Billionaires Club (Welcome to the Club, #1) by AJ Renee, Elsa Kurt,  Catherine Curtis, Chevoque, J.S. Andersen.

I couldn’t have said it better than the synopsis of this collection.

The Collection is Billionaires Club (Welcome to the Club, #1) by AJ Renee, Elsa Kurt,  Catherine Curtis, Chevoque, J.S. Andersen, out a few days ago in the Adult, Contemporary, Romance.


People say size doesn’t matter, but in a world ruled by cash and currency, the size of your bank account does.

When it comes to the survival of the richest, hundreds have no worth. Thousands are mere pocket change. And millions are nothing more than a beginner’s stepping stone.

But when it comes to blistering hot passion, money doesn’t always speak the language of love. There’s the billionaire boss who falls for her sinfully gorgeous employee. And the rich construction worker whose world changes after a hot encounter with a girl from the other side of the tracks. Dollars can’t be turned to hearts.

Follow the characters of these five intertwined novellas and discover that you can’t put a price tag on romance.

All bets are off when finding love is worth more than millions, and risking it all might just be worth it.

Because in this world… it’s all about the billions, baby…



Whatever You Want by Chevoque

Out of his close proximity, she released a held-in breath and entered the room. Inside, she realised she hadn’t even thanked him, so as she turned back, she found he hadn’t quite stepped away either, and their faces were millimetres apart. The silence persisted, as his smouldering eyes captivated her while her knees locked for a moment too long, before she stepped back.

“Uhm, thank you and goodnight. I seemed to have momentarily lost my manners,” she managed to say.

“Yeah, same to you,” he casually countered, which had her feeling disappointed, as she had hoped he also felt that electric buzz between them, but it clearly hadn’t affected him in the same way. His footfalls headed toward his room and then they stopped.

She peeked around the corner of the doorjamb and saw him look back over his shoulder. Her breath caught at the stark picture it painted, while nothing but the fear of consequences kept her from running after him.

“Just once?” he softly asked.

She took a steadying breath, knowing exactly what he meant. “Yes.”

He turned around with need in his eyes, while she rushed out of the room and met him halfway, with her arms already stretched out.

The collision of their bodies echoed in their lips finding each other’s, while his arms encircled her. The frenzied feelings burst into chaos as she felt his tongue slither over her lower lip before he nipped at the flesh.

A yearning mewl escaped her, and the little space left between them was closed as he lifted her up and she crossed her legs around his hips. Pressing her up against the wall, their tongues danced along with their bodies as he steadily ground his hard member against her sex.
Whatever this was meant to be, she’d rather not think about, but in a few seconds of clarity, she knew this went against the code of conduct for Salexis and her personal morals, so she pushed him away.

He immediately set her down and stepped back until he hit the wall behind him.
Through the panting she found his eyes, familiar eyes she pretended to love for over a year, without realising she had done just that. It wasn’t the love she shared with Joel, it was different in every way, but she had avoided seeing it until now that she was close enough to see it in his eyes, knowing she would soon lose it.

A Billion Reasons by Elsa Kurt

Jenna gasped a little as their lips touched. He was so gentle, his touch so tender, that tears sprung to her eyes. There were no comparisons to the way Griffin Pierce kissed her, it was passionate yet sweet, and she wanted the moment to last forever. The way his hand traced the curve of her jaw, then coiled through her hair, his fingertips scratching her scalp in slow circles. Every touch, every move was made with sweet reverence. No touch was made without consent, no kiss was demanded…only asked.

He led her from the table, deftly snagging a blanket from under the trolley—one that Tilly had no doubt had the foresight to leave for them—and led her to the now moonlit beach by the lake. There he opened the blanket with a flick and let it settle on the sand. Griff took her face in his hands and searched her eyes for the answer to an unasked question. She slipped one strap off her shoulder, letting it drop. Jenna gave a small, encouraging nod, and Griff’s hand teased a trail down her throat, across her collarbone. His fingers slipped under the other strap, and as he lowered it, he placed a soft kiss on her bare, moonlit skin.

Her head fell back, and she sighed his name as her dress fell to the ground with a whisper. Then his lips found hers again, and they kissed deeply. Griff lowered her to the blanket, then pulled off his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his pants with measured, deliberate movements, like a man ready to love a woman slowly and thoroughly. He was by far the most beautiful man Jenna had ever seen. With a sense of wonder, Jenna realized that her heart wanted him as much as her body did. There were no warning bells, no voice of caution hissing in her ear. There was only Griff and the moonlight.

He laid down beside her, brushed the long hairs away from her face, and gazed down at her with the same awed wonder she felt. “Sweet girl, what have you done to me, hmm?”

Jenna smiled and raised her hand to his face. It was small against his warm, rough cheek and tickled her palm when he nuzzled against it. She giggled and said, ‘Oh, what have you done to me, old man?”

He gave her a look of mock indignation, then winked as he said, “I’ll show you old man,” just before he kissed her and rolled her on top of him.

They made slow, unhurried love under the stars and moon, exploring each other’s bodies with lips, tongues, and hands. They whispered sweet words against one another’s skin and held on tightly in the most profound heroes of passion. Then, in the pre-dawn hours, they ran back to the estate and into Jenna’s guesthouse, where they fell into bed. She curled against Griff and slept soundly for the first time in years.

Crossing Lines by AJ Renee

It’s not every day someone tells you you’re worth billions. Or that your granddaddy, who you love and adore, is gone. My mind can only seem to focus on the way he says my name.
We’ve worked alongside of each other for years. He’s a good-looking man. He’s smart, driven, kind, loyal, and he doesn’t back down. Why the hell am I reacting to him this way? Today of all days?
My focus should be centered on Granddaddy. Most sane people would focus on their grief or their shock over the impending change to their bank accounts. No, I’m sitting here wondering what Brendan Knight tastes like. Will his kiss leave me breathless? Will his touch leave goose bumps across my flesh? Does he feel this pull like I do?

His eyes darken as my tongue swipes across my bottom lip. He shifts in his seat, and when I drop my eyes, everything around me freezes. Brendan is as affected by me as I am him. The dress pants are tented, the long ridge of his erection is noticeable and jerks under my intense stare.
“Kylie,” Brendan groans a warning.

Clearing my throat, I rise from my seat. My cheeks are flushed, but there is no way I’m going to acknowledge his erection or the fact that my sex is slick with need. Need for Brendan Knight. The man I’ve only admired from afar.

With the folder clenched in my hand, I force myself not to run out like some inexperienced woman. It doesn’t matter that I kind of am. No, I’m not a virgin, but I sure as hell haven’t slept around either. God it’s been too long since I’ve had a good dick in me…

He grabs my bicep before I can turn the knob. My gasp is faint, but he loosens his grip. His fingers encircle my arm. “I—I’m sorry.”

My heels pivot and I’m inches from his chest as I look up into his eyes. Arousal, confusion, fear, and his apology flash across in quick succession. His jaw is hard, and those full lips are pulled into a tight line.

All the feelings crashing over me in this single second of our inappropriate touch make me dizzy. In this moment, I don’t care that he works for me. I forget why we are even in this room. The only thought in my head is how he’s looking at me.

A man has never looked at me the way Brendan Knight is staring at me. It’s a heady feeling and I can’t take it anymore. I’m not sure who moves first, but our lips meet. No, a meeting is far too weak of a word to describe the way our lips crash together. We take and give, and when his tongue teases the seam of my mouth, I open without hesitation, eager to learn his taste.

The House Always Wins by Catherine Curtis

Well, this is going to be interesting. I’ve never been mistaken for a stripper before. I wonder how many strippers wear $3,000 suits. When I saw her sitting at the bar I could tell she was different. Most women that gorgeous are looking for a sugar daddy. She seemed to be looking for an escape.

I almost walked away, but then her friend left her, and I had to get closer. Part of me wanted to wrap my hand into her long blond waves and taste those ruby lips. Part of me just wanted to save her from my asshole bartender.

Then I sat down and she practically requested I fuck her. Well, she requested a man who would be interested in giving her an orgasm. Same difference. I was about to tell her she was in luck when she brought up the bathtub. It was the perfect opening.

But she thought it was a line. And she thought I was a stripper. And apparently a stripper is a better option than, well, me.

How the fuck I’m going to keep this charade going, I have no idea. I just know that I’m not going to give up until I have her naked under me. She is going to get that orgasm, several if she will sober up. Which means we need food.

When we make it outside the bar I catch a glimpse of Matthew across the floor and when he sees me he starts in my direction. Shit. In about 15 seconds my days as a stripper will be over. I pull my phone from my pocket.

“Excuse me for a minute. I just need to check in. I’ll just be right over here.”

I’m not sure the beautiful blonde in front of me will really wait, but if Matthew starts talking it will all be over, so this seems like my only chance. I pull up his name and press call and watch to see if he will pick up. When he pulls out his phone I can see the confusion in the deep crease of his forehead, but he at least stops to answer.

“I need you to do something.” I start before he has a chance to ask any questions. “See the blonde in front of me? Her name is Layla. I need you to find out what room she is in. Then I need you to upgrade her to a suite. Whichever has the biggest bathtub.”

“OK.” He raises and eyebrow in my direction. “Is there a reason you are telling me this over the phone?”

I turn around and catch Layla watching me. Her cheeks flush a pretty pink and she drops her eyes to the floor. So fucking beautiful. I will have this woman. Tonight. I turn away from them both and continue my conversation to the wall.

“Because she can’t know it’s me. Make something up. Broken water pipe. Cable’s out. I don’t fucking care. Just move her and tell her it’s compliments of the house.”

“Ummm. Giant bathtub. Got it.”

He may think I’m insane but he’s not going to call me on it. He’s worked for me too long.

Romance in the Alley by JS Andersen

The night came to an end as Aaron and Sandy walked from the pier to Sandy Beach Café. The day had been entertaining, but Sandy was glad it was over. She knew her life with Aaron would be boring and wondered why she still had a small spot in her heart for him. As they entered the alley, Sandy saw lights on the upper floors in Clint’s building.

I wonder if he’s there with another lady.

She turned back to Aaron to give him a hug and a ‘thank you for the fun day’ but was shocked by his aggressiveness. He pushed her against the wall by her back door, not hard enough to hurt but to make a point.

“I’ve waited for this night since the day I left for England.”

Sandy tried to move, but he leaned in and pinned her to the wall.

“Relax. I’m not going to hurt you, but it would be nice to reacquaint myself with your body again.”

He forced his lips on hers and got his tongue in her mouth. He pulled it out as Sandy tried to move her head to break the kiss.

“Getting feisty, aren’t you? I like it. I like playing catch the bad guy.”

He adjusted his body, so she could feel his.

“You like what you feel? Remember the night we had all those years ago? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been around, but never got serious with those England girls.”

Sandy wanted to scream but thought better of it. What if it caused Aaron to get more physically harmful to her?

“Aaron. Please. Not now, not here.”

She didn’t want him at all, she felt sick, but had to keep positive and calm.

“I’m not ready.”

“Making love to you in the alley sounds wild and sexy. Or on the table in your place. I’ve always wanted to try it.”

He moved his hands from her side and rested them on her breasts. “Yes, I miss the feel of your boobs. So soft, so…”

“Please, stop. You’re hurting me.”

“You going to scream? I can jet out of here fast and people will think you’re the crazy one. Screaming isn’t the answer.”

He’d put Sandy’s arms behind her back and pushed his body harder on hers against the wall, so she had a difficult time moving them.

“You’re hurting my arms. Stop, Aaron, or I will scream.”

She tried her best to push her weight on his to get him off, but he had strong muscles from doing weights.

“You won’t have a chance.”

He ran his hand between their bodies down to her crotch and the other hand stayed on her breast as he placed his lips on Sandy’s. She squeezed her lips as tight as she could to stop his tongue.

“Let me in. You loved how I danced with my tongue in your mouth.”

Sandy did her best to move her body, but each time she felt the cuts on her elbows and arms from the sharp siding. Neither heard a door close nearby or the footsteps coming up to Aaron’s back; A hand put a squeeze on Aaron’s shoulder, pulled him off Sandy, and pushed him on the ground.

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