On Tour with Hardwired by Andrea Bills and Meet the Author.

Another story bound to make me cry….

The book is Hardwired by Andrea Bills published on September 1 in the Adult, Romance, Suspense Genre.


When Navy Seal Operative Luke Kiersey is finally granted leave after five years, he finds himself driving to a house he doesn’t recognize in a town he’s never been to. The house is home to a beautiful woman and a little girl with big blue eyes. Day after day, he drives back only to hide in the shadows and wonder why he can’t seem to walk away from them.

His therapist says is PTSD.

His handler tells him he’s just not cut out to be part of the civilian world.

Luke can’t help but feel like it’s more.

The dog tags that once hung proudly around his neck, now feel like a collar; leashing him to a life that he fears he didn’t choose. After the terrible things he’s done in the name of freedom, could he possibly be worthy of something as precious as the woman and child he continues to watch?

When the two worlds collide, Luke needs his mind to be stronger than the implant the government placed in his back. They’ve told him he can’t survive without the implant they use to control him, but Luke’s wondering if he can survive without the little girl with big blue eyes and the gorgeous woman she calls mamma.

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I had the pleasure to ask Andrea, the author a bit about the Heroine, too. Here’s what she told me. 

Hello! First off, I’d like to thank Viviana MacKade for having me as a guest blogger today in celebration of my newest release a romantic suspense, Navy SEAL romance, with a splash of science fiction, Hardwired. I’m excited to answer her question for you all today. If you read the synopsis for Hardwired it focuses mainly on Luke, my hero. Viviana’s question to me was to talk a little bit more about Jen, my heroine.

For me Hardwired started off as Luke’s story, and initially, I had planned on it being told entirely from his POV. I wrote a good portion of the book before I even created Jen’s character. Once I went back and wrote that opening scene though I knew Jen needed to be added.

I don’t think I’m spoiling things by saying Jen is a supposedly widowed military wife raising her daughter alone. Years tick by but she can’t seem to leave Luke behind her. There’s a strength to her that us women and mothers especially can appreciate. She puts her head down and she keeps going for her daughter, even when she feels like she’s going to suffocate from her overwhelming grief.

Her unwavering love and determination throughout the book really humbled me, and I was so glad I added her POV to the story.  It’s hard to tell you too much about Jen without giving away some of the plots and twists, but just know there’s definitely more to her in the book.

My hope is that you’ll be rooting for her at the end, and will love her as much as I do!

I’d also like to add that Bella, her daughter is a key character in the book as well. Her innocence as a toddler really brings another emotional element off the page, or at least I hope that’s how it’s conveyed. So even though the synopsis is all Luke, the book has so much more to it.

Thank you for having me and giving my words a chance. I loved your question, and hope to be back around soon. J

You can read more about the book and Andrea in the other stops of the tour: 

Andrea is a wife, mother and writer from smalltown West Virginia. She spends her time while she’s not dreaming up lovers and villains alike chasing after her two kids and husband.
Her overactive imagination and her husband’s wacky dreams attribute to her love of the written word. Guilty pleasures include reading all night and Reese Cups
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