Christmas in a Flash bt Victoria Adams #christmasatvivis

A while ago I came across an erotica story where there was a gingerbread man. You figure out the rest. I could never look at a proper gingerbread man in the same way. Now, Victoria’s gingerbread story promise to give me peace with those cookies again. Thank you, Victoria!

The story is in the book Christmas in a Flash bt Victoria Adams.

Victoria Adams – Daryl Devoré’s alter ego – has penned two flash Christmas romances. A flash is a short story based on prompts. These are meant to be read on break with a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits.

Gingerbread Dreams– Two bakers who instead of eggs broke each other’s heart. One stayed in the small town. The other took the cooking world by storm. Can gingerbread heal a shattered dream?


Reese loosened her grip on the teacup handle and pasted a smile on her lips. The well-dressed, blonde reporter seated across from her droned on about how she’d always wanted to be a chef. The foodie life looked so glamourous. And sexy.

Glamourous?Sexy?Reese held back a snort. Burn marks on your inner forearms. Cuts on fingers. Splotches of icing decorating your face and white hair, not because of age, but because of flour. And the proverbial icing on the cake was stress.

She cast a glance at a half-iced wedding cake due to be delivered in twenty-four hours. Sadly, not her wedding cake. There was no one in her life right now. No one since…heleft. Reese cringed, remembering the unfinished order for sixteen dozen Christmas cookies. Not a good time to be interviewed. Maybe if she locked the reporter in the freezer… Mentally slapping herself, Reese took a sip of her Chocolate Tea.

A curious emotion crossed the reporter’s face.

Reese stifled a teenage eye roll. Here it comes. The dreaded question. So, what made you want to become a pastry chef?

The reporter shifted on the wooden stool. “So, what was it like dating Brandon Roberts?”

Reese coughed. “Sorry. Tea went down the wrong…” She cleared her throat. “I thought this interview was about The Christmas Dinner. Not my former…love life.”

The Christmas Dinner was an annual fundraiser. Cat lover, Reese was thrilled because this year the funds would benefit the local animal shelter. Chefs’ names were placed into a hat and two were paired up. Together they would create a traditional turkey dinner. One chef prepared the bird and the vegetables. The other created the breads and pies. Reese had already planned out the pies. She was thinking of trying a different mixture of spices for the pumpkin pies. Should I add walnuts to the apple pies? Maybe to some and not to others. Food allergies and all. She tapped her fingertips on the countertop.

The reporter giggled. “A bit of juicy back history will add some spice to the story.” She leaned forward. “Did you really live with the Brandon Roberts? The sexiest celebrity chef on the planet.”

“Brandon and I dated.” Reese placed the teacup on the metal counter then folded her hands on her lap. Oh God, look at my hands. My nails are cracked and that splotch of red food colouring looks like blood. Look at her nails. Wonder where she gets them done. Uh. Focus. What was she talking about? Oh, yeah – Brandon.“Yes, we…dated, but it was a long time ago. Now, can we get back to the charity dinner?”

The reporter blinked. “You mean, you don’t know?”

Christmas Knight– Tamara’s Christmas dream is shattered when her parents can’t meet her on the Caribbean cruise ship where she works. A handsome passenger with the initials S.C. spends Christmas Eve romancing her, but disappears at midnight. Is there a hope Tamara’s Christmas Day isn’t ruined?

Bonus – Winter’s Chill– A dark tale seen through the eyes of the prey, the stalker and the protector. Can Silk survive the first snowfall of the year? Can Lucan satisfy his craving? Is Damien good enough to triumph over evil?


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