The Christmas Reunion by Lyncee Shillard and Meet the Author #christmasatvivis

This is the best post I’ve had. Sorry, I love baking too, but I’m not very great about it so whoever can pull off what Lincee did, has my utmost respect.

The book is The Christmas Reunion by Lyncee Shillard, a Contemporary Romance.


Five years ago, Joleigh Nelson turned her back on the only man she’d ever love to save her father and unborn son’s lives. Now that man may be the only one who can save her home, the New Forks animal reserve.

Spencer Thompkin has spent the last five years in an emotional wasteland.  Unable to let anyone in after Joleigh disappeared without a word.

On a routine foreclosure of an animal reserve, he finds not only Joleigh but a son he never knew about.

Can he get over the feelings of betrayal and help Joleigh save her home – the animal reserve? Or will the heartless lawyer part of him prevail leaving Joleigh homeless and without her son?

A Christmas reunion may not even be enough to save the animal reserve and restore their love.

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Silence hung between them. She waited for the yelling, for Spencer’s angry words.

“You weren’t sure of what?” Spencer whispered and moved away from her. “That I’d want to be a part of my child’s life?”

She took a deep breath and lowered her hands. Tell him the truth, Spencer had always been a reasonable man. Rage twisted his face into a repulsive mask of hatred and she knew nothing she’d say would matter.

“Come in and have some coffee. We can talk everything over.” She muttered as tears brimmed her eyes. She couldn’t breathe. For some reason her lungs refused to allow air in.

“A little late for that offer, don’t you think? That would have been appropriate five years ago, but instead you chose to run.” Spencer crossed his arms. “There really isn’t anything to discuss. I’ll see you in court.”

“Don’t, Spencer. You’ll confuse him.” Joleigh moved toward the only man she had ever loved or wanted. “You’re too far away to be a weekend dad.”

“I have no intentions of being a weekend father.” He reached out and opened the door. “Good-bye, Joleigh. Don’t try to run this time, I’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth if need be. I will be a father to my son.” He turned to face her. Hatred filled his face. “And don’t worry, I’ll be as generous with visitation as you were with me for the first five years.”

Chatting with the Author.

I asked Lyncee what her favorite Christmas tradition is, and here’s what she told me. (Side note: YUM!!!)

My favorite Christmas tradition.

 Is baking. It’s my kids (the adult ones) best memory of Christmas and it’s becoming my 7-year-old favorite. My friends and family start putting in ‘request’ mid-October. Now while I love to bake…. Here’s proof…

cookie tray

There are a couple of ‘tricks’ I’d like to share on building a cookie tray.

  1. I can’t stress this enough. PLAN. PLAN.

Determine the number of trays you are going to make. This is needed for the number of cookies you need to make of each kind. I know this sounds sort of like …. Duh. Christmas Cookie Tray confession – I actually only made single batches of the cookies one year. Each tray had a ½ cookie of every kind.

  1. Now pick your cookies. I suggest making a list of every kind of Christmas or plain cookie you love. Include brownies, and cookie bars. Now that you have made the dream list –

Throw it away!

Facebook is flooded this time of year with amazing cookies. Don’t go there. Stay away from the cookie darkland.

  1. Now make a real cookie tray list. Think about the time they take to make, the difficulty, and variety of flavor and color. I make the ritz peanut butter cookies every year because they are a non-bake. The same with the puppy chow. Also remember cream cheese baked goodies needs to be refrigerated so while mini cheesecakes are cute and super yummy they don’t make the cookie tray cut.
    Buttersctoch Pancakes and some stuff from Thanksgivng 042

While there aren’t any cookies in my Christmas romance, there is yummy baking. Like these…

The recipe is in the book…. Along with 6 more.

Happy Christmas baking!

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