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Hey hey hey, look who’s there! It’s me! I was a guest at Love Romance Read, this months’ topic was New Year’s Resolutions… check out how that went…

New Year’s Resolution by Viviana MacKade (click here for the post on LLR).

I’m gonna have to make an extra effort here because I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution…

Never had, actually.

When I was in Law School my yearly resolution was to keep up with the tests, but it was out of survival (and stubbornness) more than a New Year’s Resolution thing.

But as they say, there’s a first time for everything, let’s do it.

I don’t think finally managing to provide my son with a European passport counts (I swear it had haunted me since last September when our Christmas vacation in Italy started to loom closer. He went with his super cool US passport and here I am, back home, starting to stress over it again–major eye-roll) That belongs more to a to-do list, right?

So, let me think for a moment.
– – – – – – –
– – – – – – –
Uh, I got one. I want to hit the gym. We have a very nice one at the complex. I tried it one time before vacation-mood hit in mid-December, and I want to keep going. I hate exercising. And gyms. I really do. The only thing I liked to do was jogging outside, but MS had a different idea about it. Now, if I try to run, after 5 minutes one leg goes on strike and I’m face-down on the road. Not cool.

But I can do different things like the elliptical or the stationary bicycle, and maybe some rowing.

We’ll see how that one goes, but it’s definitely on my Resolution.

Okay. Another thing would be taking more care of myself, of my look, if you will, while working from home.

I am a little ashamed to say that, most of the days I look like someone who’s about to go and clean up the garage–messy hair, clothes so comfortable that can’t be eye-candy, absolutely no make-up. My husband, bless him, doesn’t care…. But he has eyes! I can clean up nice and he knows it, but I don’t want him to live with the memory of that. Come on. One way could be a sporty look, which is comfortable and dignified at the same time. I’m not making any promise on the make-up, though. I always feel dirty (I-have-stuff-on-my-face-dirty, not flirty-dirty) when I do.

All right. I think this could be it!
How did I do?
I’ll let you know in six months how it went….

Do you guys have Resolutions? Are they still on (hey, it’s almost February. The way I see it it’s a legit question)?

Vivi out.

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