On Tour with Westbrook Knights by Sonya Jesus and Meet the Author

This series is very intriguing. I mean, is Hawke a good guy? honestly, it doesn’t feel so, but maybe… No, forget I said anything. Definitely a bad guy. What’s interesting here is how much space the Villain has. Usually the synopsis belongs to the Hero and Heroine, but here is different. I like that.

The series is Westbrook Knights by Sonya Jesus, a NA Romantic Suspense.

Knights After My Heart ~Westbrook Knights Book 1

Amelia’s past issues and personal time limits propel her into a relationship that alters her normal life at Westbrook University. Connor, her new potential boyfriend, triggers jealousy, rehashes old relationships, sparks new ones, and ignites a rage in others that will devastate her ordinary life. As she desperately tries to hold on to her pre-Connor life, she struggles to balance the new-found attention while trying to follow her heart. Something she realizes is complicated… very complicated – because her heart has no idea where it’s going. 

Connor may be the change Lia is looking for, but he is certainly not the ending Hawk wants for his Queen. Hawk’s invested too much time in planning his future to let some random guy walk away with his happily ever after. He will do anything to protect her virtue, even if it means protecting her from herself because Amelia belongs to him.
He’s chosen her… 
He’s watched her… 
He’s studied her… 
He knows everything there is to learn about her…
And when the time is right she will reign his heart.


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Knights Who Stole My Heart ~Westbrook Knights Book 2

Amelia’s heart is torn between the new, the old and the familiar but when her heart screams out what it wants, Amelia listens. It’s not always easy since a conflicted heart wants different things on different days, but she finds a way to work around her indecisiveness and focus on what she needs- what she thinks she can’t live without. 

The closer Amelia gets to figuring out her love life, the more Hawk unravels. While he deals with loose ends and new threats, his strategic plans start to fall into place. Pawns advance, the King’s in the ideal position and the Rook hosts the Mad Lib Auction. What he doesn’t expect is for his Queen to be in danger and for Knights to steal hearts. 


Knights Who Broke My Heart ~ Westbrook Knights Book 3

They were out to break my heart…
Amelia finally figures out exactly who her heart wants, and she is determined to go for it. She is willing to give the knight who stole her heart everything. She owns up to her mistakes and truly attempts to change, but just because her mind is made up, doesn’t mean her love is reciprocated. Will she choose the best-friend who learned her by heart, or the soccer god who ignored her for the longest time? One of them will win her heart, the other will break it… But neither of them are safe from the guy who will stop at nothing to protect her. 

Murder isn’t something Hawk shies away from. Actually, he prefers to use it as a last recourse, but he’s unravelling. The closer Amelia gets to achieving happiness, the more his control disintegrates. And when one of his carefully laid plans turns on him, he loses it. Realizing he’s the reason behind Amelia’s attack, plagues him with guilt. In all his attempts to protect her, he was the one who put her in danger- a failure he isn’t willing to have looming over him… But what happens when his Queen fails him in ways she can never take back?

New Adult, Romantic Suspense. Contains sexual content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.


Knights Who Won My Heart ~ Westbrook Knights Book 4

Amelia ~Broken hearts come from damaged souls, and those aren’t easily healed. I miss my old boring life—the one devoid of guys and crazy people who try to kill me. Back then, there was no death, no stalkers, no boy who stole my heart. Now that my heart is permanently broken, I crave invisibility, and yet I desperately need closeness. With so many missing people in my life, Aiden steps up. At first, I willingly give him the pieces of my shattered soul, hoping he can put them back together. Then I realize, it’s not that easy because half of it is missing, and I need time to heal… away from Westbrook.

Hawk. ~She gave away what was mine, so I’m going to take everything she has left.

Eliminating threats with the police breathing down my neck gets a bit complex, but brilliant minds adapt and make resources out of obstacles. To break Amelia, I use the secrets she’s been keeping to isolate her from the people she holds close, and finally take down the remaining Knight. With no one left to shield her, I take her and get my happily ever after with my Queen… or so I thought. Let’s just say, I don’t deal well with interference.

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Chatting with the Author

Sonya´s a science nerd who decided to give into her creative fictional side in order to balance out the non-fictional scientific side of her PhD. She doesn´t have much free time, but she spends it enjoying her family and friends, watching Netflix and playing with her dogs.

Thank you for being here, Sonya!

Can you tell us when and why did you begin writing?

I started writing in high school. Mostly poetry at first and short stories. I wrote my first full length novel while I was writing my master’s thesis in microbiology as a way to balance out the nonfictional side of me. I never published it, (because it was a mess). From there, I started imagining the characters in my head, trying to get a feel for who they are as real people. I wanted to know everything about them, so I’d sit in between lab assignments and think, “What tugs at their heart strings? What attracts them to other people? What food would they eat? What’s their favourite soda?” After a while, they were real and I put them down on paper, which ended up in the Knights Series. 

How does your Full-Time profession tie into the book?

Oh, I am such a nerd. My science nerd superpower comes in a few times during the book. Methods of murder, random facts, love analogies… the biggest probably being the overall picture. Amelia’s pursuit of love is directly correlated to Hawk’s deterioration. They are inversely proportional: when one increases, the other decreases. So, the closer she gets to figuring out her love life, the more he unravels. 

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