It’s the laughter by Viviana MacKade

Guys, last week a was a guest at Love Romance Reads, a great spot where author and readers meet, as the tag said. It’s a great place where you can learn a bit more about authors, find offers, and new books.

I know it’s a bit late, but maybe you’d like to hear what I’m thankful for. Here’s the full interview (you can find it here as well).

It’s the laughter by Viviana MacKade

All right, I’m thankful for my husband, son, my home, my friends, my family, the writing community that always helped me, and my readers. I know I’m lucky beyond words, and not one day goes by without me recognizing it.


Now that we’ve taken away all the more-than-valid things and people I’m thankful for, because really, of course I am, let’s take the topic to a different level, the silly-and-light one I’m so fond of.

I crown myself Queen of that level, my friends, and I wear my tiara with pride.

You know what I’m thankful for?

People who make me laugh.

As usual, let me start from the top of this and work my way through.

I’m an artist. It comes with many, many, MANY mood swings.

Sometimes, when a story needs it (and I resent it for it), I specifically look for ways to bum out, or downright depress, myself. I need to feel sorrow to put in on paper. If I feel the heartbreak, the pain, I can describe it better. If I touch that gloom, I’ll understand what my characters are going through.

And that’s when I commit emotional suicide.

The Recipe for it includes different ingredients that, used together or as single units, get me there, guaranteed.

Soldiers reuniting with their family (don’t even let me started on widows ‘cause I’ll lose it right here and now).

Babies who hear their mom’s voice for the first time thanks to a medical supply.

Random acts of goodness that change a stranger’s life.

It’s not what I see that gets the job done. In a way, all those are happy things (not the widows, clearly). But all the others are good. The baby hears. The Army man or woman is back with his/her family. You see, it’s everything that hides in the background that breaks my heart. All the phone calls from the station, all the visits at the doctor’s office, all the pain of the stranger who only needed a hug.

Along with my heart, they break the dam, and the waterworks are on.

Other times I’m just in a mood for whatever reason. Sometimes there’s not even a real reason.

In any case, at some point, I need to get a grip. I need a laugh.

An old-fashion, honest, loud laugh.

One of those that make your abs hurt (just a little note here: if your abs hurt for a laugh, then you’re like me and we need to hit the gym, sister).

I have a recipe for it, too, and this is the only time I’m thankful for social media (see what I’ve done here? Another thing I’m thankful for).

I have amassed a collection of FB video follows, or whatever those are called, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels of people who make me laugh.

A show on FB called Dry Comedy. Jimmy Fallon’s hashtags. The Funny Introvert on Instagram.

When it’s very bad and I need something stronger, I hit Zoolander, School of Rock, or Rock of Ages.

And if the world is not a better place my mood is decent, if not sparkly.

So that’s what I’m thankful for. That in the midst of all the negativity surrounding us on a daily basis, there’s still an army of good folks that have one objective: make you happy.

Because at the end of the day, the only way out of this crap, of any crap, is a laugh.

Thank you for reading!

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