much I loved dogs until we got Lou. I had dogs on the farm as a kid, but they were outside dogs that lived in the barn; my mom didn’t believe dogs and cats should live in the house. For years before we got Lou we had cats, and I loved them, but hands-down, Lou is my favorite pet ever.

Lou has inspired me to include dogs as characters in some of my books. In my latest release, CHILD OF MINE, Brady is Cole’s Golden Retriever. He’s even on the cover of the book, which makes me very happy. When Cole and Lauren marry and she moves in, Brady falls head over heels in love with Lauren and is her constant companion.

Another dog that ended up on one of my covers, albeit in cartoon form, is Spike in CHILL OUT. Spike is a Mastiff rescued by the hero of the story. He was inspired by my friend Michelle’s dog Indy, also a rescued Mastiff. When Michelle worked in my office, she regularly brought Indy to work with her and I got to know this gentle giant. In real life, Indy (a girl, by the way), wasn’t as big as I made Spike in the book. Like Brady, Spike totally falls for the heroine. Both dogs have very good taste!

The fictional dog most inspired by Lou is Stanley in TAKE A CHANCE ON ME. This book may have my favorite cover of all my books because it features Stanley in all his adorableness. There are definite differences between Stanley and Lou; for starters, Stanley is a male dog. He’s also a pure-bred pug and Lou is a cross. But in attitude, and in shedding prowess, Stanley is all Lou. When Lou is gone, I’ll look at that cover and fondly remember my little buddy.

Do you have a pet? Do you like to read about fictional pets in romance novels?

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