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I’m all the rage these days! Here’s another piece I wrote for another magazine. In case you were wondering if my friends and family find room in my stories, here’s the answer.

Coffee Time Romance asked:

How much of your real life bleeds over into your books? And do you worry that someone will be able to tell the fact from the fiction?

Viviana MacKade said:

Very little, to be honest.

Every story has a different way of coming into reality through the Author’s work, and one might very well be the Author’s life. That being said, I don’t like it and the reason is quite simple: it’s not my story, not even a bit. 

The story is its own, it doesn’t really need to come from my life–which would make it my story, not the characters’. 

The same holds true for the characters: no, they are not inspired by people I know. They are who they are, their own people, end of story. 

With my last story, His Midnight Sun, I was the one using my Hero’s experience for me, which was very odd and the opposite of the problem mentioned in this post. Aidan, the Hero, and I had a similar youth (I was lucky that mine wasn’t as bad as his, but we still understood each other). As I was with him while he sorted out his demons, I thought, “well, that’s actually a very smart thing to think”. Or, as the Heroine helped him, I found myself saying, “that’s great advice, I can use it!”. I didn’t realize until the end that they were helping me by example, and that while Aidan’s way to get out from the past could only be his, I could use a thing or two from his experience. 

But I didn’t start the book knowing what was wrong with him–only that something had hurt him. For sure, I didn’t start thinking I could write my story using his name. 

So, to close the post, I’ll say that little to nothing of my life enters into my stories. 

And my friends and acquaintances can sleep peacefully because I’d never use them in one of my stories. They can be their horrible, despicable self, and I’ll still not kill them off in a story. Such a gift I give them!

to see the article, find other author’s answer, and much more, take a look at the magazine HERE

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