Christmas in Meadow Creek (Anaiah Romance Christmas Novella Book 4) by Katy Eeten #christmasatvivis

Man, family dynamics are the worse. They really pulled up the worse in you… The characters in this story know it, and it’s a nice spin from the usual cheerfulness of Christmas. A Christmas tree can hide trouble, as well as gifts.

The story is Christmas in Meadow Creek (Anaiah Romance Christmas Novella Book 4) by Katy Eeten, a contemporary romance.


Sarah Laughlin left her big-city life and dead-end relationship behind for a fresh start as a fourth-grade teacher in the small, Wisconsin town of Meadow Creek. And it feels like home, too, despite the persistent troublemaker in her class and the lack of familiar faces. But the holidays are going to be lonely this year. Until she meets firefighter Lincoln Thompson. Suddenly, the hope of spending Christmas with someone she cares about is within reach.

Lincoln loves his home town of Meadow Creek, but ever since his long-time girlfriend left him for a better life in the city, he wonders if he’ll ever find love in this small town where everyone knows everyone. Then he meets Sarah during her class’s field trip to his firehouse, and a spark is lit. But when they discover that Sarah’s troublemaking student is none other than Lincoln’s beloved nephew, their newfound relationship is put to the test. Can they navigate through the complexities of family dynamics to find a love that will last?

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Meadow Creek First Kiss Teaser 11-17-18


“So, Sarah,” Lincoln said, breaking the comfortable silence they’d allowed over the past few minutes. “When can I see you again? Are you free tomorrow night? I’m on stand-by for work, but there are a few guys on duty, and it’s pretty rare to get called out on stand-by.”

Despite the cold temperatures, a warmth emanated throughout her body knowing he wanted to see her again. “Um, yeah. I think I’m free tomorrow.”

“Great.” Even in the dark, Lincoln’s smile shined bright. “I was thinking we could go ice skating. How does that sound?”

Sarah’s expression betrayed her trepidation. Ice skating was not on her top ten list of things to do. “I… I don’t have skates.”

“No worries. They rent them at the pond.”

“Oh. Well, uh… it’s been a long time since I’ve ice skated, Lincoln. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand on my own.” It was the truth. The last time she’d worn ice skates, she’d been a kid—and a clumsy one at that.

Lincoln flashed her a devious grin. “All the better.”

Sarah laughed, wondering if he was going to take pleasure in her mishaps, but decided it really didn’t matter as long as they were together. “Wait, talking about our next date?” She playfully elbowed him in his side. “Does that mean tonight’s date is over?”

Lincoln stopped walking, which caused Sarah to stop in her tracks and face him. He gazed down at her, his expression sincere, his eyes searching hers. “No.” His voice sounded shocked, almost offended at the idea that their date was coming to an end. Putting his hand gently on her cheek, he spoke softly. “I just wanted to be sure you wanted to see me again before I did this.”

His touch was so soft she almost wondered if she was dreaming it, and then he leaned down until their foreheads were touching. Sarah instinctively closed her eyes, waiting for his lips to touch hers. And when they did, she kissed him back, bringing her hands to the nape of his neck as she leaned into him. The softness of his lips combined with the coarseness of his stubble made her whole body tingle in an inviting way.

Katy Eeten Final Headshot

The Author:

Katy Eeten is the wife of a youth pastor and mother of two school-age boys. She lives with her family in southeast Wisconsin, despite her dislike of cold weather. She works full time in the business world, but her true passion is writing. Katy’s newest release is her holiday novella, Christmas in Meadow Creek. She’s also published Contemporary Christian Romance Blast From Her Past and has another novel, A Heart Held Captive, due out next spring. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found taking walks, baking goodies, dining out, or spending time with her family.

To connect with Katy, find her on social media at the below links.








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