On Tour with Not Far from the Peach Tree by Sabrina Falk and Meet the Character

I’m the eldest sister, and I think between my brother and I there’s the same age gap of the Hartley sisters, around 10 years. This to say that I understand how Abigail might feel about getting help from her little sister. Not because it’s bad, but because we, the big sisters, are the ones who help, who solve, who fix. It makes me sympathize with Abigail a whole lot.

The story is Not Far from the Peach Tree by Sabrina Falk, out a few days back in the young adult, women fiction.

Anxiety has become the only thing Abigail Hartley can count on. She’s jobless, dreamless, loveless and stuck living with her parents—it’s not exactly the 22 she had in mind.But when tragic news rattles the Hartley household and years of secrecy begin to surface, Abigail can no longer hide behind her fears. She joins forces with her sarcastic, pre-teen sister and heads to the only place that might have the answers she’s looking for. One month in Georgia is all it takes to change everything Abigail knows about, well…everything.

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Chatting with the Character

I have the pleasure to have Madison here with me, Abigail’s little sister, for a chat.

Hi Madison, and thank you for being here.

Let’s start easy: have you ever had a nickname?

Still do. Maddy.

Have you ever thought your life would be made into a book?

Yup. I always thought me and my sister could be in a series or something. Kinda like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. Oh, I know! The Hartley Sisters. Hashtag T.M.

Do you have quirky habits?

I don’t think I do anything as quirky as my sister, Abby. She does this weird closet thing every time she’s stressed out. She’ll like go in, close the door and sit in the dark until she stops freakin’ out. Weirrrd. The quirkiest thing about me is probably my passion for bacon. I put that crispy deliciousness on everything.

Which talent would you like to have?

I’ve always wanted to do a spot-on impression of De Niro, so I could bust it out at parties.

On what occasions do you lie?

Lately it feels like I’ve been lying about everything. So I guess when my family is going through a super-mega-secret-crisis. All bets are off.

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would you like to be?

My cat, Elvis. All he does is sleep and eat all day—living the dream.

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done?

I feel like I haven’t done anything I’ve wanted to do yet. But I guess that’s the struggle of every twelve-year-old stuck under their parents thumb. Once I break outta parent jail I’m gonna hitch-hike to Reno.

Worst and best thing that happened to your life.

Abigail Elizabeth Hartley. Period. It’s a sister thing.

The worst thing you’ve ever done to someone.

Well, let’s just say it involved a locker and some matches. I’m not proud of it, but… okay, I’m kinda proud of it.

What is in your refrigerator right now?

Not enough food.

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The Author

Sabrina Falk is a Canadian Writer from Southern Manitoba. She received an English Language Arts scholarship at NCI in her graduating year. She is also the co-creator of Matt Falk’s Awful Podcast and played Melissa in the World Vision tour of POOF across Manitoba. She loves traveling all over the world with her family, but Southern Manitoba has always been her home.

Not Far from the Peach Tree is Sabrina Falk’s debut novel.

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