How not to start a relationship as part of the #MFRWHooks

Summer and Aidan had to overcome a few things already as they finally get together. I’m afraid they won’t have much time to bask in that first-day together feeling.


 In Flo and Rhett’s kitchen, while Chloe hung out with Jax and the boys in the other room, Summer let herself slump on a chair and accepted the glass DJ offered, not ashamed to hope some alcohol had found its way in it.

“There’s a dash of vodka in the juice,” DJ assured.

“Mind reader. I’m not usually one for alcohol, but man…”

“I think today qualifies for it. How are you holding up?”

“Pretty well, all things considered.” The orange juice tasted perfect and yes, vodka chipped away the edge in her voice. “I mean, not really how I envisioned our first weekend as a couple.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“About Aidan and me being a couple or the bomb? Both topics are very destabilizing for me at the moment.”

DJ chuckled. “Whatever you feel like talking, we’re here.”

“All right. I want to put this bomb aside. Nobody knows or understands it so at this point, it would be only speculations.”

“I guess we’re talking boys, then,” Flo said, taking the closer seat. “Gosh, I wish I could have some spiked OJ with you. Never mind. Are you two together together? I’ll take the blushing as a yes.”

“There are so many levels of incredible going on with him, so much to take in.”

“Bragging, doc?”

“What–no!” And wasn’t it fantastic how she could laugh despite the bomb, the confusion, and her now burning face? Friends were amazing. “Not bragging. I should, but I’m not.”

Ah, but now memories from last night played in her mind and–

Flo chuckled. “Oh, your face right now says it all. I’ll high five the Irish boyo later.”

“Yeah, well.” Summer cleared her voice, trying to go back to her pre-last night train of thought. “The point is that he’s filling in everything.”

“Bet he does,” DJ murmured making Flo snort a laugh and Summer almost spitting the drink in her mouth.

“We know what you mean, darling,” Flo said, patting her with a gentle hand. “And we’re very happy for both of you. You make perfect sense in a very odd way.”

“Right? And now there’s all this crap going on… I mean, who in hell would put a bomb on his car? Why? He can be difficult but… a bomb? It’s kind of extreme.”

“The sheriff is on it, and Charlie is like a bloodhound,” DJ said. “I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon.”

“And what do I do in the meantime? Because you know the Irish boyo better than me, I don’t think I need to tell you how badly he’s taking it. Guilt, guilt, and more guilt.”

“Do what nobody else has ever done in all his life,” Flo said. “Love him.”

Oh. Easy, so easy. But… “What if he tries to push me away?”

“Pull him back to you. If someone can do it, that’s you Summer. Believe in you and him. Everything else will be okay.”


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