Decorated (Rebels of Sidyth Book 3) by Sabrina Kade #christmasatvivis

This book is the dream of every Series lover. Basically, is a look into the lives of the Heroes and Heroines you loved from the Rebels of Sidyth Series. That is brilliant!

The book is Decorated (Rebels of Sidyth Book 3) by Sabrina Kade, a science fiction romance.

Untitled design (35)Synopsis:

Santa Claus is coming to Hethdiss!

But the human women who love the Rebels of Sidyth are gearing up to spend the season walking through a wonderland of worries.

Newly pregnant, Blythe frets that she’s no longer respected or even liked among the community of human women.

York is concerned that because he knows she loves the holidays, Azan will go overboard trying to please her. Also, she suspects he might not fully understand the distinction between gifts and his own kind of “package.” It’s adorable—but it’s going to take some explaining.

Ellis is anxious that Hujun isn’t interested in her at all. He promised Prince Korben he’d keep her safe—but she fears that keeping his word to his prince is his only desire.

But when Ellis is attacked, all those concerns pale in comparison.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Hethdiss will be something entirely new for everyone involved. Get your copy of book 2.5 in the Rebels of Sidyth series now!

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Chatting with the author

Sabrina Kade lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and enjoys meditating, shoujo manga, and essential oils. Her family life is surprisingly normal, and despite what she writes, she enjoys evenings at home with good food, good drinks, and a good night’s rest. And while she does enjoy sci-fi romance, she finds as much enjoyment with clean reads with happy endings as she does with the darkest of horror stories.

I asked her to tell me about the best Christmas she’s ever had, and this is what she told me:

The best Christmas I’ve ever had was actually just last year. It was the first year that my husband and I didn’t travel around to visit families since we moved across the state. For so many years, I associated Christmas with travelling “home”, but as I got older, I realized that while it was nice to go home to see my parents, that wasn’t my true home anymore. My true home was with my family. There were only three of us at the time, (Plus I was pregnant), but there was almost something magical about that Christmas. I slept in my own bed with my husband and we didn’t have to travel. My little one got to sleep in her bed and not have to share anything with anyone. It was a special day for her. It was a special day for me. It was a special day for all of us.

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