On Tour with Love For Christmas by Jill Jaynes, Barb DeLong, Kathleen Harrington, Ottilia Scherschel, and Angela Shelley #christmasatvivis

Another collection for Christmas! (PS: #christmasatvivis is a thing, I just updated the other books with the hashtag and a new tag. You’re welcome.) (PS2: this is how much I luuuuuuve Christmas’ stories). (PS3: it’s not much right now, this #christmasatvivis, but wait until December hits. You just wait.)

The collection is Love For Christmas by Jill Jaynes, Barb DeLong, Kathleen Harrington, Ottilia Scherschel, and Angela Shelley, a Holiday Romance, different sub-genres.


 Five Christmas Romances from the heartwarming to heart pounding:

Buy the book at https://www.amazon.com/Love-Christmas-Holiday-Romance-Anthology-ebook/dp/B077LS4LWV/ref=sr_1_16


A Witch for Christmas by Barb DeLong

Whimsical witch Abigail Goodbody must find her one true love by Christmas Eve or be doomed to a loveless future.

The Author: Barb DeLong has always had a passion for reading and writing. She has won and been a finalist in several writing contests. Animals are another passion, and creatures both wild and domestic are featured in most of her stories of love, laughter and magic. Barb contributed contemporary romance stories in Romancing the Pages and Secrets of Moonlight Cove anthologies. A transplant from Canada, she enjoys the sunny climes of Southern California with her one-and-forever hubby and a fluffy, blue-eyed ragdoll cat, two children and five grandchildren.


The Christmas Wish by Jill Jaynes

Southern California girl Allie hopes a magical Christmas ornament will bring her the Mr. Right she is hoping for.

The author: Jill Jaynes began her love affair with romance when she was a teenager growing up in Southern California, spending many a late-night under the covers with a flashlight and good romance novel.  This early addiction stuck, and she discovered one day that telling great stories was even more fun than reading them.

When she’s not writing, you can find her a) wine-tasting, hiking or otherwise hanging out with her awesome husband, b) walking her two high-maintenance dogs, c) plotting her next story with her writer-daughter or d) working at her day job in her spare time.

Twitter: @jill_jaynes

Website: www.jilljaynes.com


A Vote for Love by Kathleen Harrington

 In 1886 Montana, feisty Suffragette Paulette Winslow finds love where she least expects it.

The Author: Kathleen Harrington, multi-published, award-winning author, has touched the hearts of readers across the country and the world with her sparkling tales of high adventure and unending love. Her historical romances have been published in Chinese, Russian, Italian, and German. She lives in Southern California with her American Bulldog, Auron.


Night Train to Hong Kong by Ottilia Scherschel

Sarah Crawford finds getting home for Christmas more dangerous than she bargained for on a Night Train to Hong Kong.

The Author: When Ottilia Scherschel, a Hungarian immigrant, started sixth grade, she learned her fifth language. After retiring from teaching languages at the college level, she spends her time writing romantic suspense stories set in foreign climes. She has been a finalist in a number of writing contests and published a short story in the Romancing the Pages anthology. Ottilia loves to pack a suitcase to visit family, friends and food or wine purveyors anywhere in the world. When she is not writing, she can be found at the movies, at the gym, or cooking for her husband, kids and grandkids.


Winter’s Warmth by Angela Shelley

Drawn to an abandoned mansion by mysterious Christmas cards, artifact hunter Alma meets a strangely familiar yet distant astronomer and his captor, a powerful, icy specter in a tale inspired by the myth of the Snow Queen.


 “I’m here to find out who sent me this.” Alma pulled out the card. “Do you know the artist?”

The psychic raised an eyebrow. “Let’s have a chat.” She pulled out a chair next to hers and motioned for Alma to take it. “So, what broke the spell?”

“Spell?” Alma felt her polite smile falter. She wasn’t under any spell.

“I can still see remnants of it.” The woman furrowed her brows as she studied Alma’s face. “Definitely a spell. You have memory problems?”

Alma rubbed the cold off her arms. The world of museum deals and the acquisition of ancient treasures shimmered, a mirage. The life she led in Los Angeles splintered into a thousand shards. “I…”

She nodded. Memories bubbled beyond recollection. Her stomach hardened as she tried to still her hands. She shook nonetheless. She sought for more than the card’s sender. She’d been searching for longer than she could remember. “I started to remember when I found this rose.”

She pulled the hearty, thick stemmed flower from the pocket where it lay pressed against her heart. Since yesterday, the bloom had been a source of comfort. Her thoughts cleared with its scent. The flushed petals trembled as she held it out to the old woman.

Her abrupt departure was spurred by the blood red rose she found in the museum gardens the day before. The blossom oddly glowed in that golden afternoon light. She’d brought the flower to her nose and was blanketed in scent and memory. She knew, knew, she was supposed to be somewhere else. She was supposed to be at the mansion in her mysterious Christmas card.

The Author: Angela Shelley was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1973 and grew up in rural Southern British Columbia. Her love for children’s fantasy stems from reading CS Lewis, Tolkien, George MacDonald, JK Rowling, Terry Brooks, Neil Gaiman, and many, many more wonderful authors. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and their twins.



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