Welcome back, Mia Bailey!

I love when an Author comes back after a pause and gives us a great story! So, today I’m happy to welcome author Mia Bailey, with whom I’ll chat in a moment, and her books.

51x2RzmT7PLSpicing it up!

Cara Manning has worked very hard to get to the top of her career. Staying on top is going to be the hardest work she has ever done. Running with the current trend in cooking shows, she pitches ‘Spice It Up!’. Now all she needs is a sizzling chef to host the show.

She definitely finds that in Jack Monroe, an aspiring restaurateur who has a flair for haute cuisine, a scandalous reputation, and a killer smile that makes Cara’s knees melt like butter.  From the moment they meet, their heat is evident.

Jack can see beneath Cara’s uptight exterior is a woman with passion. But can he shake the rumors of his “bad-boy” escapades to be with an uptight, corporate executive?

Can Cara take a chance with a man who, technically, works for her, without risking her career or losing her own identity?

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Of Night And Desire

Richelle Sommers has inherited her mother’s magical gifts: empathic and telepathic, she can feel and hear the thoughts of others as well as speak with the beasts of nature. Raised in the mountains, she becomes a beautiful woman dedicated to saving her beloved wolves. For centuries, Valya cel Mare has defended the innocent against the evil forces seeking to destroy them. One fateful day, he loses an innocent – a powerful psychic witch – and is left to protect her only child, Richelle from a cult of religious fanatics led by a demented old priest bent on using her powers to fight on the side of his ‘God’ and serve The Evil One, the most ancient and powerful of Vampyres. Hunted by both man and monster, can Valya save Richelle from the religious fanatics and the Evil One, Luka cel Rau who plans to use her powers to enslave the World? **A Siren Erotic Romance

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And here’s Mia, talking about her come-back!

Writing Career Recovery 101

After a long break away from writing for various reasons – got married, finished my Masters degree and suffered an accident that I am still recovering from after 3 years – I find myself in the awkward position of feeling like I’m starting all over again with my writing career.  Of course, I ‘m not alone in this situation.  I have met many authors who, for one reason or another, have found themselves trying to start their writing careers all over again. 

As a career counselor, I have worked with other authors, as well as self-identified different areas and issues that should be addressed as one is re-entering the creative field of writing.  Writing is a lot of work and these few pearls could make the transition from previous writer to current author that much easier.

List the reasons you began writing in the first place and ask yourself: do you want to continue?

Being a published author has been a long-time dream for me. I remember as a child spending summers on my grandparent’s farm creating little books from rolled paper my grandfather would bring home from the store. I would cut and fold the papers, stapling them to design the little books, and then spend days creating my own personal library with tales of imagination and wonder.  And after two novels and 10 years passing, that dram has not faded and I am earnestly trying to reestablish myself as a published author.

Revisit your writing plan – is it still relevant? and is it still relevant to you?

After so many years, there have been many changes in the publishing world – traditional publishing, epublishers, self publishing – they come and go.  AS a matter of fact, several epublishers have closed there doors causing much ado in the publishing world, but that shouldn’t discourage you from following through with your dreams. It just means you need to do a little research to remove as many stumbling stones as possible from your career path. 

Think about the stories that capture your imagination and inspire you

Are you still on the right path or do you need to change direction? Think about what genres you enjoy the most and write what you love.  This may require rethinking your brand – your business cards, website, blogs and professional organizations.  I know in my area there are groups that cater to any writer, but to be in immersed in your genre, look at organizations that accommodate authors in specific genres – this could be a great link to resources in reigniting your career.          

Re-embrace your strengths as a writer

Read old reviews and fan letters to boost your ego – fans can be as eager as you are for your next book.  And reconnect with old colleagues like critique groups and co-authors.  They can offer insight to your skills as an author as you are courting the muses for inspiration.  They can also help with brainstorming or bouncing ideas off of if your muses are giving you the silent treatment after a long period.             

Nurture positive relationships

Were there nay-sayers hen you first started writing?  Even after some success, after your hiatus, those same Negative Neds and Debbie Downers may still be lurking about and while they may be offering seemingly supportive statements about how “well you are doing now” and “you should focus on other more important aspects of your life”, they may not understand how much writing your writing has meant to you, so be sure to not let those remarks deter you from what you want to accomplish. And on that note…

Remember you are more than your career in writing

 Remember there ARE other aspects of your life – family, children, friends, work, pleasure – and you should nurture those relationships as well. Try to maintain a healthy balance in your life.  I’ve often been accused of having too many pans on the fire but I believe that’s OK as long as you don’t let anything burn.  Besides, chefs can use several pans to create a gourmet dish.


Writing is the culmination of a life-long dream for Romance/Romantica Author, Mia Bailey. She remembers as a child spending summers on her grandparent‘s farm creating little books from rolled butcher paper her grandfather would bring home his store. She would cut and fold the papers, stapling them to design the little books, and then spend days creating her own personal library with tales of imagination and wonder.

 As an adult, her dream of becoming a published author had to be set aside as she endured many changes in her life. She unexpectedly found herself a single parent and spent several years in the Welfare system. Wanting to build a better future for her daughter, she completed her Bachelor‘s degree at Oakland University and ventured forth into the world of corporate America. She became a career mentor at a Training and Development company servicing other welfare families in Detroit, helping other women achieve their career goals. But she never gave up on her own. The better part of her writing during her career was in professional development in career exploration as well as writing articles for several local newspapers and magazines.

She wrote her debut novel, Spicing It Up! in six months and within two months, had received several offers to publish her book. Ecstatic with the realization of her childhood dream, she used her education to develop her own career plan to ultimately achieve her career dream of being a Published Author. She now spends her days writing in several genres including Romance, Poetry and Children‘s literature as well as in Professional/Career Development.  Recently, she has finished her Masters in Counseling, and continues to help others find and follow their personal and professional dreams.

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