This or That with the heroes of Crescent Creek ~ part of the #MFRWhooks and #MFRWauthor

Last couple of days for my Crescent Creek Collection Pre-release Deal!

Just for fun, and to give you the chance to meet the Heroes of the three stories in the collection, I have had a game of This or That with them. I hope you’ll like them, and give their story a chance.

Getting together the Heroes of your series is not that difficult when they are friends so here we are, nice and cozy in my living room during a two-day cold front in Crescent Creek, Florida. Of course, I asked Scott to bring food. Aidan would be okay with anything, but I wouldn’t cook for the Beckett brothers if my life depended on it. So, the Becketts brought food, Aidan tea, and I contribute with the house. Fair.
“Thank you for being here guys,” I start. “Just for the records, with me are Scott Beckett from All Those Miles I Walked, Rhett Beckett from Painted Love, and Aidan Murphy from His Midnight Sun. Guys, you are here to play games.” 
Reaction to this plan: Scott raises an eyebrow, Rhett gets more comfortable on the couch, and Aidan groans. 
I ignore all of them. 
“We’ll keep it classic and quick,” I explain. “The game is This or That. I say two things, and you’ll have to chose one. Clear?”
They nod, but none is overly happy about it. As if I expected any different.Also, for the sake of a fast reading experience, and keeping my sanity, I’ll write this as a report. Or I’ll try to.

Dog or Cat?

Rhett and Scott: Dogs

Aidan: neither. Cats are selfish bastards and dogs are needy. I don’t need either. 

Rhett: You just got a German Shepard, man.

Aidan: He’s for Kiki. The girl needs a dog. What are you, a monster to deny a child her dog? Jesus.

Scott and Rhett chuckle. Aidan loves that puppy, I personally saw him soft-wrestling with it the other day.

Netflix or YouTube?

Scott: Netflix. I can watch what I want when I’m off. It’s brilliant. 

Aidan: are you ever off?

Scott shrugs. 

Toast or Eggs?

Rhett: toast and eggs. With butter. 

Cardio or Weights?

Rhett: Pass. Damn, I’ll be old and fat.

Scott: weights.

Aidan: cardio.

Scott, looking at Aidan: really?

Aidan: Summer pushed me into try it for, you know, stress release and stuff. Kinda works.

Facebook or Twitter?

All three: nope. 

Me: You all have FB account for (I point to Scott) the restaurant, (point to Rhett) the market, (point to Aidan) and the Gallery.

Rhett: Then I’d say the restaurant, the market, and the gallery have social media things. We don’t, and surely we don’t run them. 

Me: Not even you, Rhett?

Rhett: no, I enjoy the good ole’ face-to-face interaction with people. 

Form or Function?

Aidan: form. 

Scott: function. 

Rhett: Virtue stands in the middle, so a bit of both. 

Swimming or Sunbathing.

Rhett: swimming. Uh, that’s how I’m not gonna be old and fat. 

Scott: sunbathing with a margarita in my hand and DJ in a very small bikini when the kids are with the grandparents.

Aidan: I can’t sunbath. Irish skin. I need a gallon of sun-cream when I go out with the boat.

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Scott: depends. If they are paying clients, then the bigger the better. 

Aidan: no people. 

Rhett: small gatherings. 

Work Hard or Play Hard?

Scott: work hard to play hard. The others nod in agreement.

Bath or Shower?

Rhett: is Florence in there too? Because then I don’t care, I’ll take it. 

Aidan: solid point, mate.

Scott nods.

Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

All: beach.

Coffee or Tea?

Aidan: Tea. Irish Breakfast. Yes, it’s different.

Scott and Rhett: coffee.

TV or Book?

Scott: TV

Rhett: Either, it depends on what’s on.

Aidan: books.

Winter or Summer?

All: Florida winter, all the way.

Camping or Binge-Watching Shows at Home?

Aidan and Rhett: Camping.

Scott: home. I like to be comfortable.

Working Alone or Working in a Team?
Rhett: I’m afraid none of us is really good at working as part of a team. Leading a team, yes. But being part of it, probably not.

Motorcycle or Bicycle?

Scott and Rhett: trucks.

Aidan: motorcycle for me and Summer; truck with Chloe.

When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?

Scott: here in Florida? Fans year ‘round.

That’s it, folks! I hope you enjoyed it and read their stories!

As usual, hop with us!

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