A Floridian’s worst fear? Not what you might expect #MFRWauthor

Nope, it’s not alligators. Before I tell you what it is, let me explain this blog post. This is part of a blog hop called 52-week challenge, and it’s the coolest thing! Each week there a question that the participating authors have to answers. This week’s question is: my biggest fear. So, let’s clear the road from a couple of things. Anyone with a kid knows that with that little critter/s lay the deepest, darkest, more horrendous fears a human mind can think of. Of course, I’m afraid something happens to my son, which is exactly why the post is not going to be about that. Or my husband. I don’t want to give myself the kind of anxiety it takes weeks to fade. Denial? Absolutely. Also, everybody knows an author’s fear is never to make it, whatever it means (Movie rights á la Twilight series, NY Times Bestsellers, or simply helping with the bills). Just like with my books, my point is to give people a break, not to depress them. The news is for that, and does a hell of a job as it is. No need for my help. So, here. My biggest fear is lightening. Which is a bitchy fear to have for someone living in South Florida. You don’t believe me? Well, NOAA said Florida has the largest number of recorded strikes during summer. So there you have it. Despite what my husband (and, sadly, lightening photographer enthusiast) is really not an irrational fear. In 2017, sixteen people died because of that. It’s a lot! What I do when a storm happen? If I can, I run somewhere with a roof (cars count as such) dragging my son with me. If I can’t I panic, then I start thinking what, statistically, is safer: taking my son in my arms, or let him run for cover by himself. In the background of my mind, there’s a lot of cursing my husband, even if it wasn’t his fault we were outside when the sky got so mad and started throwing electric arrows. And here’s my biggest fear, folks. (Don’t stay out during a storm).
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As I said, this is part of the 52-week challenge, and this is the list of amazing authors that are part of it this week.

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