My top 10 from 2018

Guys, here’s my December guest post for Love Romance Reads as it appeared on it yesterday! Always happy to hear about your 2018!!!


Let me start off by saying that I don’t remember what this 2018 top 10 was supposed to be (personal? writing-wise? books?). Carissa, the super-hero that runs LoveRRs, is just an email away to clear the air about it but if I asked, I’d lose the chance to mess it up and give you a top-2018 ‘tossed salad’.

How can I resist?

Here it is, my 2018 top 10 mixed tape.

1-    Out new house.
I apologize to everything else that happened in 2018, but come on. We found THE house. And now it’s ours. Perfect, in every way. We, my Marco and I, made most of the furniture for the ‘day rooms’ (I’m talking kitchen island, tv stand, ten-seat dining table, two benches. Wood floor in the studio. Tiles in the solarium). My son picked up the color for his room and is finally free to play outside without worry about anything. We planted tomatoes and basil (because that’s what Italians do when given some room), and the flowers we liked. I said it, and I’m saying it again: it’s perfect. Not because it’s perfect, objectively, but it’s perfect for us and, most of all, it’s ours.

2-    My son started Pre-kindergarten.
And loves it.

It’s so great to see his delight when he writes his name (although, I threw him a curveball last night when I told him he has a middle name. He’s Massimo Angelo, and he looked at me with one question in his beautiful hazel eyes: I’d just started to be okay with writing one name, why did you go and add another one, mom? Why??) or when he reads letters, or when he tells me something he’d learned and I didn’t know (no clue a butterfly is called pupa before becoming a proper butterfly.)

He’s growing up, and if there’s that little pang in knowing he’s not mine like he used to, that he’ll never be mine like that again, it’s also amazing to watch my boy opening up to the world.

3-    You guys, I finished a freaking series!
With His Midnight Sun, the Crescent Creek Series is done. I’m thrilled and proud of it (whispering) especially Aidan and Summer’s story.

4-   I wrote a fantasy.
I did. It was ridiculous how much fun I had writing it. Now the story is done, or the first draft, anyway, and will wait until January when I return from my trip to Italy and finish it. The second and third drafts (where I fill in the holes, and then I fix the entire thing) are my favorite because I don’t have the first-draft stress dragging me down and I can enjoy the work.

5-    Trip to Italy.
Okay, I still haven’t gone yet, but I can’t wait to show off my boy! And show him where mama and papa come from.

6-    My hair is long again.
Might seem a stupid thing, but all those brave souls who came out from a pixie cut understand the struggle. And I don’t mean the kind of long hair where you had just stopped cutting it out of desperation. I mean the real deal, where you have it styled, and it makes sense.

7-    I freed myself from the chain of reading all the way through books I don’t like.
I had this rule, and I followed it religiously. There’s always something to learn and all that. Well, I’m over it. Life is too short. If a book doesn’t take me within the first three chapters, I’m out.

I’m a much happier reader.

8-    And 9 and 10.
It was a good year. Not perfect, because it never is nor it’s supposed to be, but a good one.

Things are brewing, things we started this year but won’t come to fruition until later in 2019. For that, I’m ready.

2018 was a year of settling enough to make plans for the next steps.

I hope you had a great year but even more, that you’re charged enough, ready enough, to tackle the coming year.

Merry Christmas guys, and happy new year!


Here’s the link. My advice is, go and stroll around the site, there’s a lot of nice stuff! 


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