Charming the Holidays (The Good Luck Series) by Leanne Tyler, Meet the Author #christmasatvivis

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Charming the Holidays (The Good Luck Series) by Leanne Tyler.


Two stories in one book. A Charming Christmas Novella and A Charming Wedding Novel. Both stories happening during the Christmas holiday within the Wright and Steele family. And of course there’s a gris-gris involved.

A Charming Christmas

Lucinda and her magical gris-gris strikes again! But will the recipient adhere to Lucinda’s wishes?

Lillian Wright has been single more years than she can count, but it never bothered her until her children purchased a membership to an online dating site for her and Lucinda sent her the gris-gris to wear. Then she begins looking forward to spending time with Matthew Steele, her widowed new neighbor. And suddenly her life is too empty and she is no longer content with being single. But is she ready for love?

Matthew Steele has finally slowed down enough from his law practice to retire. Fifteen years after losing his wife he is still alone, living in a retirement community and eager to mend his relationship with his son. The last thing he expects is to meet someone who makes him question whether he deserves a second chance at love?

A Charming Wedding

For the better part of a year, Sage Steele and Patti Wright have argued over the fact that his job has kept him from attending his father and her mother’s impending nuptials, causing them to postpone their wedding. After three postponements it is clear to Patti that Sage could be there if he wanted, but he doesn’t. When circumstances change with his job assignments and Sage ends up at the Crescent Moon Lodge on a forced vacation, Patti decides to move the wedding to the lodge where Sage will be staying through the New Year. She will see her mother happy one way or another.

Coming to the Crescent Moon Lodge for Sage means he has to face Patti after their bickering, but he also needs to face his father again after a year of avoiding him. During his drive he decides to do it on his own terms and mend their relationship once and for all. However, a twisted ankle while he’s taking photos in the Blue Ridge Mountains puts a kink in Sage’s plans, and he has to rely on Patti to get him safely to shelter during a heavy snow fall. Working together brings the pair closer, but will sparks fly while in the cabin waiting for help to arrive? Or will a new understanding for the other develop, leading to a charming wedding?








Chatting with the Author. 

Leanne Tyler is the author of The Good Luck series and other sweet romances. She lives in East Tennessee and enjoys weaving stories about characters she sets in the area and in the south whether contemporary or historical. Check out her website at for more information about her books.

I asked Leanne what family tradition she has, and here’s what she told me.

Ever since I can remember my family has always gathered on Christmas Eve and opened presents at my grandparents’ house. When I was little it included my grandfather’s youngest brother, his wife and their five children, my parents, me and my brother, as well as my aunt and uncle before they had children. Over time my great uncle and his clan stopped coming because his children married and began having families of their own.

Leanne Tyler Christmas photoThe excitement as a child having to wait until the adults finished eating on Christmas Eve just to open presents was torture. It was almost the same intensity as waking up on Christmas morning and running to see what was left under the tree. While I don’t remember every year in detail, I do recall the love and togetherness experienced during these holidays. But somehow, over time that excitement of childhood began to fade and the next year you’ve joined the ranks of the adults, lingering over your plate instead of rushing to the tree to open presents.

I didn’t get that excitement back until my son came along and was old enough to really enjoy opening his own presents. And he too found the joy of rushing through dinner on Christmas Eve to rush to the tree and open presents. Of course by then it was only my grandmother still with us and my mom and dad. My brother and his family didn’t come on Christmas Eve. Neither did my aunt and uncle nor my cousins and their families. Sometimes my great aunt would come over to spend the night with my grandmother and she’d be with us for Christmas. But for the most part it was just us. And that was okay.

Now that my grandmother has passed. It is still just the four of us. It has been that way for the last twelve years. Making for an intimate and quiet holiday. But I have the memories of a time when the house was full with laughter and joy. The time my grandmother dressed up as Santa Claus and my grandfather said I looked petrified that it wasn’t really her.

Of course, then there is our Shih Tzu who liked to sleep under the tree once the presents were gone. As you can see in the attached photo. That was her favorite past time. She is sorely missed now that she is no longer with us.

Christmas can be a time for joy. It can be a time of remembrance. And Christmas can be a time of wonders yet to come. Enjoy the time you have with your family. Cherish it.



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